(225 ILCS 330/6) (from Ch. 111, par. 3256)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2020)
    Sec. 6. Powers and duties of the Department.
    (a) The Department shall exercise the powers and duties prescribed by The Illinois Administrative Procedure Act for the administration of licensing Acts. The Department shall also exercise, subject to the provisions of this Act, the following powers and duties:
        (1) Conduct or authorize examinations to ascertain
the fitness and qualifications of applicants for licensure and issue licenses to those who are found to be fit and qualified.
        (2) Prescribe rules for a method of examination.
        (3) Conduct hearings on proceedings to revoke,
suspend, or refuse to issue, renew, or restore a license, or other disciplinary actions.
        (4) Promulgate rules and regulations required for the
administration of this Act.
        (5) License corporations, partnerships, and all other
business entities for the practice of professional surveying and issue a license to those who qualify.
        (6) Prescribe, adopt, and amend rules as to what
shall constitute a surveying or related science curriculum, determine if a specific surveying curriculum is in compliance with the rules, and terminate the approval of a specific surveying curriculum for non-compliance with such rules.
        (7) Maintain membership in the National Council of
Engineering Examiners or a similar organization and participate in activities of the Council or organization by designating individuals for the various classifications of membership and appoint delegates for attendance at zone and national meetings of the Council or organization.
        (8) Obtain written recommendations from the Board
regarding qualification of individuals for licensing, definition of curriculum content and approval of surveying curriculums, standards of professional conduct and disciplinary actions, promulgate and amend the rules affecting these matters, and consult with the Board on other matters affecting administration of the Act.
    (a-5) The Department may promulgate rules for a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to be followed by persons licensed under this Act. The Department shall consider the recommendations of the Board in establishing the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
    (b) The Department shall consult with the Board in promulgating rules. Notice of proposed rulemaking shall be transmitted to the Board and the Department shall review the Board's response and recommendations.
    (c) The Department shall review the Board's recommendation of the applicants' qualifications. The Secretary shall notify the Board in writing with an explanation of any deviation from the Board's recommendation. After review of the Secretary's explanation of his or her reasons for deviation, the Board shall have the opportunity to comment upon the Secretary's decision.
    Whenever the Secretary is not satisfied that substantial justice has been done in the revocation or suspension of a license or other disciplinary action, the Secretary may order re-hearing by the same or other boards.
(Source: P.A. 96-626, eff. 8-24-09.)