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Witness Slips For HB0040  100th General Assembly

House Amendment 001
Bill Status

Legislation: HB0040
Proponents: 10450Opponents: 3651No Position: 15
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Human Services (S) 5/9/2017 3:45 PM
Barbara SchnitzerSelfSelf
Dolores PerryRetiredDolores Perry
Enrique MesaMesa Electronics, IncEnrique Mesa
Kathryn WinklerNASelf
Mandy SmithNANA
Aage ChristensenSelfSelf
abby CampbellRegulatorSelf
Abigail LengSelfSelf
Abigail M GreenSelfSelf
Abigail StudentPatient RepresentativeMidwest Access Coalition
Adam MarshallSelfSelf
Adam Ramentononenone
Adam ReisbergSelfSelf
Adam RuxBMO FinancialSelf
Adam SloanNANA
Adele GleasonCitizenCitizen
Adriana GabrielNoneSelf
Adrienne HahnSelfSelf
Adrienne HahnSelfSelf
Aileen HoffmannNoneSelf
Aileen KimPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Aimee Tazicselfmyself
Aisha NobleSELFNorth Side Action & Resistance
Alane EpsteinMrs.self
Alane EpsteinSelfSelf
Alejandro SanchezPrivate citizenAlejandro Sanchez
Aleksandra PravdicNAself
Alessandra StevensMujeres Latinas en AccionMujeres Latinas en Accion
Alex BenjaminHome Surgery, Inc.self
Alex BetzelNASelf
Alex RosenMyselfAlex Rosen
Alexandra AlbaneseSelfSelf
Alexandra BackisAlternatives, IncSelf
Alexandra HeestandSelfSelf
Alexandra StewartSelfPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Alexandrea MurphyUWMCNA
Alexis GldstoneNANA
Alexis Mansfieldselfself
Alexis Shpall WolsteinNAAlexis Wolstein
Alice LumsdenSelfself
Alice Weidnernaself
Alicia LauhonSelfself
Alisa KaplanSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Alisa YorkSelfSelf
Alison HecimovichSelfSelf
Alison HecimovichSelfSelf
Alison HedquistNoneNone
Alison HunterSelfself
Alison LamotheSelfSelf
Alison TrojanCelebrity SkinSelf
Alissa DouglasHomeAction for a Better Tomorrow-South suburbs
Aliza WarwickNot ApplicableAliza Warwick
Allison GrothausSelfSelf
Allison GuntzindividualAllison Guntz
Allison HarnedMy UterusSelf
Allison MortlandNoneSelf
Alma KubotaNoneSelf
Alma KubotaNoneSelf
Althea Christensennonenone
Alyssa KearneySELFNA
Alyssa V RamosIllinois Caucus for Adolescent HealthAlyssa Vera Ramos
Alyssa WardSelfNone
Amanda BernstrauchSelfSelf
Amanda CannNoneSelf
Amanda CurlikShapiro AssociatesAmanda Curlik
Amanda InskeepAttorneySelf
Amanda LatronicaApt 2Self
Amanda PetersNoneNone
Amanda Summersnoneself
Amanda TozerSelfSelf
Amanda TozerSelfSelf
Amanda WalshSelfWomen
Amber Pawula-MarcinStudentMyself
Amber SecordnaSelf
Amelia EstrichNot applicableSelf
Ami GandhiSelfSelf
Amie ReedNANA
Amy AndersenSelfSelf
Amy D VenetoSelfSelf
Amy GebaviNAAmy Gebavi
Amy HandNANA
Amy HansonSelfSelf
Amy JahnkeSelfSelf
Amy kellynoneself
Amy kellynoneself
amy kellyselfself
amy Minickselfself
Amy poehlingSelfSelf
Amy SchumanNonenone
Amy TelismanMrs.self
Amy TelismanNASelf
Amy WozniakResidentSelf
Anais Miodek BowringNoneSelf
Anastasia BeirigerselfPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Andrea DanisAAUW-IL, Inc.In support of women's rights to reproductive health care choices
Andrea FriedlanderThe Write Angle College Essay Consultingmyself
Andrea FriedmanAF AdvocacySelf
Andrea GoldbergTax payerSelf
Andrea KingAssociation Management CenterSelf
Andrea KirchIllinois Atty General's OfficeJust me
Andrea Lancerselfself
Andrea Lancerselfself
andres mezaSelfNA
Andrew DaglasSelfSelf
Andrew DelsoSprout SocialSelf
Andrew GriesemerSelfSelf
andrew luhringselfself
Andrew RostanBoom StudiosPrivate citizen
Andy Wellek WolksteinRRGNone
Angela BalukSelfSelf
Angela MacdonaldSelfSelf
Angela WrubleskiSeasons HealthcareSelf
Anita EhlersMs.self
Ann BrekkeSELFself
Ann GreensteinNoneSelf
Ann H Armstrongselfself
Ann H Armstrongselfself
Ann KelchnerNAself
Ann Leggselfself
Ann LubanNot ApplicableSelf
Ann Ryanselfna
Ann Soutterselfself
Ann Soutterselfself
Ann Wheelerselfself
AnnaJust menone
Anna DarrowNoneNone
Anna HaSelfSelf
Anna KolosovskyAIDS Foundation of ChicagoAIDS Foundation of Chicago
Anna TrubilowiczNorthwestern UniversityAnna Trubilowicz
Annalee G FjellbergnoneSelf
Anne Gunnselfself
Anne JamiesonNANA
Anne KolesnikoffNANA
Anne MacAdam CooperSelfAnne MacAdam Cooper
Anne McIntoshNAself
Anne RyanPrivate CitizenMyself
Anne StattonPediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiativeself
Anne Stevensselfself
Anne SwansonNONEAAUW
Anne WickNASelf
Anne WymanSelfSelf
Annette FaerberSelfWomen
Annette Braden-RozierSelfSelf
Annette KossifologosSelfSelf
Antonia Cliffordprivate citizenprivate citizen self
Ariel MejiaChicago Women's Health CenterAriel Mejia
Arlene Levinselfself
Arlene RakoncayNoneIndividual
Ashley MillerSelfSelf
Ashley MolinNoneSelf
Ashley Moy-WootenNational Asian Pacific American Women's ForumNational Asian Pacific American Women's Forum
Ashley UrismanPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilSelf
Audrey BarsellaArchitecture and Design FirmSelf
Aurelija Fitzpatrickselfself
Avi HandelsmanNoneMyself
Bailey HughesSelfSelf
Barbara A PowellSelfSelf
Barbara Di Eugenioselfself
Barbara GiolittoWINNEBAGO COUNTY CITIZENS FOR CHOICEWinnebago County Citizens for Choice
Barbara JohnsonSelfSEE ABOVE. I am not appearing on behalf of an organization, group or other entity. Please fix this as it has happened in the past.
Barbara Lonerganselfself
Barbara Lonerganselfself
Barbara Lonerganselfself
Barbara Lonerganselfself
Barbara Muceusselfself
Barbara MurphyNoneSelf
Barbara NudoSelfIndivisible
Barbara PopeSelfSelf
Barbara RoseSelfSelf
Barbara SchechtmanSelfSelf
Barbara SchnitzerSelfSelf
Barbara Schwarzentraubselfself
Barbara SimonAAUWAAUW
Barbara SolheimWilliam Rainey Harper Collegemyself
Barbara SullivanNANA
barbara suttonselfself
barbara suttonselfself
Barbara T RussumNONEIllinois National Organization for Women
Barbara VaughanSelfSelf
Barbara WeintraubGottlieb Memorial HospitalMYSELF
Beatrice HagemanNoneAll Above All
Beatrice WestrateMyselfMyself
Becca Rabinlaw firmself
Beck Danielmyselfmyself
Beck KennethSelfSelf
Becky MarshallSelfSelf
Benjamin BurrNoneSelf
Benjamin P BrownDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of ChicagoSelf
Bernadette DvorscakRetiredSelf
Bert MencoSelfN.A.
Beth A MayIndividualIndividual
Beth BerendsenIllinois Choice Action TeamIllinois Choice Action Team
Beth MamolellaSelf employedSelf
Beth Polichselfnone
Beth WatkinsSelfSelf
Bethany BeyNAself
Bethany HillmanSelfself
Bethany ShoreSelfSelf
Beverly BeckSelfSelf
Beverly BeckSelfSelf
Bill Pageselfself
Blair Miltonnonenone
Bob HaismannoneOak Park Area Indivisible
Brae KorinBBK TranslationsI am filing this on my own behalf
Brecken Cutlerselfnone
Brecken Cutlerselfnone
Brecken Cutlerselfnone
Brecken Cutlerselfnone
Brenda CzayaMyselfMyself
Brenda Janishselfself
Brenda Janishselfself
Brenda PorterNoneself
Brenda SchwedaNAParent and citizen
Brenda SimmonsChicago Women's AIDS ProjectWomen living with HIV
Brendan EganSelfSelf
Brenna OBrienNAMyself
Bri OReillySelfSelf
Brian DoddsLegalMyself
Brian HollSelfSelf
Brian Nordselfself
Brian Sapersteinselfself
Brian WalesSCPHSRecord of Appearance
Brianna BeckSaturday Action ClubBrianna Beck
Bridget GeraghtySELFSELF
Bridget McDowellNot ApplicableSelf
Bridget SarnoselfSelf
Bridget ShaefferNineSelf
Bridgette BonkPrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen
Brigid LeahyPlanned Parenthood of IllinoisPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
Brittany DrehoblIndivisibleIndivisible
Brooke GiddensNASelf
Brooke JurisSelfself
Bruce KahnSelfself
Bruce LangNorm Collegiate PrintingMyself only
Bruce S FrazinSelfSelf
Bryan GoodingOpen Door Helath Center of IllinoisOpen Door Health Center of Illinois
Burton Steckn.a.Self
C BarrynaSelf
C BarrynaSelf
Caitlin GrohIllinois Attorney General's OfficeIllinois Attorney General's Office
Cameron Estrichnoneself
Cameron Grace Estrichnoneself
Camilla SteflSelfSelf
Camille SmithLoyola University ChicagoCamille Smith
Candace KingPrivate CitizenSe;f
Candace Sinclairselfself
Candace WilmotselfSelf
Candice ChornyNANA
Cara KarterChapin Hall at the University of ChicagoPlanned Parenthood Illinois Action
Carine AlfanoSelfSelf
Carla CarpenterWest Suburban Womens Healthself
Carleen SpryIndivisible IllinoisSelf
Carol Devossselfself
Carol Lorenteselfself
Carol Lorenteselfself
Carol Lorenteselfself
Carol LysneSelfSelf
Carol ManciniNASelf
Carol ManciniNASelf
Carol OdonnellSelfSelf
Carol Rankinselfself
Carol ReichelSelfSELF
Carol SelgradNASelf
Carole DrennannoneMyself
Carole LevineLevine Partnersself
Carole LevineLevine Partnersself
Caroline BaderSelfSelf
Caroline ChpamanLegal Council for Health JusticeNo one represented besides myself
Caroline Reidselfself
Caroline StaerkNASelf
Carolyn Cochran KopelCitizenSelf
Carolyn DonarskiCKDesignSelf
Carolyn DonarskiCKDesignSelf
Carolyn Faivrenonenone
Carolyn JohnsonNASelf
Carolyn MoonNoneMyself and my family
Carolyn NicholsselfSelf
Carolyn SharkeyNASelf
Carriannne ScheibConsortium for Educational ChangeSelf
Carrie FelixNAself
Carrie FelixNAself
carrie millerpersonalCarrie Miller
Casey PilgeramSelfSelf
Cassandra GaddoStep UpCassandra Gaddo
Cassandra PaxSaturday Action ClubCassandra Pax
Catherine ChristellerChicago Women's AIDS ProjectWomen living with HIV or returning from jail or prison.
