Section 240.40  Student Success Plan


a)         The Student Success Plan developed for each student in the Alternative Learning Opportunities Program shall contain the following:


1)         the elements specified in Section 13B-15.15 of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/13B-15.15];


2)         the reason the school district referred the student to the Alternative Learning Opportunities Program, which shall be consistent with the district's admission criteria developed pursuant to Section 240.20(d) of this Part;


3)         a determination of the needs and strengths exhibited by the student;


4)         the expected academic, social and behavioral outcomes to be achieved as a result of the student's participating in the Alternative Learning Opportunities Program;


5)         the assessment procedures to be used to determine the degree to which the student has achieved his or her learning objectives and other specified outcomes;


6)         an estimate of the length of time the student is expected to be enrolled in the Alternative Learning Opportunities Program, provided that no student should be enrolled in the program for more than two years unless documentation is provided that a longer period of time is necessary for the student to meet the academic, social and/or behavioral outcomes identified in the plan;


7)         a description of the commitments that the student's parent or guardian will make to support the student in successfully completing the Alternative Learning Opportunities Program; and


8)         for any student who is initially to receive less than five clock-hours of school work per day, both:


A)        identification of objectives that must be achieved so that the student can resume receiving five hours of school work daily, and


B)        a description of the instructional support that the student will receive to assist him or her in making sufficient academic progress to permit a successful transition back into the regular school program.


b)         Each Student Success Plan shall be reviewed at least twice during the school year and more often, if necessary.  Such review shall consider any changes in the elements of the plan, as specified under subsection (a) of this Section, that are necessary based on the student's academic progress since the previous review period or in the previous school year.


1)         For any student who remains in the Alternative Learning Opportunities Program for more than one school year, his or her Student Success Plan shall be reviewed prior to the start of any subsequent school year in which he or she remains in the program.  If the plan is reviewed at the conclusion of the prior school year, then that review shall meet the requirements of this subsection (b)(1).


2)         If any changes are proposed for the Student Success Plan, then the school district shall notify the student's parent or guardian of the proposed changes in accordance with the procedures outlined in subsection (d) of this Section.


c)         Where appropriate, the goals and objectives specified in the plan shall take into account the social norms and behaviors specific to the student's cultural and linguistic background.


d)         The school district shall send a written notification ten school days in advance to the student and his or her parent or guardian of their opportunity to participate in the development of the Student Success Plan.  The notice must include the time, date and place of the meeting to consider the plan.  If the student or parent or guardian is unable to participate in the meeting, then the district shall:


1)         take other steps to ensure that the student and his or her parent or guardian have an opportunity to comment on the proposed plan, and


2)         provide to the student and his or her parent or guardian a copy of the final Student Success Plan after it is completed.


e)         The Student Success Plan and any subsequent revisions to the plan shall become part of the individual's Student Temporary Record, as defined in 23 Ill. Adm. Code 375.75, and shall be made available to the State Board of Education upon request in instances where there is a demonstrable educational interest (see 105 ILCS 10/6(a)(2)) and/or when necessary for State program purposes (see 34 CFR 99.31(a)(3)(iii)).