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 Bill Status of SB1905  100th General Assembly


Senate Sponsors
Sen. Ira I. Silverstein - Linda Holmes - Laura M. Murphy - Kimberly A. Lightford - Wm. Sam McCann, Omar Aquino, Cristina Castro and Thomas Cullerton

House Sponsors
(Rep. Martin J. Moylan - Lawrence Walsh, Jr. - Brandon W. Phelps - Jay Hoffman - Will Guzzardi, Silvana Tabares, Emanuel Chris Welch, Natalie A. Manley, Daniel V. Beiser, John C. D'Amico, Michael Halpin, Frances Ann Hurley, Lou Lang, Robert Martwick, Robert Rita, Kelly M. Burke, Elizabeth Hernandez, Mary E. Flowers, Kathleen Willis, Luis Arroyo, Deb Conroy, Michelle Mussman, Laura Fine, Jerry Costello, II, Justin Slaughter, Stephanie A. Kifowit and Gregory Harris)

Last Action
DateChamber Action
  5/23/2017HouseHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance
New Act

Synopsis As Introduced
Creates the Collective Bargaining Freedom Act. Provides that it is the policy of the State that employers, employees, and their labor organizations are free to bargain collectively. Provides that the authority to enact laws or rules that restrict the use of union security agreements between an employer and a labor organization vests exclusively with the General Assembly. Prohibits local governments from enforcing any such law or rule. Defines terms. Effective immediately.

Senate Floor Amendment No. 1
Corrects references and makes grammatical and stylistic corrections.

 Pension Note (Government Forecasting & Accountability)
 This bill will not impact any public pension fund or retirement system in Illinois.

 Balanced Budget Note (Office of Management and Budget)
 The Balanced Budget Note Act does not apply to this bill as it is not a supplemental appropriation that increases or decreases appropriations. Under the Act, a balanced budget note must be prepared only for bills that change a general funds appropriation for the fiscal year in which the new bill is enacted.

 State Debt Impact Note (Government Forecasting & Accountability)
 This bill would not change the amount of authorization for any type of State-issued or State-supported bond, and, therefore, would not affect the level of State indebtedness.

 Correctional Note (Dept of Corrections)
 This bill has no fiscal or population impact on the Department of Corrections.

 Judicial Note (Admin Office of the Illinois Courts)
 This bill would neither increase nor decrease the number of judges needed in the State.

 Housing Affordability Impact Note (Housing Development Authority)
 This bill will have no effect on the cost of constructing, purchasing, owning, or selling a single-family residence.

 Fiscal Note (Dept. of Labor)
 Passage of this legislation would hinder population and economic growth in Illinois. This results in lost economic activity and thus lost tax revenues for the State. Implementation of this legislation would ensure that Illinois' population growth will continue to fall behind out bordering states. Those states that border Illinois have seen population growth of 2.1% over the last six years while Illinois has grown at 0.2% during that period. Illinois is on the verge of falling into net population loss as Chicago lost 13,572 people in 2015 and 2016. The lost population for 2016 was 8,638. In comparison, states with more competitive business climates have seen population growth of 6.3% during those same six years. Illinois' unemployment rate of 4.7% is well above Iowa (3.1%), Wisconsin ( 3.2%}, Indiana (3.7%), and Missouri (3.9%). The hindrance of growth caused by this legislation will cost the State approximately $118,000,000 next year and a compounding amount each year the State's population fails to grow at a rate equivalent to our border states. The per capita State tax rate in Illinois is approximately $3,030.00 and if our population were to grow at the same rate as our neighboring states Illinois would increase its population by at least 39,000 people in the next year.

 Home Rule Note (Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity)
 This bill does pre-empt home rule authority.

 State Mandates Fiscal Note (Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity)
 This bill does not create a State mandate.

