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Representative Anthony DeLuca (D), 80th District
Anthony DeLuca is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB257Anthony DeLucaPROP TX-KEYSTONE PROPERTYHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB258Anthony DeLucaCRIM CD-PHONE REPLICA FIREARMHTo Firearms and Firearm Safety Subcommittee2/16/2017
HB265Mary E. FlowersSCH REPORT CARD-LEAD-CHICAGOHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: Licensing, Administration & Oversight1/25/2017
HB276Martin J. MoylanPEN CD-GARS-LIMIT MEMBERSHIPHAssigned to Personnel & Pensions Committee1/25/2017
HB277Daniel V. BeiserPROP TX-SENIOR FREEZEHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB278Anthony DeLucaINC TX-LGDFSReferred to Assignments3/8/2017
HB287David S. OlsenPROP TX-TAX BILLS-PENSIONHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB293David S. OlsenPEN CD-GARS-NO NEW GA MEMBERSHAssigned to Personnel & Pensions Committee1/25/2017
HB305Thomas M. BennettMUNI-PD COLLEGE REQUIREMENTSSReferred to Assignments2/28/2017
HB333Scott DruryFINANCE-APPROPRIATIONSHTo Medicaid Subcommittee3/9/2017
HB345David McSweeneyINC TX-DEDUCT MANUFACTURINGHTo Income Tax Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB360Allen SkillicornPROP TX-DISABLED VETSHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB373Kathleen WillisLIBRARIES-FINANCIAL REPORTSSReferred to Assignments3/16/2017
HB381Sam YinglingPROP TX-SENIOR FREEZEHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB383David HarrisREVENUE-INC TX-REDUCE LLC FEEHTo Growth, Reform & Fairness Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB387Carol SenteLLC FEE SCHEDULEHTo Growth, Reform & Fairness Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB414Grant WehrliPROP TX-SENIOR FREEZE-AGE 55HTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB450Margo McDermedINC TX-R AND D CREDITHTo Growth, Reform & Fairness Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB452Martin J. MoylanGA-END STATE INS BENEFITSHAssigned to Personnel & Pensions Committee2/2/2017
HB485Anthony DeLucaFUNDING ANNOUNCEMENT BLACKOUTHHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate3/9/2017
HB486Anthony DeLucaEXEC STAFF-LOBBYING BANHAssigned to State Government Administration Committee2/2/2017
HB487Anthony DeLucaJUV CT-PROBATION-FIREARMSHTo Juvenile Justice and System Involved Youth Subcommittee2/16/2017
HB522Keith P. SommerELEC CD-STATE HOLIDAYHTo Voter Education & Registration Subcommittee3/6/2017
HB614Anthony DeLucaSAFETY-TECHHAssigned to Executive Committee2/2/2017
HB615Anthony DeLucaSAFETY-TECHHAssigned to Executive Committee2/2/2017
HB617Tony McCombieUSE/OCC-MOTOR FUEL-LOCAL GOVHAssigned to Executive Committee2/2/2017
HB643Katie StuartGA-PER DIEM & COLASSReferred to Assignments3/15/2017
HB646Keith P. SommerLOTTERY WINNER PRIVACYHTo Finance Subcommittee2/24/2017
HB675Anthony DeLucaCDB-FEDERAL FUNDSHAssigned to Executive Committee2/8/2017
HB816Natalie A. ManleySEX OFFENDER REG-BATTERYHTo Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Registration Subcommittee2/16/2017
HB1677Frances Ann HurleyTRANSPORTATION-TECHHAssigned to Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee3/21/2017
HB1798Sue Scherer$VARIOUS PERSONAL SERVICESHHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Standard Debate2/8/2017
HB2374Anthony DeLucaVEH CD-SCHOOL BUS-SEAT BELTHTo School Buses Subcommittee3/16/2017
HB2550John CavalettoVEH CD-FIRE FIGHTER FUND-EDUSPlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading March 28, 20173/17/2017
HB2551John CavalettoSTATE FIRE MARSHAL-GRANTSSPlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading March 28, 20173/17/2017
HB2584Anthony DeLucaLOCAL GOVT DEBT-STATUTORY LIENHPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate3/9/2017
HB2585Anthony DeLucaLEGAL NOTICES-ADJACENT COUNTYSPlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading March 28, 20173/16/2017
HB2586Anthony DeLuca$GOVERNORS STATE-CAPITAL PROJHAssigned to Appropriations-Higher Education Committee2/22/2017
HB2587Anthony DeLucaNON-HOME RULE-ROT-RATEHTo Sales and Other Taxes Subcommittee3/9/2017
HB2613Margo McDermedDRAINAGE DISTRICT REVENUEHTo Property Tax Subcommittee3/9/2017
HB2647Stephanie A. KifowitVETERANS' SUICIDE TASK FORCEHHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate3/23/2017
HB2655Katie StuartGA COMPENSATION-MEMBER SALARYHAssigned to Executive Committee2/22/2017
HB2691Brandon W. PhelpsTELECOMS-IP-BASED SERVICESHAssigned to Public Utilities Committee2/22/2017
HB3014Anthony DeLucaRECYCLING-UNLAWFUL MATERIALSSReferred to Assignments3/16/2017
HB3015Anthony DeLucaLOCAL GOVERNMENT-TECHHTo Real & Personal Property Law Subcommittee3/8/2017
HB3016Anthony DeLucaLOCAL GOVERNMENT-TECHHAssigned to Executive Committee2/22/2017
HB3056Margo McDermedCONSTRUCTION-DEMOLITION DEBRISHTo Environmental Regulations Subcommittee3/9/2017
HB3161Natalie A. ManleyDHS-OPIOID ABUSE-WEBSITESReferred to Assignments3/16/2017
HB3377Lou LangVEH CD-SCHOOL BUS-SEAT BELTSHHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate3/9/2017
HB3447Emanuel Chris WelchHIGHER ED-TUITION REDUCTIONHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate3/16/2017
HB3731Martin J. MoylanANIMALS-POLICE AND SERVICEHTo Sentencing, Penalties and Criminal Procedure Subcommittee3/15/2017
HR57William DavisCONGRATS - EDWARD W. PAESELHResolution Adopted2/8/2017
HR95Margo McDermedLEWIS UNIV. AIRPORT TOWERHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/16/2017
HR107Grant WehrliCATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEKHResolution Adopted3/15/2017
HR124Barbara Flynn CurriePAY EQUITY DAYHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/16/2017
HR148David McSweeneyOPPOSE SUGAR TAXESHTo Public Benefits Subcommittee3/15/2017
HJR31Anthony DeLucaTHOMAS CELLINI WAYHResolution Adopted 110-000-0003/15/2017
HJRCA22Anthony DeLucaCON AMEND-GA TERM LIMITSHReferred to Rules Committee1/27/2017