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Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R), 79th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB335Lindsay ParkhurstRIVER EDGE REDEVELOP-KANKAKEEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB435Lindsay ParkhurstPRO CD-CONFLICTS OF INTERESTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB1772Lindsay ParkhurstFINGERPRINT VENDOR EQUIPHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-00448/11/2017
HB2439Lindsay ParkhurstENERGY-COUNCIL-NO GRANTSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-02638/22/2017
HB3207Lindsay ParkhurstUTILITIES-CERT PUB CONVENIENCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB3665Lindsay ParkhurstCRIM CD-BATTERY AGAINST<18HSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4136Lindsay ParkhurstTRUST ACT-CONSTRUCTIONHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4150Lindsay ParkhurstEMINENT DOMAIN-RAILROADSHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4167Lindsay ParkhurstSCH CD-SUBSTITUTE TEACHER LICHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4172Lindsay ParkhurstRIVER EDGE REDEVELOP-KANKAKEEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4193Lindsay ParkhurstSCH CD-SPECIAL ED-DUE PROCESSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-08498/14/2018
HB4254Lindsay ParkhurstGOOD SAMARITAN-TEMP SHELTERHTabled4/10/2018
HB4256Lindsay Parkhurst$DNRHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4569Lindsay ParkhurstABOVEGROUND FUEL STORAGEHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-06377/27/2018
HB4803Lindsay ParkhurstLOCAL GOVT TRANSPARENCY ACTHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB4827Lindsay ParkhurstPARKS-OFFICIALS AS TREASURERHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5443Lindsay ParkhurstHUMAN RIGHTS-PROCEEDINGS STAYHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5444Lindsay ParkhurstCHILD SUPPORT-SHARED CAREHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5740Lindsay ParkhurstJOBS CREATION TASK FORCEHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HB5949Lindsay ParkhurstINC TX-LONG TERM CAREHSession Sine Die1/8/2019
HR33Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS - SHERIFF T. BUKOWSKIHResolution Adopted1/24/2017
HR36Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS FIRE CHIEF R. YOUNGHResolution Adopted1/24/2017
HR296Lindsay ParkhurstRECOGNIZE - LARRY REGNIERHResolution Adopted4/24/2017
HR364Lindsay ParkhurstANIMAL CRUELTY - REPORTHTabled6/26/2017
HR372Lindsay ParkhurstBUY AMERICAN STEELHResolution Adopted6/25/2017
HR437Lindsay ParkhurstGLBT RAILWAY - OPPOSESHResolution Adopted 103-000-0006/29/2017
HR551Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS - GEORGE GROSSOHResolution Adopted8/16/2017
HR580Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS - JACQUELINE MILNERHResolution Adopted10/24/2017
HR723Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS-PHIL KAMBICHResolution Adopted1/30/2018
HR724Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS-BRADLEY BOURBONNAISHResolution Adopted1/30/2018
HR725Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS-KANKAKEE COM COLLEGEHResolution Adopted1/30/2018
HR751Lindsay ParkhurstDOMESTIC VIOLENCE-PRIORITYHResolution Adopted as Amended3/8/2018
HR769Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS-CHRISTY ALEXANDERHResolution Adopted1/30/2018
HR928Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS-BRUCE CLARKHResolution Adopted4/9/2018
HR1103Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS-BRUCE CLARKHResolution Adopted5/21/2018
HR1217Lindsay ParkhurstCONGRATS-JOHN AVENDANOHResolution Adopted11/13/2018
HJR81Lindsay ParkhurstSGT. WILL LEWIS OVERPASSHAdopted Both Houses5/28/2018
SB747Jason A. BarickmanFINGERPRINT VENDOR EQUIPSSession Sine Die1/9/2019
SB896William E. BradyPEN CD-FELONY FORFEITURESSession Sine Die1/9/2019
SB1008Pamela J. AlthoffVEH CD-DIESEL EMISSIONSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-07008/3/2018
SB1756Paul SchimpfFLAG DISPLAY-GOVERNOR NOTICESSession Sine Die1/9/2019