(30 ILCS 105/12) (from Ch. 127, par. 148)
    Sec. 12. Each voucher for traveling expenses shall indicate the purpose of the travel as required by applicable travel regulations, shall be itemized and shall be accompanied by all receipts specified in the applicable travel regulations and by a certificate, signed by the person incurring such expense, certifying that the amount is correct and just; that the detailed items charged for subsistence were actually paid; that the expenses were occasioned by official business or unavoidable delays requiring the stay of such person at hotels for the time specified; that the journey was performed with all practicable dispatch by the shortest route usually traveled in the customary reasonable manner; and that such person has not been furnished with transportation or money in lieu thereof; for any part of the journey therein charged for.
    Upon written approval by the Office of the Comptroller, a State agency may maintain the original travel voucher, the receipts, and the proof of the traveler's signature on the traveler's certification statement at the office of the State agency. However, nothing in this Section shall be construed to exempt a State agency from submitting a detailed travel voucher as prescribed by the Office of the Comptroller.
    An information copy of each voucher covering a claim by a person subject to the official travel regulations promulgated under Section 12-2 for travel reimbursement involving an exception to the general restrictions of such travel regulations shall be filed with the applicable travel control board which shall consider these vouchers, or a report thereof, for approval. Amounts disbursed for travel reimbursement claims which are disapproved by the applicable travel control board shall be refunded by the traveler and deposited in the fund or account from which payment was made.
(Source: P.A. 97-932, eff. 8-10-12.)