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Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Dan Ugaste (R), 65th District
Dan Ugaste is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB275Steven ReickCOMM ON FISCAL RESPONSIBILITYHTo Agency Operation Subcommittee3/5/2019
HB336Lindsay ParkhurstRIVER EDGE REDEVELOP-KANKAKEEHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/14/2019
HB881Margo McDermedEQUAL PAY ACT WAGE INFORMATIONHTo Wage Policy and Study Subcommittee2/27/2019
HB886Mark BatinickSEX OFFENDER REG-BATTERYHTo Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Registration Subcommittee2/19/2019
HB889Daniel SwansonINS CODE-TICK-BORNE DISEASEHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate3/21/2019
HB930Mark BatinickCRIM PRO-EVIDENTIARY SAMPLEHTo Criminal Administration and Enforcement Subcommittee2/19/2019
HB1440Margo McDermedTRACK-SEXUAL ASSAULT EVIDENCEHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/5/2019
HB1482Tony McCombieCRIM CODE-AGG BAT-EMPLOYEESHTo Sentencing, Penalities and Criminal Procedure Subcommittee2/19/2019
HB2135Keith R. WheelerCRIM PROSECUTIONS-SEX OFFENSESHTo Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Registration Subcommittee3/5/2019
HB2136Keith R. WheelerGA-REVENUE ESTIMATEHAssigned to Executive Committee2/19/2019
HB2137Keith R. WheelerNO FUNDS W/OUT REVENUE ESTHAssigned to Executive Committee2/19/2019
HB2384Patrick WindhorstABORTION LAW-VIABILITYHTo Informed Consent Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2584Thomas M. BennettWORK COMP-PARTIAL DISABILITYHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2585Thomas M. BennettWORKERS COMP-REVIEW-COLLATERALHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2586Thomas M. BennettWORKERS COMP SPINAL INJURYHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2587Thomas M. BennettWORKERS COMP-PAIN MANAGEMENTHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2632Allen SkillicornELEC CODE-DUAL REGISTRATIONHAssigned to Executive Committee2/26/2019
HB2633Allen SkillicornELEC CODE-VOTER REGISTRATIONHAssigned to Executive Committee2/26/2019
HB2653Dan UgasteCRIM CD-FIREARM PENALTIESHTo Sentencing, Penalities and Criminal Procedure Subcommittee3/5/2019
HB2726Tom DemmerTAXPAYER ADVOCATEHTo Sales, Amusement & Other Taxes Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2792Dan UgasteWORKERS COMP-FEE SCHEDULEHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2793Dan UgasteWORKERS COMP EMPLOYEE TRAVELHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2794Dan UgasteWORKERS COMP-COMPOUND DRUGSHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2795Dan UgasteWORKER COMP-DRUG FORMULARYHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2796Dan UgasteWORKERS COMP-SHOULDER HIPHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2797Dan UgasteWORKERS COMP-CAUSATIONHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2798Dan UgasteWORKERS COMP-BENEFIT RATESHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2799Dan UgasteWORKERS COMP-PRIOR INJURYHTo Workforce Development Subcommittee3/6/2019
HB2812Anna MoellerDFPR-OPTOMETRIC INVESTIGATORHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate3/21/2019
HB2965Patrick WindhorstGA-PER DIEM & COLASHAssigned to Executive Committee2/26/2019
HB2999C.D. DavidsmeyerTAXPAYER FISCAL CHARTER ACTHAssigned to Executive Committee2/26/2019
HB3191John ConnorCRIM PRO-SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMSHPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate3/19/2019
HB3274Dan UgasteAGING-SENIOR SERVICES LISTINGHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate3/21/2019
HB3364Jeff KeicherMAP GRANT-TEACHER EXTENSIONHTo Special Issues Subcommittee (HED)3/22/2019
HB3373Keith R. WheelerBLUE COLLAR JOBS ACTHTo Income Tax Subcommittee3/14/2019
HB3612Martin J. MoylanHIGH SPEED RAILWAY COMMISSIONHAssigned to Appropriations-Capital Committee3/5/2019
HR62Mark BatinickHOUSE RULES 101ST GAHReferred to Rules Committee2/5/2019
HR85Anna MoellerPAY EQUITY DAYHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/21/2019
HR96Margo McDermed19TH AMENDMENT-COMMENDHResolution Adopted2/13/2019
HR128Terri BryantIL EPILEPSY ADVOCACY DAYHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/21/2019
HR153Jim DurkinGRADUATED INCOME TAX-OPPOSEHReferred to Rules Committee2/28/2019
HR157Martin J. MoylanMARIJUANA LEGALIZATION PROCESSHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee3/12/2019
HJR6Steven ReickCOMMISSION ON FISCAL REFORMHTo Income Tax Subcommittee2/28/2019
HJR23Marcus C. Evans, Jr.URGE CREATION OF CANCER CAUCUSHAssigned to Human Services Committee2/13/2019
HJRCA10Jim DurkinCONAMEND-LEGISLATIVE REDISTRCTHReferred to Rules Committee1/18/2019
HJRCA15Ryan SpainCON AMEND-REDISTRICTINGHReferred to Rules Committee1/29/2019
HJRCA23Dan UgasteCONAMEND-OFFICE OF COMPTROLLERHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2019
HJRCA27Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.CON AMEND-STATE FINANCEHReferred to Rules Committee2/15/2019