Catherine ColomboNASelf
Catherine DeeSelfSelf
Catherine DeeSelfSelf
Catherine Detricknana
Catherine HandleyUnemployedSelf
Catherine Hargreavesnoneself
Catherine Hargreavesnoneself
Catherine HugginsSelfSelf
Catherine KnottSelfSelf
Catherine LinNASelf
Catherine MazzucaNaNA
Cathlin WalkerWalker Whole HealthSelf
Cathryn MilllerSelfSelf
Cathryn L MillerSelfSelf
Cathryn MillerSelfSelf
Cathryn Tantilloselfself
Cathryn Tantilloselfself
Cathy ChristensenSelfSelf
Cathy Ferguson-AllenSelfSelf
Cathy GregoryNoneSelf
Cathy GregoryNoneSelf
Cathy KriegerChildren's Place AssociationChildren's Place Association
Cecile WebsterNASelf
Cecile WebsterNAself
Celene Peurye-HissongSelfSelf
Celeste Dominique PaednoneSelf
Celia BucciNoneSelf
Celia RostowSelfSelf
Charles ByrneNoneNone
Charles CrossNANA
Charles Wilburselfself
Charlotte CottierSelfNone
Charlotte ElderSTUDENTNNAF
cheryl bresneynoneHB40
cheryl bresneynoneHB40
Cheryl BuskingMs.Self
Cheryl Carvalhoselfself
Cheryl HuberSelfSelf
Cheryl KrauspeNoneNone
Cheryl Krugel-LeeSelfSelf
Cheryl Newsomenoneself
Cheryl Newsomenoneself
Cheryl Zalenskinonenone
Chris A Wade1965personal
Chris DiehlSelfSelf
Chris HeisingerMyselfmyself
Chris -- affiliation -- affiliation only
Chris NaylorSelfSelf
Chris NaylorSelfSelf
chris popovichNoneSelf
Chris Szalkoselfself
Chris Szalkoselfself
Christian HaydenLarvolChristian Hayden
Christina Brandonselfself
Christina DarcangeloConstituentChristina Darcangelo
Christina DunnSelfSelf
Christina PerezNoneSelf
Christine Bernsteinselfself
Christine Canfield BS CCRPSelfSelf
Christine De Lucananone
Christine Gavlinnot applicableself
Christine GeymerIndividualChristine Geymer
Christine HarmonPrivate citizenNone
Christine HicksSelfSelf
Christine MonnierSelfSelf
Christy Carranoretiredmyself
Christy StortoSelfSelf
Cindy Folkensselfself
Cindy GrauSelfSelf
Cindy HamiltonMs.self
Cindy LemanLoyolaNA
Cindy McMullanNAMyself
Claire Thatcherselfself
Claire TinleySelfSelf
Clara Raubertasself-employedself
Clare BisignanoMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coalition
Claudia Deaton GloverRetiredAll Above
claudia jackertself employedindividual
Claudia MallonNot applicableNot applicable
Claudia WashburnMyselfMyself
Clifton McFateNorthwestern UniversitySaturday Action Club
Cole AnsierSelfSelf
Colette CopicLoyola Univeristy ChicagoStudents for Reproductive Justice
Colleen Gillisselfself
Colleen Gillisselfself
Colleen Gillisselfself
colleen nortonnoneself
Colleen OBrienSelfSelf
Colleen VaheySelfSelf
Colleen VaheySelfSelf
Colleen WieseFB4046, Inc.FB4046, Inc.
Connie HolroydSelfSelf
Connie KellySelfSelf
Connie Martindaleselfself
Connie Martindaleselfself
Connie Martindaleselfself
Cora merrimanRoosevelt universityStudents
Coreen ArnoldNoneMyself
Corinne BlumCommunity Family PhysicianThe People of Illinois
Corrinne MillsIndivisible ChicagoIndivisible Chicago
Cory Hallselfself
Courtney AshenbrennerSelfSelf
Courtney AshenbrennerSelfSelf
Courtney AshenbrennerSelfSelf
Courtney BledsoeN AWomen
COURTNEY Phillipsselfself
Courtney Rioux Hubbardselfself
Criage Lynnette AlthagNortheastern Illinois UniversityMs
Crispin TorresHoward Brown HealthHoward Brown Health
Crystal PatilSelfSelf
Curtis HarrisAccess LivingTaskforce For Attendant Service (TFAS)
cynthia breunlinretirednone
Cynthia Doseself(self)
Cynthia MundellSelfSelf
Cynthia TalmadgeSelfSelf
Cynthia WolfsonSelfSelf
Dale GrupeNoneSelf
Dale GrupeNoneSelf
Dale Ludwigselfself
Dale MohrMohr Enterprizes, Inc.Self
Dan BrockmanRetiredSelf
Dan BiggThe Chicago Recovery AllianceThe Chicago Recovery Alliance
dana bulanMs.SELF
Dana CarmanSelfSelf
Dana LandauNANA
Dana McKinneySelfSelf
Daniel AugstinSelfSelf
Daniel Bowringselfself
Daniel Curtisselfself
Daniel FernandezCity of ChicagoCitizens of City of Chicago
Daniel FreyAIDS Foundation of ChicagoAIDS Foundation of Chicago
Daniel FreyAIDS Foundation of ChicagoAIDS Foundation of Chicago
Daniel K HertzPrivate citizenSelf
Daniel N FehrenbachSelfChicago Women's Health Center
Daniel RobinsonSelfSelf
Daniel StronachNONEMYSELF
Daniela Dolaknoneself
Daniela IonTaxpayerSelf
Daniela MahoneySelfSelf
Danielle ByronAauwAau
Danielle HadawaySelfSelf
danielle mcmann-griffinSelfSelf
Danielle NaughtonselfRepresent Self
Darci NalepaSelfSelf
Darilyn DinsmoorSelfSelf
darlene grossmanselfself
daryl novickNAself
daryl novickNAself
Daune Sebastiannonenone
Dave GutierrezXX
David BatesNASelf
David C BarnettSelf-Employed higher education consultantDavid C. Barnett, Ph.D.
David HyndsPackbackMidwest Access Coalition
David JacksonNot ApplicableMr.
