(765 ILCS 520/7) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4907)
    Sec. 7. If the court shall find that the material averments of the complaint are true, and that the plaintiffs do in fact own a one-half interest or more in the right to drill for and remove the oil and gas from such lands as joint tenants, tenants in common or coparceners, the court shall enter an order authorizing the plaintiffs to drill for and remove oil and gas from such lands so as to realize the full value thereof for the benefit of the parties entitled thereto. The court shall also provide by order for the disposition by the plaintiffs of the proportionate part of oil and gas of the defendants to the suit, and provide for the payment and distribution of the net proceeds thereof to the defendants, as their respective interests may appear, after deduction of the proportionate costs of such proceedings and of drilling for and producing, and disposing of, such oil and gas; and the court may, from time to time, require the plaintiffs to give bond or other security, to be approved by the court, to secure such payment to the defendants, or to prevent the attachment of any oil and gas or mechanics' liens to the interest of the defendants.
(Source: P.A. 79-1365; 79-1366.)