(70 ILCS 405/26a.3) (from Ch. 5, par. 131a-3)
    Sec. 26a.3. After the Department has made and recorded a determination that division of the district is administratively practicable and feasible, the directors of the district shall present to the Secretary of State through the Department an application for the discontinuance of the district and for a certificate of organization for each of the new districts. The application shall be signed and sworn to by the directors and shall set forth the name of the district being divided, the proposed names of the districts being formed and the location of the offices of each of the new districts. The application shall be accompanied by a statement from the Department setting forth (and such statement need contain no details other than the mere recitals) that a petition for the division of the district was filed, that the proposed division was, by resolution, approved by the governing body of the district, that a referendum was held in the district on the question of the proposed division, and that the result of such referendum showed a majority of the votes cast to be in favor of the proposed division.
    The Secretary of State shall receive and file the application and statement and shall record them in an appropriate book of record in his office. When the application and statement had been made, filed and recorded, the division of the district shall be deemed effected and each of the new districts shall constitute a public body, corporate and politic, vested with all the powers of soil and water conservation districts. The Secretary of State shall issue to the signers of the application a separate certificate, under the seal of the State, of the due organization of each of the new districts, and shall record the certificates with the application and statement. A copy of the statement, along with the appropriate certificate of organization, shall be recorded with the recorder of the county in which each new district has its office.
(Source: P.A. 83-358.)