Section 2602.130  Supervision


a)         Introduction


1)         The primary objective of any detention facility is to provide a safe, secure, and humane abode.  Twenty-four hour supervision by trained personnel is necessary to maintain the safety and security of youth.


2)         Proper supervision provides protection to both staff and youth. Supervision is more than surveillance for it includes the elements of interaction between people.  The frightened, insecure youth needs the closeness of an adult to gain some measure of security in a place foreign to him.


b)         Minimum Standards


1)         Shift Coverage

There must be sufficient staff members present in the detention area, awake and alert at all times, to provide supervision while youth are in custody.


A)        No detention facility shall have fewer than three persons on duty, except two staff persons may be on duty and one on call when only male or female youth are detained, e.g., when there are no female youth in detention, a female staff member must be on immediate call and when there are no male youth in detention a male staff member must be on immediate call.   On the midnight shift, two persons may be on duty and one on call.


B)        Staff members shall maintain a record, in ink, of visual contact with each youth no less than once every 30 minutes.  Entries shall show the time of checks by the staff member, signature, and any relevant remarks.


C)        Supervision of youth shall be constant.


D)        Under the following conditions, supervision shall be provided by a person of the same sex except in extreme emergencies:


i)          When procedures require physical contact or examination, such as strip searches.


ii)         During periods of personal hygiene activities and care such as showers, toileting, and related activities.


E)        The standard in subsection (b)(1)(D) does not prohibit the use of necessary force by a staff member of a sex other than that of a detainee.


2)         Log Record

A shift log, in ink, shall be maintained as a record of incidents and activities, including supervisory checks, occurring on the shift.


3)         Kangaroo Courts and Barn Boss System

No youth shall be allowed to have authority or disciplinary control over another youth.


4)         Night Hours

Designated lights-out time shall be determined by administrative policy but shall not be set earlier than 10 p.m.


5)         Favoritism

Youth shall be treated without favoritism but according to their needs.


6)         Public View

To the extent possible, detained youth shall be protected from observation which emphasizes their individual identity.


7)         Detention Room Observation Windows

Each detention room door shall be provided with an observation window of at least 60 square inches, with the smaller dimension no less than 5 inches wide, to provide visual supervision of the room.  All glass shall be wire reinforced, heavy safety-type or high tempered, measuring at least one-fourth inch thick.


c)         Recommendations


1)         There should be a minimum of one staff member on duty for each group living area of detention.


2)         Non-staff persons, such as volunteers, should provide only that supervision necessary to direct or to perform the specific activity. Security supervision remains with staff members.


3)         Race, ethnic group or creed should not influence the granting or withdrawal of announced youth privileges.