(225 ILCS 70/9) (from Ch. 111, par. 3659)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2028)
    Sec. 9. Temporary license without examination. The Department may in its discretion issue without examination a temporary license as a nursing home administrator to any applicant who furnishes the Department with satisfactory proof under oath, on forms prescribed by the Department, that he or she:
        (a) is at least 21 years of age,
        (b) has not engaged in conduct or behavior determined
to be grounds for discipline under this Act,
        (c) is in sound physical and mental health,
        (d) (blank),
        (e) is a graduate of a college or university deemed
reputable and in good standing by the Department, or who has satisfactorily completed a course of instruction approved by the Department containing subjects embracing the laws governing the operation of nursing homes, the protection of the health and safety of patients in nursing homes and the elements of sound nursing home administration, or who presents evidence to the Department of education, training, and experience deemed by the Department to be equivalent to either of the above,
        (f) has been accepted or appointed as a nursing home
administrator in a facility licensed to provide nursing care by the Department of Public Health, and
        (g) pays the required fee.
    The applicant shall indicate the beginning date of the period for which he or she has been accepted or appointed and shall specify the particular facility in which he or she will serve as administrator.
    After receiving a temporary license under this Section, the holder of a temporary license shall take the examination for a license under this Act that is scheduled to be given before his or her temporary license expires. The temporary license of an individual who passes the examination shall be valid until he or she applies for and receives a license under Section 7 of this Act.
    Temporary licenses issued pursuant to this Section shall be valid only for a period of one year from date of issuance. A temporary license issued under this Section may be extended only for one additional one-year period if the applicant took the examination during the period of his or her temporary license. The applicant shall retake the examination prior to the expiration of the extended temporary license. The holder of a temporary license shall be entitled to serve as a nursing home administrator in the particular facility indicated on his or her application, but he or she shall not be entitled to engage in the practice of nursing home administration in any other facility without first applying to the Department and having been granted an amended temporary license designating a different facility.
    Upon the termination of his or her service or the lapse or revocation of his or her license, whichever is sooner, the holder of a temporary license shall surrender it to the Department.
    A temporary license may be revoked by the Department upon proof that the holder has engaged in the practice of nursing home administration in this State in a facility not named on his or her application.
    An applicant for a temporary license as a nursing home administrator may act as a nursing home administrator for a period of up to 60 days prior to the issuance of a license if the applicant has submitted the required fee and an application for licensure to the Department. This 60-day period may be extended until the next Board meeting if action by the Board is required. The applicant shall keep a copy of the submitted application on the premises where the applicant is engaged in the practice as a nursing home administrator.
    The authority to practice shall terminate immediately upon the denial of licensure by the Department or the withdrawal of the application.
(Source: P.A. 89-197, eff. 7-21-95; 90-61, eff. 12-30-97.)