Section 701.30  Records


a)         Booking and Personal Record Information

A booking and personal record file for each detainee received shall be established and maintained in accordance with Section 701.40(k).


b)         Monthly Reports


1)         Each jail administrator shall submit to the Unit a monthly population report of the number of persons confined during the preceding month.  The report shall be made on the forms provided by the Department and shall include, at a minimum, the following information for adult males, adult females, juvenile males, juvenile females and the total number of:


A)        New bookings and the total number of days served for non-sentenced detainees.


B)        New regular sentences and the total numbers of days served of regular sentences.


C)        New work release sentences and the total number of days served of work release sentences.


D)        New weekend sentences and the number of days served of weekend sentences.


2)         Duplicate copies of the report shall be prepared.  The reporting jail shall maintain the original and forward the duplicate to the Department by the tenth day of the month following the report period.


c)         Extraordinary or Unusual Occurrences


1)         All extraordinary or unusual occurrences must be reported to the Unit by the jail administrator or his or her designee, utilizing the form supplied by the Unit.


2)         Reports shall be forwarded as soon as possible, but not to exceed three business days after the occurrence, and shall include, but not be limited to:


A)        Name and address of the jail.


B)        Date, time and type of occurrence.


C)        Information regarding any detainee involved in the occurrence, including name, date of birth, date confined and arresting charge.


D)        Information regarding any death, including the name of the deceased, the circumstances of the occurrence, and the date, time and specific cause of death.


E)        Information regarding any detainee that was transported to a hospital or medical facility for treatment and whether he or she was admitted as an inpatient or released.


F)         A summary of the facts and circumstances surrounding the occurrence.


G)        Any recommendations to prevent subsequent occurrences.


H)        Signature of the reporting officer and the date of the report.


3)         Extraordinary or unusual occurrences shall mean:


A)        Death, regardless of cause.


B)        Attempted suicide if hospitalization or medical treatment is required.


C)        Serious injury, including accidental or self inflicted injuries.


D)        Escape from confinement or attempted escape.


E)        Serious fire resulting in property damage, personal injury or evacuation.


F)         Any disturbance involving four or more individuals, a riot or a hostage situation.


G)        Battery of a staff member, visitor or volunteer.


H)        Battery of a detainee by a staff member.


I)         Battery of a detainee by another detainee if hospitalization or medical treatment is required.


J)         Sexual assault or attempted sexual assault.


K)        Occurrence of contagious or infectious disease or illness within the jail, excluding names of detainees or others involved.


L)        Discovery of firearms or weapons, as defined in Section 31A-0.1 of the Criminal Code of 2012 [720 ILCS 5/31A-0.1], in detainee living or program areas.


M)       A written or oral act of intimidation by a detainee on detainees or staff for which criminal charges result.


N)        Excessive use of force by staff.


O)        Involuntary administration of medication.


P)         Use of a control device, such as chemical agents, oleoresin capsicum (OC), electro-muscular disruption device, restraint chair, baton, etc.


Q)        Major property damage.


d)         Other Reports and Records

Each jail administrator shall submit such other reports or records pertaining to jail administration as required by the Department for those purposes as statistical reports.


(Source:  Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 18859, effective October 1, 2014)