90th General Assembly
Summary of HB2628
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HUM SV-ASSESS FACILITY                                                     

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends  the  Mental   Health   and   Developmental   Disabilities      
   Administrative  Act.   Provides that facilities under the jurisdiction      
   of the Department of Human Services shall be subject to a  site  audit      
   at  least once during each 12-month period by the Department (now each      
   biennium by the Citizens Council on Mental  Health  and  Developmental      
   Disabilities).   Provides  that  the  visit shall determine compliance      
   with the statutes relating to patient care and Department policies and      
   procedures (now Department policies and  procedures).   Provides  that      
   visits  shall  be  made  to review and follow up on complaints made by      
   legislators, mental health organizations, and  advocates  (now  mental      
   health  agencies  and advocates).  Provides that at least 3 non-profit      
   organizations  shall  have  access   to   State-operated   facilities.      
   Provides  that  the  purpose  of the access is to ensure there will be      
   independent assessments of each facility. Provides that the Department      
   shall adopt rules governing access to the facilities.   Provides  that      
   visits  may  be  carried  out  upon  the  notification of a complaint.      
   Provides that review of a complaint shall be deferred until after  the      
   Office   of   the   Inspector  General  completes  its  investigation.      
   Effective immediately.                                                      
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   Last action date: 98-02-25

           Location: House

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