David Rechsselfself
David SchwartzSelfSelf
David Stanfordnoneself
David TelismanNASelf
David TelismanNASelf
David UlibarriNoneAll Above All
Dawn AlbaneseIndividualSelf
Dawn AlbertPaylocitySelf
Dawn FriendNoneMyself
Dawn Gouletnonemyself
Dawn KinkNoneSelf
Dawn KinkNoneSelf
Dawn KinkNoneSelf
Dawn Steffenselfself
Dawn ZuehlkeNAIllinois women; Illinoisians who have mothers, sisters, daughters, and aunts
Deanna BrennanSelfSelf
Deanna YoungPersonalSelf
Deanne BenosTest400KTest4000k Foundation
debbie pollard pawlowski--Select One--self
Debbie Smithself-employedIndivisible
Debby Brauerselfself
Deborah BrownNoneSelf
Deborah DouglasNoneSelf
Deborah HarrisSelfSelf
Deborah MidgleySelfSelf
Deborah MooreSelfSelf
Deborah Orrcitizenself
Deborah SandstromSelfSelf
Deborah StoneSelfNone
Deborah Wellek WolksteinNoneSelf
Debra NielsenSelfself
Deidre Pappnana
Delores McCollumSelfSelf
Deloris MannyMcHenry County Citizens for ChoiceMcHenry County Citizens for Choice
Deloris Mannyselfself
Denise B Peavey McDermottSelfSelf
Denise DeanAAUW-Elmhurstindividual
Dia MorganNoneNone
Dia MorganNoneNone
Diana HarperMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coaltion
Diana laglerSelfSelf
Diana NiedholdtSelfSelf
Diana SmithIndividualSelf
Diana SutterSelfSelf
Diane OstrowskiNoneSelf
Diane and Jerry BalinAAUW Riverside BranchRiverside Branch AAUW
Diane EganSelfSelf
Diane F BrownSelfSelf
Diane L ChapmanIndividualIndividual
Diane Moenoneself
Diane SchwarzSelfSelf
Dianna RushingNoneSelf
Dianne ShorterCitizenSelf
Dina CarrSelfSelf
Dina CarrSelfSelf
Donald McGovernNASelf
Donald McGovernNASelf
Donald McGovernNASelf
Donna FishmanNational Council of Jewish Women IL State Policy Advocacy Network2000 members and supporters of National Council of Jewish Women IL State Policy Advocacy Network
Donna GutmanNational Council Jewish WomenSelf
Donna Hawkinscitizen of IllinoisALL THE WOMEN IN MY FAMILY
Donna HebreardSelfSelf
Donna MillerSelfSelf
Donna VillaNonenot appearing in person-voicing appearance
Donna ZineSelfSelf
Dorothy McDanielnonenone
Dr Darlene A OsowiecMaximum PotentialDr. Darlene A. Osowiec
Dr Diane BalinRepublicans for ChoiceRepublicans for Choice
Dr Joanne Crawfordselfself
Duane L DowellReligious Coalition for Reproductive ChoiceReligious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - Illinois Chapter
E RogersSelfSelf
Edward H Soderstrom IISelfSelf
Edward S Linn MDCook County Health and Hospitals SystemSelf
Egle MalinauskaiteUndocumented Students and Allies at IITself
Eileen G SoderstromSelfSelf
Eileen OReganSelfSelf
Elaine CanevaroNoneSelf
Elaine Feldmanselfself
Elaine Lutherselfself
Elaine NovakSelfSelf
Elisa Campself employedself
Elisa Campself employedself
Elisa Helfordselfself
Elisa O ShoenbergerSelfSelf
Elisa ZusmanNaralNaral
Elisa ZusmanNoneSelf
Elisabeth HubbardSelfIndivisible Lake County
Elissa JeffersN.a.Self
Elizabeth Ann UhrichSelfSelf
Elizabeth BadrovSelfSelf
Elizabeth BartomSelfSelf
Elizabeth BeggsSelfSelf
Elizabeth BohnsakNoneSelf
Elizabeth BruneAllstate Insurance CompanyNA
Elizabeth c SmithPersonalElizabeth C Smith
Elizabeth CoughlinSelfSelf
Elizabeth CoughlinSelfSelf
Elizabeth CzechanskiSelfSelf
Elizabeth DombroskiSelfSelf
Elizabeth DowellPCC Community Wellness Centermyself
Elizabeth Feldmanselfself
Elizabeth Freelandselfself
Elizabeth GardnernoneNONE
Elizabeth GrahamSelfSelf
Elizabeth Grayselfself
Elizabeth Greskselfself
Elizabeth HandlerHandler FamilyNot applicable
Elizabeth HartSelfSelf
Elizabeth HartSelfSelf
Elizabeth HoffmanSelfSelf
Elizabeth Holtselfself
Elizabeth Inglehartindividualself
Elizabeth Inglehartindividualself
Elizabeth JohnstonNASelf
Elizabeth JurkacekLaw Offices of Elizabeth JurkacekLaw Offices of Elizabeth Jurkacek
Elizabeth KersjesNASelf
Elizabeth Kinneyindividualindividual
Elizabeth KoobaNAAction for a Better Tomorrow
Elizabeth KoobaNAAction for a Better Tomorrow
Elizabeth Lonergannonenone
Elizabeth M SchaackNONENONE
Elizabeth Markelselfself
Elizabeth MaurnoNoneMyself
Elizabeth MaxeinerSelfSelf
Elizabeth McCrelessnoneSelf
Elizabeth Minogueconcerned citizenconcerned citizen
Elizabeth MonkusSelfSelf
Elizabeth Paige LassenSelfSelf
Elizabeth PanettaNoneElizabeth Panetta
Elizabeth PeluseIndividualElizabeth Peluse
Elizabeth Rankinnaself
Elizabeth RicksSelfPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Elizabeth Sturmselfself
Elizabeth ZottNoneNone
Ellen L DonaghySilkRoadSelf
Ellen MandelMrs.Mrs.
Emilee Johnsonnana
Emilie Hogannoneself
Emilie Hogannoneself
Emily KostielneyNoneIndividual
Emily BarneyNANA
Emily BiegelSelfSouthwest Suburban Activists
Emily campbellNaSelf
Emily campbellNaSelf
Emily FosterSelfEmily Foster
Emily MossDev BootcampMidwest Access Coalition Volunteer
Emily MurawskiSelfSelf
Emily Pereznonenone
Emily RaycraftNASelf
Emily RoschekAmerican Bar AssociationPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Emily ValenciaSelfSelf
Emily WagnerSelfMyself
Emily Werthselfself
Emma HealyIndividualIndividual
Enaj SchlakIllinois Choice Action TeamSelf
Engy SutherlandSelfSelf
Eric ColeSelfSelf
Eric GoshGosh Technology GroupGosh Technology Group
Eric GoshGosh Technology GroupSelf
Eric JaskolskinoneMyself
Eric KnoxSELFMyself
Eric LaneIllinois Office of the ComptrollerComptroller Susana A. Mendoza
Eric MelingSelfSelf
Erica BergErica BergSelf
Erica RamosNoneSelf
Erica Van SchaikNoneSelf
Erika BachnerSelfSelf
Erika DeCarloselfself
Erika Enkselfself
Erika WilliamsNaMyself
Erin C KissickNoneMyself
Erin DoughtySelfSelf
Erin eifeUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoMyself
Erin Elmoreselfself
Erin FryUniversity of Chicagoself
Erin JaworskiSelfThe People's Lobby
Erin MadarietaSelfSelf
Erin MesaMesa Electronics, IncErin Mesa
Erin MesaMesa Electronics, IncErin Mesa
Erin MurthaSelfSelf
Erin OLearyprivate citizenwomen
Erin OMalleyMcLean County Health Dept.All individuals seeking services
Erin PavlichNonePersonal
Erin Renee BlaszkiewiczErin Renee BlaszkiewiczErin Renee Blaszkiewicz
Erin winnerSelfSelf
EstherSaturday Action ClubSelf
Esther BowenSelfSelf
Esther BoydSelfSelf
Eva Tonsing-Carterselfself
Eve SambornRevolution Messagingnone
Evelyn Torres FernandezSelfSelf
Eydie Kuglerselfself
Faith VaughtNoneMyself
fanny moyhomea sensible person
fanny moyhomea woman voter
fanny moyhomewoman
Faten DabisSelf-employedself
Faye MarcusMs.AAUW-IL
florence weisblattretiredflorence weisblatt
Fran PetersSelfSelf
Fran Petersselfself
Frances Peshkinselfself
Frances SampsonSelfSelf
Frances SampsonSelfSelf
Fred HahnSelfSelf
Gabriela Wagener-SobreroPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Gail Donnelly BaderNoneNone
Gail Galivanselfself
Gail Schnitzer EisenbergStowell & Friedman, Ltd.Self and daughter
Gary Griceselfself
Gayle EdmundsSelfSelf
Gayle MeskimenSelfSelf
Genece HambySelfSelf
Geoffrey BilletterHarold Washington CollegeGeoffrey Billetter
George Milkowskimyselfmyself
George RothNoneNone
Georgette FossNoneNone
Gerald MurrayRetiredSelf
Geraldine LevineSelfSelf
Geralynne Rodeselfself
Gerardo AvilaNoneSelf
Gertrude BrodskyGertrude BrodskyAGertrude Brodsky
Gertrude BrodskySelfSelf
Giannina BerriosCWHCCWHC
Gina Pattersonselfself
Gina sepeNoneNone
Gina SilvaVoterVoter
Gina Szulkowski.Gina Szulkowski
Ginny Lyonsselfself
Ginny SykesSelf employedGinny Sykes
Giudi Weissselfnone
Gloria AvalosNoneSelf
Grace Chan McKibbenSelfSelf
Grace MikusNoneOneself
Grace RabierNoneSelf
Grace RabierNoneSelf
Greg SchwartzSelfSelf
Greg StawinoganoneBLOW ME
Greg Stawinoganonenone
Gretchen KlockeSelfSelf
Gwendolyn WalskiSelfSelf
Gwyn CieslaNAMyself
Gwyn CieslaNAMyself
Hanna AronovichNoneSelf
Hanna SelekmanNASelf
Hannah GaylordNorman Professional ServicesSelf
Hannah R LloydSelf EmployedPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Hannah TurkSelfSelf
Harriet Meyerselfself
Harry BryantSelfSelf
Hayley MasonSelfSelf
Heather BaxterSelfSelf
Heather Booth-- please make a selection ---- please make a selection --
Heather BushongAll Above AllAll Above All
Heather ColburnnoneSelf
Heather DellAction IllinoisAction Illinois
Heather EglandIllinois residentSelf
Heather GrossmanSelfSelf
Heather GrossmanSelfSelf
Heather HorsleyIndividualPerson
Heather JanduraSelfSelf
Heather Joan Williamsselfnone
Heather PorterSelfSelf
Heather PorterSelfSelf
Heather PorterSelfSelf
Heather RossRoss & Zuckerman, LLPHeather Ross
Heather VogelMyselfMyself
Hedy M RatnerHedy M Ratner and Associatesindividual
Heidi ThorpConstituentSelf
Heidi Gottbergnonenone
Heidi HowardIndividualHeidi Howard
Helen Ramirez-Odellnone.none.
Helena PhanNoneCassandra Gaddo
Hilary BouchardSelfSelf
Hillary KrantzSelfSelf
Hollis ApidaNoneNone
Holly FingerleNANone
Holly SengSelfSelf
Hope AsyaSelfSelf
Hugo RabierNoneSelf
Hugo RabierNoneSelf
Ilene KlegonSelfSelf
Ilene Z KlegonSelfSelf
Irene RavenSelfSelf
Irene WojtysiakSelfSelf
Isaac PlumbH.O.KIsaac Plumb
Itedal ShalabiArab American Family ServicesArab American Family Services
Ivan EwertSelfSelf
Ivan EwertSelfSelf
J EichorstSelfSelf
J Hordakselfself
Jacalyn ZaleskiNoneNone
Jacinda BaumanNoneNone
Jackie SpradlinNoneMs.
Jacklyn EkbergSaturday Action ClubSaturday Action Club
Jacob RyanNANA
Jacqueline GrinvaldsNAsekf
Jacqueline JohnsonNoneSelf
Jacqueline TraynereWill county Board Member district 4Board Member
Jade MoremGreen Jade designMyself
Jahna Schadtselfself
Jaime Groth SearleSelfSelf
James BoothNANA
James HaedikeNoneperson
James MajorSelfSelf
James McIntyreFoster Care Alumni of America Illinois ChapterFoster Care Alumni of America Illinois Chapter
James T SchwartzSelfSelf
James T SchwartzSelfSelf
Jamie RedmondSelfSelf
Jamie Winchellselfself
Jan DarrowSelfSelf
Jan LoomerSelfSelf
Jan SummersAAUW ElmhurstAAUW
Janaki JitchotvisutSelfSelf
Jane BaldingerSelfSelf
Jane Charneyselfself
Jane WiedelBirch Hill Enterprisesself
Janelle RichmondSelfIndivisible
Janet BauerSelfNone
Janet GuaderramaMrs.Mrs.
