Section 460.40  Program Requirements


a)         Committed persons participating in the program shall actively serve 120 days in the Impact Incarceration Program, not including time served in correctional facilities while awaiting transfer to the program.  Days actively served means days in which the committed person was present at the impact incarceration program facility and participated in scheduled daily routines. Committed persons shall be excused from active service for up to three days due to writs, furloughs, or temporary transfer to another facility for medical treatment.  Any other time which is not spent in active service shall not be credited towards completion requirements.  Time required to be served in the program shall not be reduced by the accumulation of good time.  The total time a committed person shall serve in the program may be extended in accordance with Section 460.70(h), but shall not exceed 180 active days.


b)         A committed person who has been removed from the program and later readmitted in accordance with Section 460.90 shall receive credit for previous days served in the program.


c)         Committed persons shall be required to participate in physical training and labor, military formation and drills, regimented activities, education, counseling, and other program activities required by the Department.


d)         Committed persons shall be provided with, have access to, and be required to adhere to all departmental rules and facility requirements of the program, including rules of behavior and conduct and grooming standards.


e)         Committed persons shall be provided with clothing, bedding, linens, writing materials, and initial supplies of personal hygiene items.


f)         Committed persons shall be afforded the rights and privileges set forth in 20 Ill. Adm. Code 525 with the following exceptions:


1)         Visits shall not be allowed during the first 60 days of the program and telephone calls shall not be allowed during the first 30 days of the program, except for visits from and telephone calls to attorneys and their paralegals and investigators, clergy, or in an emergency.


2)         Packages and publications shall be prohibited and shall be returned to the sender at the sender's expense if the sender's identity can be determined.  If, within five days of receipt, the sender's identity cannot be determined and the committed person does not designate another person to receive such materials at his expense, the materials shall be disposed of by the facility.


3)         Permission to marry shall not normally be granted.


g)         Committed persons shall be provided a standard credit amount for canteen trading each week.  This amount shall not accumulate.  Committed persons shall be required to trade for necessary personal hygiene items when initial State-issued items are depleted prior to obtaining other canteen items.


h)         Receipt and deposit of funds shall be in accordance with 20 Ill. Adm. Code 205 and 525.  However, committed persons shall be prohibited from expending trust fund monies, except as approved by the Chief Administrative Officer.


i)          Except as provided in this Part or as otherwise determined by the Chief Administrative Officer, privileges, services, and other requirements set forth in departmental rules shall not apply to committed persons accepted in the Impact Incarceration Program.