Section 35.30   Requirements of the Program


Each first-year principal shall complete a mentoring program that complies with the requirements of this Section, provided that there is a sufficient appropriation for the program applicable to the fiscal year that includes the individual's first school year of service as a principal (see Section 2-3.53a of the School Code and Section 35.20 of this Part).  If sufficient funding exists to allow for participation of second-year principals in a mentoring program, then those programs also shall comply with the requirements of this Section.


a)         Mentors who meet the requirements of this Part shall be paired with participating principals by providers approved under Section 35.60 of this Part, on the basis of the factors identified in Section 2-3.53a(d) of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/2-3.53a(d)].  Each approved provider shall notify the affected district superintendents of the assignments made, and each affected superintendent shall acknowledge each first-year principal's obligation and, as applicable, second-year principal's election to participate in the program.


b)         The role of each mentor shall include:


1)         forming a supportive professional relationship with the participating principal;


2)         assisting the participating principal in adjusting to his or her new role and in developing skill as an instructional leader;


3)         coaching, observing, and providing feedback to the participating principal on aspects of organizational management;


4)         helping the participating principal identify significant problems and issues that act as barriers to school improvement, as well as meaningful solutions to these; and


5)         providing guidance to the participating principal in the development of his or her professional growth.


c)         The mentor and first-year principal shall spend no fewer than 50 contact hours in activities demonstrably involved in the mentoring process, as delineated in subsection (b) of this Section.  The mentor and second-year principal shall spend no fewer than 25 contact hours in these activities, except that the number of contact hours required for second-year principal mentoring shall be prorated in direct proportion to the reduction in the payment the mentor receives pursuant to Section 35.20(e) of this Part.  The mentor and participating principal may conduct some or most of their contact using means of telecommunication but shall meet in person at least:


1)         near the beginning of the school year, in order to initiate the mentoring relationship, and


2)         at the conclusion of the school year, in order to complete the verification form and certify completion of the program as required by subsection (f) of this Section.


d)         Time spent traveling by the mentor or recipient to meet with the other party shall not be counted as part of the required contact hours.  The mentor shall bear the cost of any travel unless otherwise agreed to by the provider or by the mentor's employer.


e)         Each recipient of mentoring under this Part shall maintain a log of his or her work with the assigned mentor that includes at least the date of each contact, the purpose, and the amount of time spent.


f)         At the end of the program year or no later than June 30, verification of program completion shall be prepared in a format specified by the State Superintendent of Education and shall  be signed by the participating principal and mentor to signify completion of the work outlined in the log required under subsection (e) of this Section.


g)         Each provider shall review the accuracy of the verification forms and shall submit a summary of the information presented in a format specified by the State Superintendent or designee by June 30 of each year.


(Source:  Amended at 34 Ill. Reg. 7763, effective May 21, 2010)