Janet GuaderramaMrs.Self
janet j leffelmanselfself
Janet KemperCity of ChicagoSelf
Janet PottsNAMyself
Janet RohdeN.A.self
Janet S CraftselfSelf
Janet Spector BishopNoneSelf
Janet Spector BishopSelfSelf
Janet WagnerSELFself
Janice CooperCitizenMyself
Janice DunbarMyselfMyself
Janice Dusekselfself
Janice G Sackettselfself
Janice K VanderMeerSELFSELF
Janice MuhrJanice R. Muhr, Ph.D., P.C.Janice Muhr, Ph.D.
Janice PageNoneSelf
Janice S RinehartSELFSelf
Janita TuckerSelfSelf
Janna Simoncitizenself
Jason NosbaumSelfSelf
Jaylin D McClintonPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Jaymes Francis Michael GrabowskiAmerican AirlinesSelf
Jean MageeNoneProgressive Women of Oak Park
Jean MageeNoneProgressive Women of Oak Park
Jean MageeNoneProgressive Women of Oak Park
Jean Mottanoneself
Jean SloanNAMyself
Jeanette I QuirkSchool PsychologistSchool Psychologist
Jeanette McDermitselfself
Jeanne Adamsselfself
Jeanne McTeagueFinancial planningSelf
Jeanne VaverMrs.Mrs.
Jeanne-Marie GreinerChicago Publc Schoolwomen
Jeannette SrivastavaIndividualIndividual
Jeannie C ScownretiredJeanne C. Scown
Jeannie S Tomoda HarrellPersonalJeannie Harrell
Jeff AxelrodSelfSelf
Jeff BachnerSelfSelf
Jeff LisseSelfSelf
Jeff SlepakRepresenting SelfRepresenting Self
Jeffery BissPrivate personPrivate person
Jeffrey AlvarezSelfSelf
Jeffrey HolstNoneNone
Jen ElmoreSelfSelf
Jen McMillinnot applicableNone
Jen PackheiserselfJen Packheiser
Jena DiMaggiononenone
Jenifer Hartmanselfself
Jenna GuerrieroNot applicableNot applicable
Jenna Leving Jacobsonselfself
Jenna MarkowskiNoneSelf
Jenna TrautmanRagan Communications, Inc.Jenna Trautman
Jenni PurdueJ & J LegislativeAmerican Association of University Women
Jenni WilsonSelfSelf
Jennie van den BoogaardSaturday Action ClubSaturday Action Club
Jennifer BergIndivisibleIndivisible
Jennifer BermanOAU ConsultingOAU Consulting
Jennifer Camille LeeAction IllinoisAction Illinois
Jennifer ChristensenNANA
Jennifer CohenCellTrak Technologies, Inc.Self
Jennifer DeluheryPrivate CitizenSelf
Jennifer GieratNoneNone
Jennifer Hindhaughselfself
Jennifer JenningsSelfSelf
Jennifer LaDukeSelfSelf
Jennifer LaDukeSelfSelf
Jennifer LaDukeSelfSelf
Jennifer LaDukeSelfSelf
Jennifer LokshinSelfSelf
Jennifer M JohnsonSelfSelf
Jennifer Maierindividual citizenself
Jennifer Massnoneself
Jennifer MatsudaSelfSelf
Jennifer Morannoneself
Jennifer OBrienNONESelf
Jennifer RhoadsThe Center for Reproductive RightsCenter for Reproductive Rights
Jennifer RomansAmerican Express Global Business TravelMs.
Jennifer Sapersteinselfself
Jennifer SchmidtselfWomen residents of Illinois
Jennifer StotlarMrs.women everywhere
Jennifer Vianelloselfself
Jennifer WesterSelfself
Jennifer Westfallenselfself
Jenny Martinselfself
Jenny SchwartzbergMyselfMyself
Jeremy BrunkSelfSelf
Jerri MichaelPersonalSelf
Jessalyn GotsdinerNAJessalyn Gotsdiner
Jessica A VetterSelfSelf
Jessica BolandEsperanza Health CentersSelf
Jessica DiehlNASelf
Jessica GockleyNAMyself
Jessica KatzNaNa
Jessica Lighthallselfself
Jessica Maffianoneself
Jessica MeisterSelfSelf
Jessica MontalvoNorthwesternJessica Montalvo
Jessica P Ruddellprivate citizenprivate citizen
Jessica RiddleNANA
Jessica Royer Ockenselfself
Jessica SpaidSelfPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Jessica Testaninoneself
Jessica Young ChangChicago Womens Health CenterSelf
Jessie ReutelerNANA
jil deheegernaself
Jill Adamsselfself
Jill BlairNoneNone
Jill BlairNoneNone
Jill BrantzSelfSelf
Jill BrkovichNoneNone
Jill BrkovichNoneNone
Jill BrkovichNoneNone
Jill GimeskyNoneNone
Jill GrulkeSelfMyself
Jill JaegerSelfSelf
Jill LexierSelfSelf
Jill Pollackselfself
JIll SproatAction For A Better Tomorrow Springfield IlAction For A Better Tomorrow Springfield Il
Jim Slezakselfself
Jimena LopezNone.None.
Jo Beth HarrisonNoneMyself
Jo-An TakamotoAAUW - IllinoisAAUW-IL (American Association of University Women Illinois)
Joan Anundson-Ahrselfself
Joan McGrathSelfSelf
Joan ReedNANA
Joanie M Vernasconot applicablenot applicable
Joanna GatzulisnoneSelf
Joanna R DominickFreelanceMyself and other Women want autonomy in our bodies
Joanna Williamsselfself
Joanne Archibaldnonenone
Joanne DavisSelfIndivisible Evanston
Joanne DiazSmall Animal Relief VeterinarianSmall Animal Relief Veterinarian
Joanne PickeringNoneJoanne Pickering
Jocelyn OhlnoneNone
Jocelyn WascherUniversity of ChicagoPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Jody A MartinThe People's LobbyAll women
Jody Cossselfself
Jody Cossselfself
Jody Cossselfself
Jody Cossselfself
Jody Cossselfself
Jody CoultasSelfna
Jody WilsonSelect...Select...
John BarronSelfSelf
John Courtsselfself
John Freelandselfself
John HeinzePersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
John ScottSelfSelf
Jon McEnteeNASelf
Jordan JohnsonNot applicableNot applicable
Joseph A FrumkinselfPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Joseph FrerichSelfSelf
Joseph LaDukeSelfSelf
Joseph NaidnurSelfSelf
Josephine ImhoffJosephine ImhoffSelf
Josephine PolanekMrs.Self
Josephine PolanekMrs.Self
Josh BellSelfSelf
Joy AiraudiNonePlanned Parenthood
joy kayeindivisible IL-18INDIVISIBLE IL-18
joy kayeindivisible IL-18INDIVISIBLE IL-18
Joy MessingerNASELF
joyce harantcitizencitizen
Joyce SlavikSelfSelf
Joyce SlavikSelfSelf
Joyce WilliamsSelfSelf
Joyce WilliamsSelfSelf
Judith CarterSelfSelf
judith corbeillenamyself
Judith MandelNonenot appearing
Judith McDevittSelfSelf
Judith O SaundersMs.Self
Judith VandenboomSelfJudith Vandenboom
Judy Balazsselfself
Judy CochranIndivisible Northshore Resistself
Judy Solomon19551955
Judy Solomon19551955
Judy Teibloom-MishkinLactation Partnersself
Judy TiggelaarVoterSupport HB40
Juleigh SnellIndividualIndividual
Juli SheltonNoneSelf
Julia AntonickN AJulia Antonick
Julia BeckmanNoneSelf
Julia ErdelyNoneNone
Julia KyleNASelf
Julia MaxwellSelfSelf
Julia McCauleyNoneSelf
Julia SmithJulia SmithJulia Smith
Julia TestinNASelf
Julia TestinNASelf
Julie AdamsSelfSelf
Julie BokserDePaul UniversitySelf
Julie BootsBoots Appraisal ServicesMyself and women of the state of Illinois
Julie BrennanNaSelf
Julie BrennanNaSelf
Julie DiersSelfSelf
Julie GuloSelfSelf
Julie Hillselfself
Julie Jacobiselfself
Julie LambertiselfSELF
Julie LeungMs.individual
Julie LewisSelfSelf
Julie McShanenoneself
Julie RosenbergSelfSelf
julie saboJulie saboMyself
Julie SmithWesley UMCAction for a Better Tomorrow
Julie StephanSelfSelf
Julie WolfWilmette League of Women VotersLeague of Women Voters
Julieta Aguileraselfself
Juliette boyceSelfSelf
Justin KoziatekAIDS Foundation of ChicagoSelf
Justin RandSelfSelf
Justine BayodSelf EmployedJustine Bayod
Kace WakemNonePerson
Kairsten A ThiesNoneNone
Kaitlyn BowdenSelfSelf
Kanan shahSelfSelf
Kara HetzSelfSelf
Kara McDermottSelfSelf
Karee Rubinstein WallachSelfSelf
Karen PlontyNANA
Karen BarronSelfSelf
Karen BarronSelfSelf
Karen BashkinABTABT
Karen ChristiansenNaNA
Karen ChristiansenNANA
Karen Frandzel BarronSelfSelf
Karen FriedmanSelfSelf
Karen GecicNONEKaren Gecic
Karen Glennemeierselfself
Karen Groomnoneself
Karen Jane moodySelfSelf
Karen Johnsonselfself
Karen Johnsonselfself
Karen JonesAdoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource CenterKaren Jones
Karen KortschNoneSekf
Karen L PrenanoneKaren Prena
Karen LemerKopian ManagementSelf
Karen LibmanIndividual constituentindividual constituent
Karen ParkerSelfNONE
Karen SteelenoneNONE
Karen SusanSelfself
Karen Wassselfself
Kari AbboudSelfSelf
Kari Dillonselfself
Kari HupferMatteson School District 163Action for a better tomorrow
Karin Evansselfself
Karin Evansselfself
Karin Evansselfself
Karin Evansselfself
Karin SchuelerSelfSelf
Karin SchuelerSelfSelf
Karin SteinbrueckselfNA
Karla Chewselfself
Karleen S McAllesterselfself
Kate AbramsonSelfna
Kate AbramsonSelfna
Kate AbramsonSelfna
Kate Casale MacNallyNaNa
Kate NicolaiSelfSelf
Katelyn TrunnellConstituentKatelyn Trunnell
Katelyn TrunnellSelfSelf
Katharine HahnSelfSelf
Katherine BohlmanNoneSelf
Katherine GalbinceaSelfSelf
Katherine HeintzSelfSelf
Katherine KamholzSelfSelf
Katherine Manganselfself
Katherine McBroomeSelfSelf
Katherine NullSelfSelf
Katherine Pavliknonenone
Kathleen A Furoreself-employedKathleen A Furore
kathleen a rogersMs.Ms.
