Section 701.120  Sanitation


a)         General Requirements


1)         Non-carpeted floors shall be swept and mopped with detergent or a germicidal agent at least once daily.  Germicidal cleaning agents shall be used on all floors in toilet, shower and food service areas.


2)         Windows shall be clean.


3)         Openings to the outside shall be effectively protected against the entrance of rodents and insects with tight fitting self-closing doors. When appropriate, closed windows or screening may be utilized for protection against flying insects. Screening material shall not be less than 16 mesh to the inch.


4)         Forced air or other form of artificial ventilation in the living area shall provide at least 10 cubic feet of fresh or purified air per minute per person.


5)         Walls shall be kept clear of etched or inscribed graffiti or writing.


6)         Walkways and corridors shall be free of trash and debris.


7)         Mops and other cleaning tools and implements shall be thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use and securely stored in a well ventilated place under staff control.


8)         All detainee cleaning details shall be under the supervision of a jail officer.


b)         Facility Equipment


1)         Toilets, washbasins, shower stalls and sinks shall be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each day with detergent and a germicidal agent.


2)         Trash and garbage shall be removed at least daily and disposed of in a sanitary manner.


c)         Facility Drinking Equipment

Drinking water shall be provided in cells, dormitories and recreation or day room areas and may be from a sink tap or, preferably, a sink spout (bubbler).


d)         Facility Supplies


1)         An adequate supply of clean clothing, bedding, towels, soap and cleaning supplies shall be maintained.


2)         Sheets, pillowcases and mattress covers shall be changed and washed at least once a week.


3)         Vinyl covered mattresses must be washed with hot water, detergent and disinfectant monthly or before reissue.


4)         Blankets shall be laundered, or otherwise sterilized, monthly or before reissue.


5)         Cotton or fiber filled mattresses or pads shall be aired and spray sanitized monthly or before reissue.


6)         A clean towel shall be issued each detainee at least twice weekly.


7)         Shaving and barber tools shall be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected using bleach or a germicidal agent, and secured.


e)         Facility Food Service


1)         The floors of all rooms in which food or drink is stored, prepared or served, or in which utensils are washed, shall be kept clean.


2)         All counters, shelves, tables, equipment and utensils with which food or drink come in contact shall be maintained in good repair and free of corrosion, cracks and chipped or pitted surfaces.


3)         Utensils shall be stored in a clean, dry place protected (covered or inverted) from flies, dust, overhead leakage and condensation.


4)         There shall be adequate plumbing facilities, in good working order, that meet applicable State plumbing codes or public health standards.


5)         The range cooking surface shall be scraped daily.  Hoods, vents and filters shall be cleaned regularly.


6)         All windows, walls and woodwork shall be kept clean.


f)         Body Pests


1)         Frequent inspection of living areas shall be made to aid in control of body pests.


2)         Immediate control or extermination measures shall be taken when body pest infestation occurs.  Control measures may include spraying or fumigation of equipment and building areas and spraying, controlled storage (to interrupt pest reproductive cycles), and laundering of bedding, clothing and other equipment.


g)         Pest and Vermin Control

A continuous and effective program of insect and rodent control and extermination shall be established and documented.


(Source:  Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 18859, effective October 1, 2014)