Illinois General Assembly

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100th General Assembly

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Hearing Scheduled for Mar 28, 2017

Chairperson Daniel V. Beiser
Vice-Chairperson Carol Sente
Republican Spokesperson John Cavaletto
Scheduled Date:Mar 28, 2017 4:00PM
Location:Room 413 Stratton Building
Springfield, IL
Posting Date:Mar 22, 2017 4:29PM
Subject Matter:
Clerk of the House Timothy D. Mapes

Bill #SponsorABR - Short DescriptionLast Action
HB260Michelle MussmanPLANT ADVERTISING-BEESAssigned to Environment
HB354David McSweeneySCHOOL WATER SUPPLY TESTINGAssigned to Environment
HB613Will GuzzardiSAVING IL POLLINATORS ACTTo Environment Subcommittee
HB718Brandon W. PhelpsEPA-NPDES DISCHARGE FEE-CITIESAssigned to Environment
HB790Grant WehrliELECTRONIC PRODUCTS RECYCLINGAssigned to Environment
HB2770Emily McAseyEPA-GROUNDWATER-DEBRISTo Environmental Regulations Subcommittee
HB2835Emily McAseyUTILITY-OIL PIPELINE INSURANCETo Environmental Regulations Subcommittee
HB2860Lawrence Walsh, Jr.POLLUTION CONTROL FACILITYAssigned to Environment
HB2879Daniel V. BeiserELECTRONIC PRODUCTS RECYCLINGAssigned to Environment
HB3056Margo McDermedCONSTRUCTION-DEMOLITION DEBRISTo Environmental Regulations Subcommittee
HB3132Carol SenteSOLID WASTE PLANNING-RECYCLINGAssigned to Environment
HB3181Carol AmmonsEPA-COAL TAR BANTo Environmental Regulations Subcommittee
HB3389Jehan Gordon-BoothBEVERAGE CONTAINER DEPOSITAssigned to Environment
HB3643Anna MoellerUTILITY-PROCEEDING & PIPELINESTo Environmental Regulations Subcommittee
HB3679Jerry Costello, IISTEELMAKING SLAG-DEREGULATIONAssigned to Environment
HB3770Carol AmmonsEPA-DISPOSAL-COAL WASTETo Environmental Regulations Subcommittee
HB3881Will GuzzardiELECTRONIC PRODUCTS RECYCLINGAssigned to Environment
HR123Anna MoellerENBRIDGE - ENVIRONMENTAL STUDYAssigned to Environment
HB3679Jerry Costello, IIHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Environment