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Representative William Davis (D), 30th District
William Davis is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB106Mark BatinickSCH CD- SCH BUSINESS OFFICIALHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Standard Debate2/23/2017
HB230André ThapediHIGHER ED-UNIFORM ADMISSIONHPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate2/22/2017
HB278Anthony DeLucaINC TX-LGDFHPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate2/23/2017
HB284William DavisPROCUREMENT-MOBILIZATION PAYSReferred to Assignments2/22/2017
HB302Robert MartwickLIFE INS-UNCLAIMED BENEFITSHAssigned to Consumer Protection Committee1/25/2017
HB311Gregory HarrisNETWORK ADEQUACY TRANSPARENCYHAssigned to Insurance: Health & Life Committee1/25/2017
HB373Kathleen WillisLIBRARIES-FINANCIAL REPORTSSPlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading February 28, 20172/16/2017
HB484William DavisSCH CD-FUNDING FOR EXCESS COSTHAssigned to Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee2/2/2017
HB656Jehan Gordon-BoothPEN CD-TRS-TRUST FUND CONTRIBSHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate2/24/2017
HB689Will GuzzardiCRIMINAL FORFEITURE PROCEDURESHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/8/2017
HB690Carol AmmonsDAY & TEMPORARY LABORERSHAssigned to Labor & Commerce Committee2/8/2017
HB763William DavisHEALTH FACILITIES-STATE BOARDHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/8/2017
HB768Emanuel Chris WelchSCH CD-ST CHARTER SCH COMM'NHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: Charter School Policy Committee2/8/2017
HB1797William DavisCDB-IL INTL PORT DISTRICTHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate2/24/2017
HB2354Kathleen WillisLETHAL ORDER OF PROTECTIONHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/14/2017
HB2373Camille Y. LillyCRIM ID-SEALING ELIGIBILITYHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/14/2017
HB2462Anna MoellerEQUAL PAY ACT-WAGE HISTORYHAssigned to Economic Opportunity Committee2/22/2017
HB2503Brandon W. PhelpsSAFETY-TECHHAssigned to Executive Committee2/22/2017
HB2541Kathleen WillisGUN DEALER LICENSINGHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/22/2017
HB2630Theresa MahACUPUNCTURE-VARIOUSHAssigned to Health Care Licenses Committee2/22/2017
HB2641William DavisDISABILITIES TASK FORCEHAssigned to Special Needs Services2/22/2017
HB2642William DavisFILM PRODUCTION-SUNSETHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/22/2017
HB2643William DavisPEDESTRIAN-DISABILITY-PATHSHAssigned to Special Needs Services2/22/2017
HB2644William DavisEDUCATION-TECHHAssigned to Executive Committee2/22/2017
HB2645William DavisWORK COMP SAFETY PROGRAMSHAssigned to Labor & Commerce Committee2/22/2017
HB2663Juliana StrattonEARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM-EXPELHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee2/22/2017
HB2664William DavisPROMPT PAYMENT-SUBCONTRACTORSHAssigned to State Government Administration Committee2/22/2017
HB2665William DavisSTATE GUARDIAN-TRAINING PROGRMHTo Trusts & Estates Law Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB2691Brandon W. PhelpsTELECOMS-IP-BASED SERVICESHAssigned to Public Utilities Committee2/22/2017
HB2697William DavisPROP TX-SCHOOL RATESHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/22/2017
HB2719William DavisRADON TASK FORCE-ABOLISHHAssigned to Construction Industry & Code Enforcement Committee2/22/2017
HB2752Marcus C. Evans, Jr.INS CD-CRIMINAL HISTORYHAssigned to Business & Occupational Licenses Committee2/22/2017
HB2771Christian L. MitchellHEALTHY WORKPLACE ACTHAssigned to Economic Opportunity Committee2/22/2017
HB2802Theresa MahTRANSPORTATION BENEFIT PROGRAMHAssigned to Mass Transit Committee2/22/2017
HB2807William DavisEDUCATION-TECHHAssigned to Executive Committee2/22/2017
HB2808William DavisSCHOOL FUNDING-EVIDENCE-BASEDHAssigned to Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee2/22/2017
HB2948William DavisPENS CD-CHI TEACHERS-REVENUEHAssigned to Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee2/22/2017
HB3038Theresa MahUTILITY-UNCOLLECT RECEIVABLESHAssigned to Public Utilities Committee2/22/2017
HB3053William DavisAUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC MONITORHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/22/2017
HB3054William DavisCIRCUIT COURTS-COMPLAINTSHTo Commercial Law Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB3110Barbara Flynn CurrieSOCIAL SRVCS CONTRACT NOTICEHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/22/2017
HB3177Elaine NekritzVEH CD-LICENSE-SUSPENSIONHAssigned to Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee2/22/2017
HB3208Melissa Conyears-ErvinTOBACCO PRODUCTS-UNDER 21HAssigned to Consumer Protection Committee2/22/2017
HB3213Litesa E. WallaceCHILD CARE-EDUCATION/TRAININGHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/22/2017
HB3342Elgie R. Sims, Jr.DFPR-CRIMINAL HISTORYHAssigned to Business & Occupational Licenses Committee2/22/2017
HB3500William DavisSCH CD-SPECIAL ED COOPSHAssigned to Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee2/22/2017
HB3636William DavisMHDDC-DEVELOP DISABLED-SEX EDHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HB3822Marcus C. Evans, Jr.LICENSING-CRIMINAL HISTORYHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HB3895Robyn GabelDHS-DIAPER ALLOWANCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HB3917Theresa MahUTILITIES-TELECOMM RATE INFOHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HB4001William Davis$FY18 CHI TEACHER PENSIONSHFiled with the Clerk by Rep. William Davis2/24/2017
HR57William DavisCONGRATS - EDWARD W. PAESELHResolution Adopted2/8/2017
HR155William DavisRECOGNIZE - THORNRIDGE FALCONSHResolution Adopted2/22/2017
HR165William DavisTAIWAN - FREE TRADEHReferred to Rules Committee2/22/2017
HR166William DavisRECOGNIZE - THORNRIDGE FALCONSHResolution Adopted2/22/2017
HR170William DavisRECOGNIZE - THORNRIDGE FALCONSHResolution Adopted2/23/2017
HJR3André ThapediTRADE POLICY TSK FORCEHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions2/24/2017
HJR17Marcus C. Evans, Jr.PRES. OBAMA TOLLWAYHAssigned to Tollway Oversight Committee2/22/2017