Kathleen BernhardtNot ApplicableSelf
Kathleen BlackburnSelfSelf
Kathleen BlackburnSelfSelf
Kathleen BlackburnSelfSelf
Kathleen BlackburnSelfSelf
Kathleen BlackburnSelfSelf
Kathleen Brown Kriegteachermyself
Kathleen CoyleNONESelf
Kathleen E Wenzlickselfself
Kathleen GalloRetiredNone
Kathleen HardySelfSelf
Kathleen J KircherABTABT
Kathleen J KircherSelfSelf
Kathleen Johnsonselfself
Kathleen Maher LipinskiNoneSelf
Kathleen OLearySelfSelf
Kathleen TetzlaffNAMyself
Kathryn HeyerSelfself
Kathryn KeiferSelfSelf
Kathryn ModisetteNational Organization for WomenKathryn modisette
Kathryn ValdesSelfSelf
Kathryn WagnerSelfSelf
Kathryn WolfeSelfSelf
Kathy FreemanSelfKathy Freeman
Kathy LombardinoNoneSelf
Kathy LombardinoNoneSelf
Kathy LombardinoNoneSelf
Kathy MuskerNIUSelf
Kathy SonenthalNoneNone
Katia Fowlernaself
Katie Adelsbergernoneself
Katie Mahoneyselfself
Katie MarrSelfSelf
Katwanya Westselfself
Katwanya Westselfself
katy donaldsonselfself
Kay ChristNoneNone
Kay EttingtonKay Ettington & AssociatesNational Council of Jewish Women
Kay GordonretiredSelf
Kay ManningKave, inc.Kay Manning
Kearney GrambauerSelfSelf
Keelie Fallonselfself
Keith Hansonselfself
Kelli St LouisNoneNone
Kelli Wegenerselfself
Kelly Goodselfself
Kelly GrossSelfSelf
Kelly Lakasselfself
Kelly LyellSelfSelf
Kelly OldfieldMs.Ms.
Kelly S Lakasselfself
Kelly TurnerSelfSelf
Kelsey EganSelfSelf
Kelsey McGrathSelfSelf
Kelsie LandersSelfSelf
Kelsy LefflerMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coalition
Kendall KarrNoneKendall Karr
Kendra KettselfSelf
Kendra Ritchieselfself
Kenneth EdwardsSelfself
Kenneth EdwardsSelfself
Kera BeskinUIC School of Public HealthNational Network of Abortion Funds
Kerri McBrideNoneSelf
Kerry TurkSelfSelf
Kevin Currannonenone
KEVIN EganSelfSelf
Kiat Bei TanNASelf
Kim BussellBussell FamilyWomen
Kim Knopernoneself
Kim VillanuevaSelfself
Kimberlee RaymondSELFSELF
Kimberly MeneghettiMyselfMyself
Kimberly Fraherselfself
Kimberly Fraherselfself
Kimberly Fraherselfself
Kimberly Jackson-PetrellaNoneSelf
Kimberly K McKeoneonPeakkimberly mckeone
Kimberly KingstonNONENONE
Kimberly KruegerselfSelf
Kimberly Olsen-Clarknoneself
Kimberly PetrusPetrus FamilyPetrus family
Kimberly Sailor Williamsonselfself
Kimberly ScaranoAll Above AllConcerned Citizen
Kimberly StephenNoneSelf
Kira SchumanChicago Abortion FundChicago Abortion Fund
Kirsten CrowhurstSelfKirsten Crowhurst
Kirsten Dennisonnoneself
Kirsten Schnoorselfself
Kirsten Yablonselfself
Kris OConnorNANA
Krista FurgersonNASelf
Krista FurgersonNASelf
Krista GrimmSelfSelf
Kristen BanasNoneMyself
Kristen GalemeWomen like myself
Kristen GreiweSelfSelf
Kristen JohnsonIndividualSelf
Kristen Linnenburgerselfself
Kristen OTooleSelfSelf
Kristen PitzenSelfSelf
Kristi BoudreauGlenbard TownshipMs.
Kristie ShurtleffEducationNa
Kristin CleggSelfSelf
Kristin CleggSelfSelf
Kristin CleggSelfSelf
Kristin Kalitowskiselfself
Kristin Kalitowskiselfself
Kristin ScialabbaNoneNone
Kristina RiceNANA
Kristine GradySelfSelf
Kristine KijowskiApplegate & Thorne-Thomsen, P.C.Self
Kristine LofquistSelfSelf
Kristine Raino-OgdenSelfSelf
Kyla EmbreyAntique TacoSelf
Kyle HillmanNational Association of Social Workers Illinois ChapterNational Association of Social Workers - Illinois Chapter
Kym TeslikSelfSelf
Lainie Castle-CimfelNANA, or Indivisible Chicago
Lainie RichNot applicableCenter for reproductive rights
Lakeesha HarrisSelfSelf
Lance MitchellNASelf
Larra ClarkNoneMyself
Laura BachenbergSelfSelf
Laura Albee SchroederDHSSelf
Laura E BakerLoyola University Chicagoself
Laura Ellsworthnonenot
Laura FisherSelfSelf
Laura FreechackNoneSelf
Laura HowlandVoterVoter
Laura Jamesselfself
Laura Jamesselfself
Laura Kampsselfnone
Laura KniggeSelfSelf
Laura KrainSelfIndivisible
Laura KrautMs.Self
Laura LaursenUniversity of ChicagoLaura Laursen
Laura McAlpineMcAlpine Consulting for Growth, LLCMcAlpine Consulting for Growth, LLC
Laura OrthIndividualIndividual
Laura RingSelfSelf
Laura SherwoodSelfSelf
Laura StrongnaLaura Strong
Laura SzurekBookstoreMyself
Laura Templeselfself
Laura WelchWill County NOWWill County NOW
Laura WoodsSelfSelf
Laura WyliecitizenLaura Wylie
Laura Zupkonaself
Laurel Hayscitizenna
Lauren BironNoneSelf
Lauren CahoonSelfSelf
Lauren CohnLauren Cohn DesignsLauren Cohn
Lauren HarperPublic Interest Law InitiativeMyself
Lauren Jiles-JohnsonSelfSelf
Lauren m RossSELFMs.
Lauren McCloskeyNALauren McCloskey
Lauren RyanSelfSelf
lauren schwankenonewomen everywhere with Endometriosis
Lauren SewardSelfSelf
Lauren TavelCBRELauren Tavel
Lauren Wagnerselfmyself
Lauren WhalenSelfSelf
Lauren WhartonNASelf
Laurene McMahonMcMahon HouseholdSelf
Lauri OlsonSelfSelf
Lauri OlsonSelfSelf
Lauri OlsonSelfSelf
Laurie CondraSelfSelf
Laurie Freivogelselfself
Laurie RompalaNoneSelf and all women of Illinois
Layne JacksonSelfSelf
Leah GreenblumMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coalition
Leah Handelselfself
leah Mayersold girl pressself
Leah Ostwaldselfself
Leah Robinsonselfself
Leah SidkeySelfSelf
Leah Welty-RiegerMYSELFIndivisible Chicago
Leah Werabcitizenself
Lee Ann Fuchsselfself
Lee DeLongselfself
Lee HaasNASelf
Lee HasselbacherSelfSelf
lee knohlselfself
Leigh HellmanMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coalition
Leni Manaa-HoppenworthIndivisible 9th DistrictSelf
Lenice AbbottNANA
Leona GarrisonSelect...RetiredSelect...
Lesley Martinselfself
Leslie FiedlerSELFSELF
Leslie Graysonselfself
Leslie Rebecca BloomRoosevelt Universityself
Leslie travisSelfSelf
Lety VillasenorSelfSelf
Lia RhodesSelfSelf
Liane MarquisNoneSelf
Lilly Simmonsselfself
Linda AtkinsonnaSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda ChandlerNoneSelf
Linda DanielsSelfSelf
Linda FallerSELFLinda Faller
Linda HiltabrandretiredMs.
