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Bills Assigned To Energy & Environment Committee
101st General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
HR7Mary E. FlowersENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AGENDAAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee2/13/2019
HR61Carol AmmonsNUCLEAR WEAPON-NO FIRST USEAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee2/13/2019
HR121Ann M. WilliamsLEAD SERVICE LINESAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee3/12/2019
HR221Robyn GabelGREAT LAKES APPRECIATION DAYAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee4/9/2019
HJR47Michael T. MarronCOAL ASH TASK FORCEAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee3/26/2019
HJR56Joyce MasonLAKE COUNTY-ETHYLENE OXIDE-EPAAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee4/9/2019
SB1392Bob MorganPRAIRIE RESEARCH-MICROPLASTICSAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee4/24/2019
SB1651Karina VillaDOWNSTATE FOREST PRESERVE DISTAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee4/9/2019
SB1847Theresa MahIEPA-NOTICE-NEW FACILITYAssigned to Energy & Environment Committee4/9/2019
* indicates a special session bill