(105 ILCS 5/33-1a) (from Ch. 122, par. 33-1a)
    Sec. 33-1a. Board of Education-Alternative Method of Election-Terms. The board of education may, on its own motion, or shall upon the petition of the lesser of 2,500 or 5% of the voters registered in the district, submit to the voters of the district at a regular school election held in an even-numbered year a proposition for the election of 4 board members from school board districts and 3 board members at large. If the proposition is approved by a majority of those voting on the proposition, the board shall divide the school district into 4 school board districts, each of which must be compact and contiguous and substantially equal in population to each other district. At the school election in the following year, one member shall be elected from each school board district and 3 members shall be elected at large. They shall commence their terms on July 1, at which time the terms of the incumbent board members expire. Those members first elected under this Section shall determine by lot which member at large and which 2 district members shall serve for 2 years; the other 2 members at large and the other 2 district members shall serve for a 4 year term. Their respective successors shall be elected for terms of 4 years.
    The regular election for members of the board of education shall be held on the same day as the regular township or municipal election. Terms shall commence on July 1 following the election. Any vacancy occurring in the membership of the board shall be filled by appointment of the board until the next regular election for members of such board at which election the office shall be filled.
(Source: P.A. 80-1469.)