DateChamber Action
  2/10/2017SenateFiled with Secretary by Sen. Ira I. Silverstein
  2/10/2017SenateFirst Reading
  2/10/2017SenateReferred to Assignments
  2/28/2017SenateAssigned to Labor
  3/9/2017SenatePostponed - Labor
  3/15/2017SenateDo Pass Labor; 010-003-000
  3/15/2017SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 16, 2017
  3/17/2017SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Omar Aquino
  3/31/2017SenateSenate Floor Amendment No. 1 Filed with Secretary by Sen. Ira I. Silverstein
  3/31/2017SenateSenate Floor Amendment No. 1 Referred to Assignments
  4/4/2017SenateSenate Floor Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Labor
  4/6/2017SenateSenate Floor Amendment No. 1 Recommend Do Adopt Labor; 010-006-000
  4/24/2017SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Linda Holmes
  4/26/2017SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Laura M. Murphy
  4/26/2017SenateSecond Reading
  4/26/2017SenateSenate Floor Amendment No. 1 Adopted; Silverstein
  4/26/2017SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 27, 2017
  4/27/2017SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Kimberly A. Lightford
  4/27/2017SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Wm. Sam McCann
  4/27/2017SenateThird Reading - Passed; 036-015-000
  4/28/2017SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Cristina Castro
  4/28/2017HouseArrived in House
  4/28/2017HouseChief House Sponsor Rep. Martin J. Moylan
  4/28/2017HouseFirst Reading
  4/28/2017HouseReferred to Rules Committee
  5/9/2017HouseAssigned to Labor & Commerce Committee
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Silvana Tabares
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Jay Hoffman
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Natalie A. Manley
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Daniel V. Beiser
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. John C. D'Amico
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Frances Ann Hurley
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Lou Lang
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Lawrence Walsh, Jr.
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael Halpin
  5/16/2017HouseAlternate Chief Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. Michael Halpin
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael Halpin
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Jay Hoffman
  5/16/2017HouseAlternate Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. Jay Hoffman
  5/16/2017HouseAlternate Chief Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. Frances Ann Hurley
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Frances Ann Hurley
  5/16/2017HouseAlternate Chief Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. Lou Lang
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Lou Lang
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Brandon W. Phelps
  5/16/2017HouseAlternate Chief Co-Sponsor Changed to Rep. Jay Hoffman
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Will Guzzardi
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert Martwick
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert Rita
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Kelly M. Burke
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Mary E. Flowers
  5/16/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Carol Ammons
  5/17/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Luis Arroyo
  5/17/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Deb Conroy
  5/17/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Michelle Mussman
  5/17/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Laura Fine
  5/17/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Jerry Costello, II
  5/17/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Justin Slaughter
  5/17/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Stephanie A. Kifowit
  5/17/2017SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Thomas Cullerton
  5/17/2017HouseDo Pass / Short Debate Labor & Commerce Committee; 015-010-001
  5/18/2017HousePlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate
  5/18/2017HouseFiscal Note Requested by Rep. Tom Demmer
  5/18/2017HouseState Mandates Fiscal Note Requested by Rep. Tom Demmer
  5/18/2017HouseHome Rule Note Requested by Rep. Tom Demmer
  5/18/2017HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Gregory Harris
  5/22/2017HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  5/22/2017HouseHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate
  5/23/2017HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  5/23/2017HouseHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate
  5/24/2017HousePension Note Filed
  5/24/2017HouseBalanced Budget Note Filed
  5/24/2017HouseState Debt Impact Note Filed
  5/24/2017HouseCorrectional Note Filed
  5/24/2017HouseJudicial Note Filed
  5/24/2017HouseHousing Affordability Impact Note Filed
  5/26/2017HouseFiscal Note Filed
  5/26/2017HouseFinal Action Deadline Extended-9(b) May 31, 2017
  5/29/2017HouseHome Rule Note Filed
  5/29/2017HouseState Mandates Fiscal Note Filed
  5/31/2017HouseFinal Action Deadline Extended-9(b) June 30, 2017

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