(70 ILCS 405/26b.7) (from Ch. 5, par. 131b-7)
    Sec. 26b.7. Addition of territory to a sub-district.
    (a) Any one or more owners of land may petition the governing body of the sub-district to have their lands added to the sub-district. The petition shall as nearly as practicable follow the form prescribed in Section 26b.1, except that the provision respecting a majority of the owners shall not apply. A hearing shall be held as nearly as practicable in accordance with the provisions of Section 26b.2. Following the hearing the governing body of the sub-district shall determine whether or not the lands included in the petition, or any portion of them, shall be included in the sub-district. If it is determined that such lands should be added, this fact shall be entered in the official minutes of the sub-district and certified copies of such entry recorded with the county clerk of each county in which any portion of such lands lie, and with the State Department of Agriculture. Thereafter such lands shall be a part of the sub-district.
    (b) When a petition for the addition of territory includes any lands the owners of which do not sign the petition, the petition must meet as nearly as practicable the provisions of Section 26b.1, including the requirement that it be signed by a majority of the landowners in the area proposed to be added. Proceedings shall then be had, as nearly as practicable, as prescribed in sections 26b.2, 26b.3 and 26b.4. Petitions under this subsection may include lands lying in more than one county.
(Source: Laws 1955, p. 189.)