Section 107.210  Awarding of Supplemental Sentence Credit


a)         The Director, or his or her designee, may award eligible offenders additional credit up to a maximum of 90 or 180 days, in accordance with Section 3-6-3(a)(3) of the UCOC, for good conduct.  However, offenders shall not be eligible to receive supplemental sentence credit, meritorious good time, or an aggregation of these credits greater than the statutory maximum during one term of incarceration.


b)         In determining whether or not to award supplemental sentence credit, the Director, or his or her designee:


1)         Shall make a determination, either in written or electronic form, that the offender:


A)        Is eligible, based on his or her holding offenses, to receive supplemental sentence credit;


B)        Has served a minimum of 60 days of his or her sentence in the custody of the Department; and


C)        Has met the eligibility criteria established in this Section.


2)         May examine or consider, among other matters:


A)        The complete master record file of the offender, including, but not limited to, sentencing material including the facts and circumstances of the holding offense, disciplinary records, and reports or recommendations made concerning the offender.


B)        Available risk assessment analysis.


C)        History of conviction for violent crimes as defined by the Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act [725 ILCS 120].


D)        The assignment performance of the offender while in the custody of the Department.


E)        Educational or program performance and achievements of the offender while in the custody of the Department.


F)         Service to the Department, community or State.


G)        Heroic action of the offender such as saving the life of an employee or other offender.


H)        The offender's potential for rehabilitation.


c)         The decision to award supplemental sentence credit shall be at the sole discretion of the Director or his or her designee.


d)         No offender shall be eligible to receive supplemental sentence credit if he or she:


1)         Is serving a sentence for an offense excluded pursuant to Section 3-6-3(a)(3) of the UCOC;


2)         Has been found guilty of a 100-level disciplinary offense under 20 Ill. Adm. Code 504;


3)         Has been found guilty of, or has a pending charge resulting from, a criminal offense committed during his or her current term of incarceration;


4)         Has been returned to the Department for a violation of his or her parole or mandatory supervised release; or


5)         Has been returned to a facility from an impact incarceration program for voluntary termination or termination for disciplinary reasons.


e)         No offender whose court sentencing order recommends substance abuse treatment for offenses committed on or after September 1, 2003 shall be awarded supplemental sentence credit unless:


1)         He or she participates in and completes a substance abuse treatment program; or


2)         The Director waives the requirement to participate in or complete the treatment program in specific instances in which the offender is not a good candidate for the program due to medical, programming or operations reasons.  When substance abuse treatment is not available, offenders shall be placed on a waiting list for treatment.  Offenders on a waiting list who are not placed in a substance abuse treatment program prior to release may be eligible for a waiver and receive supplemental sentence credit as determined by the Director or his or her designee.


f)         No offender who has been convicted of a sex offense, as defined in the Sex Offender Registration Act, committed on or after June 1, 2008 shall be awarded supplemental sentence credit unless he or she:


1)         Successfully completes or is participating in sex offender treatment as defined by the Sex Offender Management Board (see 20 Ill. Adm. Code 1905); or


2)         Receives a waiver due solely to lack of Department resources.


g)         Habitual juvenile offenders or violent juvenile offenders shall not be eligible for Supplemental Sentence Credit.


(Source:  Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 1598, effective February 1, 2013)