Linda HouleNASelf
Linda Jeneweinselfself
Linda JohnsonSelfSelf
Linda KochNoneNone
Linda LuntAction for a Better Tomorrow ElmhurstAction for a Better Tomorrow Elmhurst
Linda Montalbanoselfself
Linda Montaneroselfself
Linda RemakerNorthwestern UniversityPrivate Citizen
Linda Robertsselfself
Linda SasserSelfSelf
Linda SchranzNoneSelf
Linda SlavikSelfSelf
Linda WallaceCitizenSelf and family
Linden FellerSelfNA
Lindsay EanetSelfSelf
Lindsay LefteroffSelfSelf
Lindsay LefteroffSelfSelf
Lindsay PhilibenMyselfMyself
Lindsay WelbersMs.Self
Lindsey ButlerFilling out on behalf of selfFilling out on behalf of self
Lindsey Heitz-LindseyNaNa
Lindsey MarshallNoneMyself
Lindsey RosenthalNASelf
Lindsey SeeskinThe Horwitz Law GroupMyself
Linnea VantreaseNot applicableNot applicable
Lisa CurranSelfSelf
Lisa D SimonsSelfSelf
Lisa DavisSelfSelf
Lisa gibbonsN aIndividual
Lisa GriffinnoneSelf
Lisa GruberMrs.Center for Reproductive Rites
Lisa HaveyNAMyself
Lisa HaveyNAMyself
Lisa HibbardA Learning CircleMyself
Lisa JarvisnaSelf
Lisa leipusNoneSelf
Lisa leipusNoneSelf
Lisa leipusNoneSelf
Lisa Marco KoubaSelfSelf
Lisa May SimpsonSelfSelf
Lisa MessingerCentegra Physician CareSelf
lisa mikkelsonselfself
Lisa OffuttSelfSelf
Lisa RobertsSelfSelf
Lisa RobertsSelfSelf
Lisa Rosman YuSelfSelf
Lisa RouffNoneSelf
Lisa SchurginSelfLisa Schurgin - Self
Lisa SharkeySelfSelf
Lisa Villani-GalePPILNA
Lisa WieczorekSelfSelf
Liz AdamsNoneSelf
Liz KeysSelfSelf
Llona Steeleretiredself
Lois BrockmanRetiredSelf
Lois SwatschenoSelfSelf
Lola AugstinSelfSelf
Loreen TroyMs.Ms.Loreen Troy
Lorena MesaSprout Social, Inc.Lorena Mesa
Lorena Nealnoneself
Lori Hansonselfself
Lori LehnhardtSelfNone
Lori Leonnonenone
Lori LevinLori G Levin, Attorney at LawSelf
Lori Martin BeauchampSelfSrlf
Lori MesaLori Mesa Antiques & Fine JewelryLori Mesa
Lori MyersConstituentSelf
Lori MyersConstituentSelf
Lori MyersConstituentSelf
Lori Siutaselfself
Lori stephensonIndividualSelf
Lorie ChaitenACLU of IllinoisACLU of Illinois
Lorna Cohennonenone
Lorraine PatelHomeSelf
Louise Friedenson.Louise Friedenson
Louise Friedensonnoneproponrnts
Lubia Nunez-MontelongoPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Lucia PeraltaSelfSelf
Lucy CarapetyanSELFSELF
Lukasz WielgoszNoneSelf
Lydia RossMs.Lydia Ross
Lydia Vincentyselfself
Lydia Vincentyselfself
Lynda LochnerNAself
Lynda Thromnoneself
Lynda Thromnoneself
Lynette PoirierretiredNational Network of Abortion Funds
Lynn C SamarooRevenu Tax & AccountingLynn C Samaroo
Lynn CastroMyselfMyself
Lynn Handynonenone
Lynn HanessianEdelmanSelfN
Lynn Howardnaself
Lynn LaneseLynn LaneseLynn Lanese
Lynn MeissnerNorthwestern UniversityNational Network of Abortion Funds
Lynn PollackSelfSelf
Lynn SakataMyselfMyself
Lynn SakataMyselfMyself
Lynn SakataMyselfMyself
Lynn SakataMyselfMyself
Lynn SakataMyselfMyself
Lynne FarmerselfMrs.
Lynne Rooney-KatsmaNoneIndividual
Maarten BoslandSelfSelf
Madelyn RyanNoneSelf
Madison LyleroehrNorthwestern UniversityMidwest Access Coalition
Madonna GiamberdinoSelfSelf
Magda CaballerosNoneMyself
Magda RothNoneNone
Maggie OKeefeNASelf
Maia FeigonPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Mallory CaiseNot ApplicableMyself
Mandi AltepeterNANA
Mandy WorkSelfSelf
Mara E MeyerSelf employedSelf
Marcia AshtonselfSelf
Marcia PrichasonSelfSelf
Marcia Wherryselfself.
Marcie AchlerDist 109 substitute teacherMe
Margaret Aguilarretirednone
Margaret Aguilarretirednone
Margaret CoxSelfPersonal PAC
Margaret Elizabeth RubinSelfSelf
Margaret Fulkersonnonenone
Margaret Ladnerselfself
Margaret LoiselSELFself
Margaret OHaraSelfSelf
Margaret RhemPindar North AmericaMyself
Margaret SchlofnerUniversitySelf
Margaret T MercerSelect...Select..
Margaret WalshNoneself
Margaret ZayasMyselfMyself
Margaret ZayasMyselfMyself
Margo ChambersSelfSelf
Maria AlzamoraSelfSelf
Maria ChickeringSelfSelf
Maria Francesselfself
Maria Gonzalezselfself
Maria HayesSelfSelf
Maria L KrauseSelfSelf
Maria Zeller BrauerNASelf
mariann stephensnonenone; private citizen
Marianne GrieblerMyselfMyself
Marianne HaddenSelfSelf
Marianne ZielinskiSelfSelf
Maribeth WestlundRetired teacher in district 211Northwest Suburban Women Democrats
Marideth GrovesSelfSelf
Marie Cabiyaselfself
Marie GrygiencNoneSelf
Marie Jonesnonenone
Marie Jonesnonenone
Marie KhanMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coalition
Marie PopkinSelfSelf
Marilyn Friedmanselfself
Marilyn HeinrichsNASelf
Marilyn ThompsonNoneSelf
Marilynn GortowskiNonemyself
Marion Nowakselfself
Marion Nowakselfself
Marion Nowakselfself
Marisa NaujokasMdb incSelf
Marisa naujokasMdb incSelf
Marissa VolkeningSelfSelf
Marissa YelnickSELFSELF
Marjorie GreenwaldGloor RealtyMs. Marjorie Greenwald
Mark BurgerSelfSelf
Mark HolroydSelfSelf
Mark KlugeSelfSelf
MARK LIEBERMANGlobal TeldataSelf
Mark ReschkeSelfSelf
Mark Theodore LundholmNOT APPLICABLEall women
Marla RoseNoneSelf
marlane gurskeselfself
Marsha HarmanSelfSelf
Marsha LoveSelfSelf
Marta MielickiSelfSelf
Martha BranstiterNAMartha Branstiter
Martha CarlsonselfI am representing myself
Martha GormanSelfSelf
Martha IntrieriSelfSelf
Martha PaschkeselfSelf
Martin laglerSelfSelf
Maru KilduffNaSelf
Marvin L Doolinnoneself
Marvin L Doolinnoneself
Mary Ann Manleyselfself
Mary Ann Manleyselfself
Mary Ann PhillipsSelfSelf
Mary ClarkIndividual citizenIndividual citizen
Mary ConwaySelfself
Mary DunlapUn Pezzo Di TortaSelf - business
Mary E BethStretch-n-GrowSelf
Mary Erlainselfself
Mary EwertSelfSelf
Mary Gajewskiselfself
Mary Grzywaselfself
Mary Jane D KupskyIndividualself
Mary JayaramanNoneNone
Mary JewettSelfSelf
Mary Jo Pritzanoneself
Mary Joan Ceplaselfself
Mary Joan Ceplaselfself
Mary Joan Ceplaselfself
Mary KaminskiSelfSelf
Mary KubasakLeague of Women Voters of Illinois3000 members of the League of Women Voters of Illinois
Mary L ForniCary School District 26Self
Mary L JohnsonNAMary L Johnson
Mary Lee GeraghtySelfself
Mary Lou Jelachichselfself
Mary Lou ZwickArnold & Porter Kaye ScholerMy self
Mary Lynn CarverNoneNone
Mary MartinSelfSelf
Mary MartinSelfSelf
Mary MartinSelfSelf
Mary McGovernSelfSelf
Mary MounceMary MounceMary Mounce
Mary P Beaubienretiredself
Mary Pat ForstonSelfSelf
Mary Patrcia ErnstErnst Financialself
Mary Patricia Byrne PashNoneSelf
Mary Patricia Byrne PashNoneSelf
MARY PENDERGASTSelfIndivisible Chicago
Mary PrechelNoneIndividual
Mary Ritternonenone
Mary ShapiroAccurate Process ConsultingAccurate Process Consulting
Mary TavegiaSelfSelf
Mary TavegiaSelfSelf
Mary ThomasPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Mary Tworek-Tupperselfself
Mary Tworek-Tupperselfself
MaryBeth NapierSelfIndivisible Evanston
MaryBowmanChicago Women's Health CenterChicago Women's Health Center
Maryellen SchwartzTaxpayerTaxpayer
Maryellen SchwartzTaxpayerTaxpayer
Matthew AlschulerSelfSelf
Matthew CroisantNAPrivate citizen
Matthew Griffonaself
Matthew LodnerganSelfMatthew Londergan
Matthew Strongnoneself
Matthew ThompsonMr.Mr. Matthew Thompson
Maude Carrollselfnone
Maureen HickeySelfSelf
Maureen KeaneSelfIndivisible
Maureen Keaneselfindivisible
Maureen McCarthy- None -- None -
Maureen McGonagleSelfSelf
Maxwell RossSelf-employedAction for a Better Tomorrow
MD JohnsonSelfSelf
meagan boyleselfself
Meagan DavisNaMyself
Meaghan FritzNoneSelf
Megan CarlsonNonprofitMegan Carlson
Megan EssmanNASelf
Megan GallagherSelfSelf
Megan K Merrillnonenone
Megan LarsonSelfself
Megan Mcdonaldselfself
Megan MockaitisSelfMyself, my daughters, one half of the population
Megan MockaitisSelfMyself, my family, more than half of the population
Megan PedersenWheel Tree Press LLCSelf
Megan PulleyPeoria Rally For SciencePeoria Rally for science
Megan SwansonSelfSelf
Megan ThompsonILSelf
Meghan CollinsSelfSelf
Meghan folinazzoNaSelf
Meghann McEnteeNAMyself
Melanie Chapmanselfself
Melanie DealHoughton Mifflin Harcourtwomen
Melanie PatricNoneSelf
Melanie PatricNoneSelf
Melanie Scott-Dockeryindividualself
Melinda HanyFIST - Feminists Instigating Social Transformationself
Melinda HanyFIST - Feminists Instigating Social Transformationself
Melinda StraussThe ArkNorth Shore Indivisible
Melisa AlexanderselfSelf
Melissa Potvinselfself
Melissa BoysenNot applicableSelf
Melissa Cairnsselfself
Melissa Chenselfself
Melissa DaneNoneSelf
Melissa LickteigSelfSelf
Melissa Potvinselfself
Melissa R NormanSelfSelf
Melissa Riceselfself
Melissa Riceselfself
Melissa Riceselfself
Melissa SchwartzSelfSelf
Melissa SengerNoneSelf
Melissa sobotaCitizenNone
Melissa SpanglerWhiteside County Community Health ClinicMelissa Spangler; Whiteside County Community Health Clinic; Whiteside County Health Department
Melissa StoegerSelfNone
Melissa StoegerSelfNone
Mennatallah EltakiNANA
Meredith Georgenoneself
Meredith GlickMeredith Glick, LCSWself
Meredith PayneSelfAction For a Better Tomorrow
Meredith WestSelfSelf
Meredith WilkinsonMeredith WilkinsonSelf
Merle MonroeIndividualIndividual
Merrill ColeSelfSelf
Micaella VerroSelfSelf
Michael DuhlSelfSelf
Michael EbertSELFSELF
Michael MaginnIllinois Public Health AssociationMichael Maginn
Michael McNamaraPersonalMyself and my family
Michael McNamaraPersonalMyself and my family
Michael MelliniNANA
Michael W JordanRetired attorneySelf
Michael ZiriEquality IllinoisEquality Illinois
Michaela TowneSelfSelf
Michele CorrisSelfSelf
michele haptonstahlPersonal PACself
Michele HaptonstahlPersonal PACself
Michele HaptonstahlselfSelf
Michele HaptonstahlselfSelf
Michele IrvinSelfSelf
Michele MillerSelfSelf
Michele Miller PeradottiSelfSelf
Michele Walkerselfself
Michele ZurakowskiSelfSelf
Michelle Akinselfnone
Michelle FadeleyIllinois National Organization for WomenIllinois National Organization for Women
Michelle FreedmanNoneSelf
Michelle L LambingNoneSelf
Michelle RoskensSelfSelf
Michelle RoskensSelfSelf
Michelle RoskensSelfSelf
Michelle SingletonDr.Dr.
