Section 2700.80  Contractual Agreement Requirements


a)         The primary purpose of an ISAC-approved contractual course of study must be educational and must lead to, and be required for, a degree or health education certificate in a published course of study offered by an ISAC-approved institution.


b)         All contractual agreements between ISAC-approved public institutions and non-approved institutions must involve programs approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE).  (See 23 Ill. Adm. Code 1050.)  All ISAC-approved institutions not governed by the IBHE program review and approval procedures shall submit their contractual agreements to ISAC for approval prior to requesting MAP payment for any contractual courses. ISAC may approve the contractual agreement if the terms are consistent with this Section.


c)         The institution of record must be an ISAC-approved institution.


d)         An ISAC-approved institution may enter into a contractual agreement with a non-approved institution/agency only if the ISAC-approved institution does not have faculty and specific educational facilities available within the institution to offer the Illinois Board of Higher Education-approved programs.


e)         All ISAC-approved institutions are required to submit to ISAC a published curriculum of all courses leading to a certificate or degree in all programs involving contractual agreements between two or more institutions/agencies.  Only courses required for these programs that are included in the published curriculum will be eligible for ISAC payment. Furthermore, only those courses approved by the Illinois Community College Board for baccalaureate-transfer or vocational programs in the public community colleges will be eligible for ISAC payment at the public community colleges.


f)         The Chief Executive Officer of the ISAC-approved institution not subject to IBHE contractual guidelines and/or program review and approval procedures shall certify in a statement to ISAC that:


1)         According to the contract with the non-approved institution, the following items are the responsibility of the ISAC-approved institution:


A)        administrative responsibility for the program;


B)        provisions for program supervision, including on-site visits;


C)        procedures for the maintenance of records and transcripts;


D)        number of credit hours required and criteria for course completion within the program;


E)        statement on student tuition, mandatory fees and other charges;


F)         faculty employment and evaluation;


G)        availability of student auxiliary services;


H)        maintenance of liability insurance;


I)         establishment and utilization of a representative advisory committee; and


J)         annual program and contract review.


2)         The non-approved institution/agency's policies, procedures and practices are consistent with those of the ISAC-approved institution as they relate to:


A)        admissions;


B)        student withdrawals; and


C)        provisions for follow-up studies.


3)         The non-approved institution/agency meets statutory requirements and is approved by appropriate State of Illinois agencies and boards; and


4)         The contract with the non-approved institution is consistent with the policies, rules and applicable regulations of the approval agency or board that has jurisdiction over the institution/agency.


g)         ISAC requires all ISAC-approved institutions to indicate the percentage of their own students who participate in the contractual program(s) of study, and the percentage of all students enrolled in the non-approved institution/agency who will receive tuition assistance through an approved contractual agreement.  When either of these percentages exceeds 30%, the contractual agreement will not be approved by ISAC.


h)         All students wishing to enter into programs where contractual courses are taken must be informed by the ISAC-approved institution whether these courses are eligible for ISAC payment.


i)          The contractual agreement shall be filed with ISAC along with annual tuition and fee charges.  (See 23 Ill. Adm. Code 2700.30(e).)


(Source:  Added at 22 Ill. Reg. 11072, effective July 1, 1998)