Section 3010.EXHIBIT B   Use of the Public Services Areas of the Illinois State Library: General Policies and Guidelines


Use of the Public Services Areas of the Illinois State Library:

General Policies and Guidelines


Library Patrons' Responsibilities


Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members and to use the library for its intended purposes.


The following will not be allowed in the library:


−          any behavior that endangers the safety or health of others


−          harassment of library patrons or staff


−          violation while in the library of any local, State, or federal law


−          vandalism, theft, or deliberate destruction of library materials or property


−          deliberate disruption of library procedures or violation of Secretary of State policies


−          use of abusive language


−          behavior or decorum that disturbs or could disturb other patrons


−          beverages containing alcohol or in an uncovered container or eating


−          any action, activity or condition that obviously causes a public health threat.


Patrons' belongings must be kept with them at all times.


Any patron  who is behaving in an inappropriate manner will be ordered to leave the library.


A patron who repeatedly violates these policies and guidelines may be permanently prohibited from entering the State Library and will be subject to the suspension of library privileges by authority of library security and/or library management.


The police will be summoned in cases in which a patron poses a danger to himself/herself or others, deliberately violates the law, or refuses to leave the library after being ordered to do so.


Use of Computer Equipment




Public access workstations are available only for patrons doing library research and State employees conducting State business.  Only one person per computer is allowed unless the staff makes an exception.


Library staff members are responsible for the maintenance of computer equipment.  Patrons may not tamper with equipment.  Printer supply needs, jams, and other problems shall be reported to the designated public service desk staff.


The use of personal software is prohibited.




−          Patrons may not supply their own paper.


−          Patrons may only print on one side of a sheet of paper.


Downloading files:


−          Downloading to the hard drive is prohibited.


−          USB portable storage devices must be virus-checked by library staff prior to use.


Electronic Networks: Guidelines for Use


The Illinois State Library requires that library patrons using electronic information networks such as the Internet do so within the guidelines of acceptable use.  The following activities are unacceptable and may result in loss of library privileges:


−          use of electronic information networks for any purpose that results in the harassment of other users or the promotion of violence


−          violation of system security; destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized alteration of:


1)         the library's computer equipment software


2)         network security procedures


−          use of electronic information networks in any way that violates federal or State law


−          use of electronic information networks in any way that violates licensing and payment agreements between the Illinois State Library and network/database providers


−          unauthorized duplication of copy protected software or violation of software license agreements


−         behaving in a manner that is disruptive to other users, including, but not limited to, overuse of computer equipment that serves to deny access to other users


−          sending, receiving, or displaying text or graphics that may be reasonably construed as obscene.




The Illinois State Library provides wireless connectivity in the facility as a public service and offers no guarantees or representations that any use of the wireless connection is in any way secure, or that any privacy can be protected when using this wireless connection.  Use of this wireless connection is entirely at the risk of the user, and the Library is not responsible for any loss of information that may arise from the use of the wireless connection, nor is the Library responsible for any loss, injury, or damage resulting from the use of the wireless connection.


The Illinois State Library also assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of any kind to the user's equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought into and used at the Library's facilities.


About Children and the State Library


Internet access at the Illinois State Library is unfiltered, although social networking sites may be blocked on some public workstations.  The Illinois State Library supports the right of all library users to have access to information and will not deny access to electronic information networks based solely on age.  However, library staff members are unable to monitor children's use. The Illinois State Library cannot act as a censor or substitute parent.


Children ages 17 and over may use the library without adult supervision.


Children ages 12-16 must either:


−     be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult OR


−     file with the Illinois State Library a completed copy of the "Permission for Library Use" form.


Children ages 11 and under are not permitted to use the resources of the Illinois State Library without adult supervision.


Teachers, docents, or guardians of tour groups of children are responsible for their groups' actions, including Internet use.  Internet use is available if the child is using the library for library research.


The Illinois State Library recognizes that electronic information networks such as the Internet may contain material that is inappropriate for children. Parents are expected to monitor and supervise their children's use of the Internet.  Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children issues of appropriate use and electronic information network safety.  It is the parents'/guardians' responsibility to ensure that their children's use of the Internet is appropriate and safe.  The Illinois State Library recommends the website http://www.netsmartz411.org/.


AGENCY NOTE:  Use of the Public Services Areas of the Illinois State Library: General Policies and Guidelines has been developed in accordance with the following Sections of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, the United States Code, and the Illinois Administrative Code:


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(Source:  Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 3217, effective February 16, 2012)