Michelle SpringerSelfSelf
Michelle thomasSelfSelf
Michelle TrayneSelfSelf
Michelle TrayneThe Futures CompanySelf
Miguel BautistaCitizenCitizen
Miguel BautistaCitizenCitizen
Milan tvardekNoneMilan tvardek
Mildred LeonardSELFself
Millisa Jaycoxselfself
Mimi NguyenSelfSelf
Miriam AroninNAself
Moira HughesNoneSelf
Molly MinerSelfSelf
Mona Thornton--None--self
Monica VelezNoneSelf
Monica VelezNoneSelf
Monica VelezNoneSelf
Monica VelezNoneSelf
Monica DillonNone of theseI am representing myself
Monica McGillSelfSelf
Monica McGillSelfSelf
Monica RodriguezindividualMonica Rodriguez
Monika CoadNASelf
Morgan G Gaskinselfself
Morgan MaloneSelfSelf
morgan paulusselfself
Morgan SnoufferNoneSelf
Morgan stewartNaNone
Mr and Mrs Thomas SignoreEducationMrs.
Ms debra a childersillinoisself
Musette MichaelMusette MichaelMusette Michael
Nadeen IsraelEverThrive IllinoisEverThrive Illinois
Nadine Robertson DiMareSelfSelf
Nadine Robertson DiMareSelfSelf
Nancy BurkePsychotherapy Action Network of the Chicago Center for PsychoanalysisShow Up Stand Up
Nancy ChurchillnoneSelf
Nancy CreightonNoneSelf
Nancy DavisSelfSelf
Nancy FuhrmanNANCJW
Nancy Graham MillerSelf.Self.
Nancy GrandoneNASelf
Nancy GrandoneNASelf
Nancy GrandoneNASelf
Nancy Holst19591959
Nancy JohnsonNoneself
Nancy Kravcisin-McClainRetiredFORD SPMAR
Nancy L Cowgerretriredself
Nancy SchietzeltMyselfMyself
Nancy SchwabMcHenry County Citizens for ChoiceMcHenry County Citizens for Choice
Nancy SegallBeyond the Baby BluesBeyond the Baby Blues
Nancy SolomonNancy Solomon & Associatescitizen and voter in Illinois
Nanette R Snowdenself.self.
Nannette HuffmannoneSelf
Naomi WaterburySelfSelf
Natalie BrickerSelfSelf
Natalie Federlenana
Natalie HicksShive-HatteryNatalie Hicks
Nataly BarreraIllinois Caucus for Adolescent HealthIllinois Caucus for Adolescent Health
Nathan La PorteSelfSelf
Nathaniel MeadowLoyola University Medical CenterSelf
Neal Katzselfself
Nichola folinazzoSelfSelf
Nicole Barbanonemyself
Nicole BelaUSHMMCassandra Gaddo
Nicole DominguezLincolnDominguez Family
Nicole HerbertSelfSelf
Nicole HolmesMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coalition
Nicole Loomisselfself
Nicole LopezMidwest Access CoalitionMidwest Access Coalition
Nicole RojasRallyNicole Rojas, Rally
Nicole WetzellnoneCassandra Gaddo
Nicolle GrasseNoneSelf
Nils RobbinsFuture Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Nilsa SweetserSelfSelf
Nina CorwinNina Corwin, MA, LCSW Private PracticeNina Corwin
Nina NguyenNASW-Illinois ChapterSelf only
Noah WeiningerSelfSelf
Noreen McAndrewSelfSelf
Olivia TousiusIndividualSelf
Paloma DelgadilloSelfSelf
Pam D ProschMs.Ms.
Pamela GrayNoneSelf
Pamela KramerSelfSelf
Pamela M SalelaEducatorSelf representing
Pamela MikulcikSelfSelf
Pamela Ohmanselfself
Pamela PenneySelfSelf
Pamela SourelisNONESelf
Pamela SourelisNONESelf
Parker JainNASelf
Pat Petersonselfself
Pat UrsicNANA
Patria HammerNaSelf
Patrice GronwickNANA
Patrice GronwickNASelf
Patrice GronwickNASelf
Patrice GronwickNASelf
Patrice GronwickNASelf
Patrice GronwickNASelf
Patricia A BlevensNoneSelf
Patricia ArmstrongOn behalf of selfIllinois voter
Patricia ArmstrongOn behalf of selfIllinois voter
Patricia ArmstrongOn behalf of selfIllinois voter
Patricia B RoccoSelfSelf
Patricia Booth HodgesILWomen
Patricia DaschbachParexelPatricia Daschbach
Patricia HeiseSelfSelf
Patricia L Posdalselfself
Patricia LangleyCitizenPatricia A. Langley
Patricia MaloneAIDS Foundation of ChicagiAids Foundation of Chicago
Patricia MarinellinaMrs.
Patricia MasekNoneSelf
Patricia MasekNoneSelf
Patricia MasekNoneSelf
Patricia McAdamsSelfSelf
Patricia McAdamsSelfSelf
Patricia SpenceNoneSelf
Patrick ChesnutSelfSelf
Patrick McMullanNASelf
Patti WernerindividualNone
Patty WalshDistrict 205Patty Iverson
Paula Belnapselfself
Paulette GangSelfSelf
peg meadorshunter real estateself
Peggy SloyanMs.self
Penny ShepherdSelfSelf
Peter GuntherSelfSelf
Peter Sternbergselfself
Peter StormsSelfSelf
Peter ToefperAIDS Foundation of ChicagoNone
Petra SeitzNAMyself
Phil MilskLaw Offices of Phil MilskAmerican College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Philip GarbeNoneNone
Phillip StoneNoneSelf
Pierangela Murphyselfself
Polly FaustMs.self
Polly PoskinIllinois Coalition Against Sexual AssaultIllinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Priscilla KronConsultantSelf
Priya DugadSelfSelf
Pushpa GopalanSelfself
Quinn BrodaSelfself
Rachael Brumleveselfself
Rachael Rezeknoneself
Rachael SytsmaRelational Psychology GroupIllinois women
Rachel BecknellConstituentSelf
Rachel BennselfSELF
Rachel cohenHaymarket booksWomen
Rachel DamonnaSelf
Rachel Goldsteinselfself
Rachel HahsSelfSelf
Rachel Hershinowselfself
Rachel IversonUniversity of Notre DameSelf
Rachel JosephSelfSelf
Rachel KligermanInsights Straight UpMs.
Rachel NewhouseSelect...Select...
Rachel OleinickNorthworksSelf
Rachel R MacEnteeSelfRachel R MacEntee
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel SollingerSelfAction for a Better Tomorrow
Rachel WeaverThe Book TableSelf
Rachel WeaverThe Book TableSelf
Rae Brown- None -SELF
Rafael Lazaroselfself
Rajya KaripineniThresholdsself
Ralph SyversonSelfSelf
Randolph RollerNASelf
Randy NeufeldBicycle Product and Suppliers AssociationSRAM LLC, Bicycle Product and Suppliers Association
Ray Douglas McCollumSelfSelf
Rebecca AbramowitzStay at home momSelf
Rebecca Bonjourselfself
Rebecca Erin McFallThe McFall-Buss Familya professional woman and mother of children who resides in Illinois and votes
Rebecca HoSelfSelf
Rebecca KolarPrivate citizenMyself
Rebecca RossiSelfSelf
Rebecca Russownoneself
Rebecca SimonsisNoneNone
Rebecca StealeyContemporary MedicineContemporary Medicine
Rebecca WeiningerSelfSelf
Rebecca Westselfself
Rebeccah WillardSelfSelf
Renee Gladstoneselfself
Renee WsolSelfSelf
Renee WsolSelfSelf
Renner BarsellaSierra ClubSelf
Rhonda KlausCitizenSelf
Richard EganSelfSelf
Richard KlineMyselfMyself
Richard Meherselfself
Rick Simkinselfself
Riley JohnsonRAD RemedyRAD Remedy and the trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, and queer citizens of Illinois
Robert BernsteinSelfSelf
Robert BernsteinSelfSelf
Robert DanielsChicago Children's ClinicChildren and families
Robert David SchwartzRetired Industrial MicrobiologistCenter for Repro Rights
Robert GrannickNoneSelf
Robert Levinselfself
Robert MarshallSELFself
Robert Russselfself
Robert SullivanNoneSelf
Robert T PerrySelfSelf
Robert W MatuszekResidentPlanned Parenthood
Robert Weldselfself
Roberta MooreSELFIndivisivible of Illinois
Roberta Hoffman SchreiberNCJW Chicago North ShoreSelf
Roberta RubenSelfSelf
Robin DusekMeself
Robin DusekMeself
Robin TaylorSelfSelf
Rochelle KramerSelfIndivisible
Roger DayIndividualMe
Rohini SenguptaNoneNone
Ronald SonenthalSelfSelf
Rosa SanMarchiSelfSelf
Rosalind GiuliettinoneRosalind Giulietti
Rosanne ParsillNAMyself
Rose RankinSelfSelf
Rosemary BeutellSelfSelf
Rosemary CallahanNAmyself
Roxanne Kay Del RosarioPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Ruth BrennerSelfSelf
Ruth Fink-WinterSelfSelf
Ruth Fink-WinterSelfSelf
Ryan AndersonShive-HatteryRyan Anderson
Ryan BenSelfSelf
Ryan HiddenNoneNone
Sabine SelvaisSelfSelf
Sallie MillerAAUWAAUW-IL
Sally WeissSelfself
Sam HeppellSelfSelf
Samantha AxtonSamantha AxtonSamantha Axton
Samantha BeckmannSelfSelf
Samantha E DeKovenselfself
Samantha HaysMyselfMyself
Samantha K BarrnoneSelf
Samantha KruseNANA
Sandra AlexanderSelfSelf
Sandra EckertSelfSelf
Sandra Hartmanselfself
Sandra Kirklandkirkcomallaboveall
Sandra Silvaselfself
Sandra SwantekSelfWritten
Sandra Ulbrich AlmazanNAself
Sandra Yinglingselfself
Sandy ArevaloselfSelf
Sandy GustafsonMeMe
Sandy GustafsonMeMe
Sara BarlowNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara FeiglPerkins and WillSELF
Sara Gronkiewicz-DoranSelfSelf
sara horanselfself
Sara K MundtNASelf
Sara L ManewithUniversity of ChicagoMs.
