(105 ILCS 5/34-2.1c) (from Ch. 122, par. 34-2.1c)
    Sec. 34-2.1c. Multi-Area Schools - Establishment of Voting Districts.
    (a) On or before September 1, 1991, the Board shall establish a voting district for each multi-area school. The Board shall take into account the following criteria in establishing such voting districts:
        (i) in cases where the multi-area school was
previously a school with a local attendance area established by the Board, the boundaries of such local attendance area;
        (ii) the location of physical characteristics in the
surrounding geographic area, including but not limited to, expressways, rapid transit and railroad rights-of-way, rivers and viaducts;
        (iii) the location of established neighborhood and
community area boundaries and of boundaries established for other elected offices within the city and the State;
        (iv) size of student population; and
    (v) compactness and contiguity of voting districts.
    Prior to establishing voting districts for multi-area schools, the Board shall hold at least one public hearing thereon. The Board shall establish procedures to ensure the maximum participation of all interested persons in such hearing or hearings.
    (b) The Board shall publicize the location and description of these voting districts by posting notices at each multi-area school and in public places within each voting district, by distributing notices to students at the multi-area school and by placing notices both in daily newspapers of general circulation published in the city and in local and community newspapers published within each voting district. The Board shall utilize other means to ensure adequate dissemination of the description and location of the voting districts.
    (c) The Board may adjust or alter the voting districts of any multi-area school once every tenth year. The Board shall utilize the same criteria and procedures described above in connection with any adjustment or alteration of any voting district.
    (d) With respect to any school designated as a multi-area school subsequent to the establishment of voting districts, as described in subsection (a), or subsequent to the adjustment of these districts, as described in subsection (c), the Board shall establish a voting district for that school prior to the commencement of its operation as a multi-area school. The Board shall utilize the same criteria and procedures described in subsection (a) in connection with the establishment of such a voting district.
(Source: P.A. 87-454.)