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Representative Natalie A. Manley (D), 98th District
Natalie A. Manley is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB287David S. OlsenPROP TX-TAX BILLS-PENSIONHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee1/25/2017
HB288David S. OlsenELEC CD-VIOLATIONSHAssigned to Elections & Campaign Finance Committee1/25/2017
HB289David S. OlsenPROP TX-SENIOR HOMESTEADHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee1/25/2017
HB290David S. OlsenLOCAL GOV-INTERNET POSTINGSHAssigned to Counties & Townships Committee2/9/2017
HB291David S. OlsenPEN CD-IMRF-ELECTED OFFICIALSHAssigned to Personnel & Pensions Committee1/25/2017
HB292David S. OlsenMEDICAID-OTC MEDICATIONSHAssigned to Appropriations-Human Services Committee1/25/2017
HB296David S. OlsenLONG-TERM ACCOUNTING ACTHAssigned to Executive Committee1/25/2017
HB297David S. OlsenPROP TX-APPEALSHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee1/25/2017
HB301David S. OlsenRULES PUBLIC HEARING NOTICEHAssigned to Government Transparency Committee1/25/2017
HB302Robert MartwickLIFE INS-UNCLAIMED BENEFITSHAssigned to Consumer Protection Committee1/25/2017
HB311Gregory HarrisNETWORK ADEQUACY TRANSPARENCYHAssigned to Insurance: Health & Life Committee1/25/2017
HB375Laura FinePOLICE TRAININGHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate2/16/2017
HB508Kathleen WillisMOBILE SPECIALTY CARE PROVIDERHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/2/2017
HB643Katie StuartGA-PER DIEM & COLASHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate2/23/2017
HB692David S. OlsenVEH CD-RENTAL COMPANY-IPASSHAssigned to Tollway Oversight Committee2/8/2017
HB798Natalie A. Manley$DCEO-BUSINESS ASSISTANCE OFFHAssigned to Appropriations-General Services Committee2/8/2017
HB816Natalie A. ManleySEX OFFENDER REG-BATTERYHTo Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Registration Subcommittee2/16/2017
HB1774Robert MartwickELECTED CHICAGO SCHOOL BOARDHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee2/14/2017
HB1776Robert MartwickCOM COL-CHICAGO-ELECT BOARDHAssigned to Higher Education Committee2/14/2017
HB1798Sue Scherer$VARIOUS PERSONAL SERVICESHHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Standard Debate2/8/2017
HB1805Deb ConroyORGAN DONOR REGISTRY-AGE 16HPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate2/23/2017
HB2440Natalie A. ManleyPARK DIST-LICENSING AGREEMENTSHAssigned to Counties & Townships Committee2/22/2017
HB2462Anna MoellerEQUAL PAY ACT-WAGE HISTORYHAssigned to Economic Opportunity Committee2/22/2017
HB2613Margo McDermedDRAINAGE DISTRICT REVENUEHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/22/2017
HB2630Theresa MahACUPUNCTURE-VARIOUSHAssigned to Health Care Licenses Committee2/22/2017
HB2647Stephanie A. KifowitVETERANS' SUICIDE TASK FORCEHAssigned to Veterans' Affairs Committee2/22/2017
HB2771Christian L. MitchellHEALTHY WORKPLACE ACTHAssigned to Economic Opportunity Committee2/22/2017
HB3013Steven ReickINC TX-EITC AND PROP TXHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/22/2017
HB3161Natalie A. ManleyDHS-OPIOID ABUSE-WEBSITEHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/22/2017
HB3162Natalie A. ManleySERVICE DOG LICENSEHAssigned to Business & Occupational Licenses Committee2/22/2017
HB3163Natalie A. ManleyTREASURY-ABLE ACCOUNTHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/22/2017
HB3322Natalie A. ManleyLAND SURVEYOR-SURVEYOR INTERNHAssigned to Business & Occupational Licenses Committee2/22/2017
HB3506Natalie A. ManleyPROP TAX-SR FREEZE-MEDICAREHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/22/2017
HB3537Natalie A. ManleyPUBLIC AID-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HB3632Natalie A. ManleyEDUCATION-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HB3811Natalie A. ManleySCH CD-MENTAL SCREENING/PENALTHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HB3812Natalie A. ManleyINC TX-NONRESIDENTSHReferred to Rules Committee2/10/2017
HR43Steven A. AnderssonDEFEND PORK & BACONHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions2/16/2017
HR53Mark BatinickRECOGNIZE - ST MARY-PLAINFIELDHResolution Adopted2/8/2017
HR116David McSweeneyFOOD & DRUGS - NO SALES TAXHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/22/2017
HR119Natalie A. ManleyCONGRATS - J. FERRETI-RAUCCIHResolution Adopted2/9/2017
HR124Barbara Flynn CurriePAY EQUITY DAYHReferred to Rules Committee2/15/2017
HR148David McSweeneyOPPOSE SUGAR TAXESHReferred to Rules Committee2/16/2017
HJR16Kathleen WillisMOBILE HEALTHCARE TASK FORCEHAssigned to Health Care Availability & Accessibility Committee2/22/2017