Section 1220.330  Administrative Policies


a)         General

To be allowable, costs must meet the following general criteria:


1)         Be necessary and reasonable for proper and efficient administration of the program, be allocable thereto under these principles, and, except as specifically provided herein, not be a general expense required to carry out the overall responsibilities of local governments.


2)         Be authorized by or in conformity with local laws or regulations.


3)         Conform to any limitations or exclusions set forth in this Part or other governing limitations as to types or amounts of cost items.


4)         Be consistent with policies, regulations and procedures that apply to the unit of government of which the MEG is a part.


5)         Be accorded consistent treatment through application of generally accepted accounting principles appropriate to the circumstances.


b)         Conflict of Interest


1)         No official or employee of any MEG Unit shall knowingly participate personally in any matter in which DLE funds are used, where immediate family member, partner, or any person or organization with whom he/she is negotiating or has any arrangement concerning prospective employment, has a financial interest.


2)         No MEG Unit shall employ a former DLE employee for any purpose directly or indirectly connected with the administration, operation or evaluation of a DLE funded MEG Unit without prior written approval of the Director.


3)         In the use of DLE funds, any official or employee of the local unit of government or a non-government grantee shall avoid any action which might result in, or create the appearance of:


A)        Using his/her official position for private gain.


B)        Giving preferential treatment to any person.


C)        Losing complete independence or impartiality.


D)        Making an official decision outside official channels.


E)        Affecting adversely the confidence of the public in the integrity of the government or the program.


c)         Reporting Irregularities

The MEG Director is responsible for reporting promptly to the DLE the nature and circumstances surrounding any financial irregularities discovered.  Failure to report known irregularities can result in suspension or other remedial action.


d)         Program Income


1)         Definition.  Program income represents earnings by the MEG Unit realized from the State-supported activities.  Program income includes, but is not limited to, interest earned, income from service fees, sale of commodities, usage or rental fees, restitution and seized funds or assets.


2)         Disposition of program income.


A)        Interest income earned, restitution, and seized funds and assets will be retained by the MEG Unit to be utilized in the MEG Program as matching funds.


B)        All other program income requires the approval of DLE prior to using or disposing of it.


e)         Minutes of Meetings

The proceedings of all Supervisory, Advisory, Ad Hoc and Executive committees or commissions should be recorded as official minutes and maintained by the MEG Unit.  Copies of the official minutes will be forwarded to the DLE MEG Coordinator.  The minutes should be made available to the general public when mandated by law or DLE staff.


(Source:  Amended at 5 Ill. Reg. 6450, effective June 3, 1981)