(225 ILCS 330/7) (from Ch. 111, par. 3257)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2020)
    Sec. 7. Creation of the Board; Composition and qualifications and terms of the Board. The Board shall be appointed by the Secretary and shall consist of 7 members, one of whom shall be a public member and 6 of whom shall be Professional Land Surveyors. The members shall be residents of Illinois. Each Professional Land Surveyor member shall (a) currently hold a valid Professional Land Surveyor license in Illinois and shall have held the license under this Act or its predecessor for the previous 10 year period, and (b) have not been disciplined within the last 10 year period under this Act or its predecessor. The public member shall not be licensed under this Act or any other design profession licensing Act that the Department administers.
    Members shall be appointed who reasonably represent the different geographic areas of Illinois and shall serve for 5 year terms, and until their successors are qualified and appointed. A member shall not be eligible for appointment to more than 10 years in a lifetime. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be made for the unexpired portion of the term. Board members currently appointed under this Act and in office on the effective date of this Act shall continue to hold office until their terms expire and they are replaced. All appointments shall be made on the basis of individual professional qualifications with the exception of the public member and shall not be based upon race, sex, or religious or political affiliations.
    Each member of the Board may receive compensation when attending to the work of the Board or any of its committees and for time spent in necessary travel. In addition, members shall be reimbursed for actual traveling, incidentals, and expenses necessarily incurred in carrying out their duties as members of the Board.
    The Secretary may consider the advice and recommendations of the Board on issues involving standards of professional conduct, discipline, and qualifications of the candidates and licensees under this Act.
    The Secretary shall give due consideration to a current list of candidates, as submitted by members of the land surveying profession and by affiliated organizations.
    Members of the Board shall be immune from suit in any action based upon any disciplinary proceedings or other activities performed in good faith as members of the Board.
    The Secretary may remove any member of the Board for misconduct, incompetence, neglect of duty, or for any reason prescribed by law for removal of State Officials or for not attending 2 consecutive Board meetings.
(Source: P.A. 96-626, eff. 8-24-09.)