Sara Seibtselfself
Sara Semelkanoneself
Sara TewsSelfNone
Sara Van ByssumNoneSelf
Sarah BreedenNoneSelf
Sarah BreedenNoneSelf
Sarah CaltvedtSelfSelf
Sarah ChristensenNoneSelf
Sarah Cochranselfself
Sarah ColellaSelfSelf
Sarah ContorerNoneSelf
Sarah DoyleSelfIndivisible
Sarah DoyleSelfIndivisible
Sarah FlemingSelfSelf
Sarah HirsenSelfSelf
Sarah Huntnonenone
sarah joycenonenone
sarah joycenonenone
Sarah KirkpatrickSelfSelf
Sarah KoverConstituentMs.
Sarah LindenbaumUniversity of IllinoisSelf
Sarah MarrenPrivate citizenSelf
Sarah Polichcitizencitizen
Sarah Rebecca GaglioNoneNone
Sarah RichmondCitizenIndividual
Sarah RosenblumSelfSelf
Sarah SimpsonSelfSelf
Sarah WagenerChapin Hall at the University of Chicagoself
Sarah WaxmanThe Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rightsself
Sarah-Jayne AshenhurstNoneNone
Sarita BertinatoPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Savannah MillionNoneSelf
Scott Hindhaughselfself
Scott MigaldiSelfSelf
Sean Graham-Whiteselfself
Serena ConchaTax PayerTax Payer
Serena ConchaTax PayerTax Payer
Serina JohnstonSelfSelf
Seth GoldwasserStarbucksSelf
Seth MacLowrynoneSeth MacLowry
Shana WhiteheadOn behalf of selfOn behalf of self
Shanna SimpsonSelfSelf
Shannon AsariaSelfSelf
Shannon LuskSelfSelf
Shannon McDonnellNoneSelf
Shannon MooreSelfSelf
Shannon RussellSlalom ConsultingShannon Russell
Sharon BakulaSelfSelf
Sharon BeckerSelfSelf
Sharon Irishuniversityself
Sharon MooreSelfNone
Sharon RayNoneSelf
Sharon ReyAids Foundation of ChicagoAids Foundation of Chicago
Sharon StolzSelf-employedSelf
Sharon VitaliSelfSelf
Shawn CassadySelfSelf
Shawn Michaelselfself
Shawn Michaelselfself
Shawn SalatNoneSelf
Shayna watchinskiSelfSelf
Sheila FeeneyselfSELF
Sheila HenrettaSelfSelf
Sheldon and Roberta EdelsonSelfSelf
Shelley Pecknonemyself
Sheri ZierdtNoneSelf
Sherrie Malleis1975Self
Sherry CannonSelfSelf
Sherry JainSelfSelf
Sherry JainSelfSelf
Sheryl ZeidmanSelfSelf
Silas Cassinelliselfnone
Silvia Flintonselfself
Silvia Pelechselfself
Siobhan Connorsselfself
Socorro MucinoAlmost by the Lake Art StudioSocorro Mucino
Sol MisenerNAMyself
Sol MisenerNAMyself
Sonja Channonewomen
Sonya StrengeNANA
Sonya D Naarselfself
Stacey AustinSelfSelf
Stacey E MitchellSelfSelf
Staci Sterenbergteacherself
Stacie PetersSelfSelf
Stacy CorbettSelfSelf
Stacy CorbettSelfSelf
Stacy Shein StapletonSelfSelf
Stefanie GidmarkSELFSelf
Stefanie PolacheckNoneSelf
Stefanni EssingtonEssington McArthur FamilyStefanni Essington
stella blackstella blackstella black
Stephanie ClemenNoneSelf
Stephanie EstradaselfSelf
Stephanie Fryeselfself
Stephanie Holtnoneself
Stephanie Holtnoneself
Stephanie KlammMomPediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative and Women of IL
Stephanie PaulSELFSELF
Stephanie Ruehlon behalf of seflself
Stephanie Ruehlon behalf of selfSelf
Stephanie Smithnana
Stephanie Yarzakselfself
Stephanie Zuba-BatesCSUStephanie Zuba-Bates
Stephen BromfieldCitizenCitizen
Stephen LimperisMr.Stephen Limperi
Steve HeldSelfIndivisible
Steven PachecoSelfSelf
Steven SerikakuNoneself
Storey ShearerSelfSelf
Storey ShearerSelfSelf
Stuart GreenspanselfIndivisible Evanston
Sue ClarkCima ServicesNA
Sue greenSelfSelf
Sue Rio- None -Self
Sultana PerezSelfSara Feigenholtz
Sung Yeon Choi-MorrowNational Asian Pacific American Women's ForumNAPAWF
Susan Agatenoneself
Susan BaaderNoneNone
Susan BauerCitizenCitizen
Susan BenloucifHealth InsuranceSelf
Susan BerkmanselfSELF
Susan BloydProponentSelf
Susan Bramlet LavinIllinois National Organization for WomenIllinois National Organization for Women
Susan ChiaraHealth InsuranceSlef
Susan Colemanselfself
Susan GolebiowskiSelfSelf
Susan HagueSelfSelf
Susan HelwigNoneSelf
Susan HelwigNoneSelf
Susan JaffeeKnit Nirvana llcBusiness owner
Susan K RiveraRetiredMyself
Susan Komaranskyselfself
Susan KornnoneProponent of HB40
Susan LanesnoneMrs. Susan Lanes
Susan LiebermanSusan LiebermanSusan Lieberman
Susan M JacobsonSelfSelf
Susan MeKennaNonePerson
Susan RabenselfSelf
Susan Reisbergselfself
Susan Schomburgselfself
Susan SilverArgentum Strategy GroupMyself
Susan Singernonenone
Susan SittonNASelf
Susan steeleSelfSelf
Susan TyksinskiNoneSelf
Susan UrbanekselfSelf
Susan WagenerSelfSelf
Susan WiechmanSelfSelf
Susan Zingleretiredself
Susana MendozaIllinois Office of the ComptrollerState Comptroller
Susana StachaSelfSelf
Susanne McMasterNAWomen in Illinois
Suzanne BesawSelfSelf
Suzanne GagnerSelfself
Suzanne HancockSelfSelf
Suzanne kravitzSelfSelf
Suzanne MagnusonSelfSelf
Suzi GantzeducationSelf
Sylvia FrankeNetrixSelf
T E KingsELFSelf
Talena MichelsSelfSelf
Tammy GreenSelfSelf
Tammy GreenSelfSelf
Tanja Murrayselfself
Tara GivensSelfSelf
Tara InglerightSelfSelf
Tara McGovernFuture Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Tara Shadeselfself
Tara TurnerSelfSelf
Ted GanchiffSelfSelf
Tera D Wennernoneself
Teresa MoroSelfSelf
Terese Goldennonenone
Teri Gidwitzselfself
Teri Gidwitzselfself
Teri McCaskillNoneSelf
Teri RabaiHomemakerMyself
Teri WittenbergerSelfSelf
Terri FrielDr.pacpi
Terri GensSelfSelf
Terri KingSelfSelf
Terri KlowdenSelfSelf
Terri KlowdenSelfSelf
Terri R CorneliusTerri CorneliusTerri Cornelius
Terri ShihSelfSelf
Terry Boydnonenone
Terry StrohmSelfSelf
Theodore AndersonSelfSelf
Theresa HartNoneNone
Theresa Jurgusselfself
Therese Butler BodeeNAself
Therese ThompsonpersonalNA
Thomas HarrisNANA
THOMAS J BRODERICKGreater Oak Park Democratic Socialists of AmericaGreater Oak Park Democratic Socialists of America
Thomas JensenSelfSelf
Thomas WilliamsonSelfSelf
Thomas YatesLegal Council for Health JusticeLegal Council for Health Justice
Tierney MorrisonIndividualIndividual
Tiffany WalshGlimco LawSelf
Timna AxelChicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil RightsSelf
Tina BrenzaSelfSelf
Tina Medlin Willsonselfself
Tina MizgalskiSelfSelf
Todd RappNoneSelf
Tom BresneynoneHB40
Tom BresneynoneHB40
toni barkmedical officeABOVE ALL
Toni OpltSelfSelf
Toni OpltSelfSelf
Tonya Utkinaselfself
Tory deMartellyPersonal Pac Future Voices CouncilPersonal Pac Future Voices Council
Trace GamacheVictoria's SecretTrace Gamache
Tracey GzamouranisSelfSelf
Tracey ColemanNoneSelf
Tracey MeyersNASelf
Tracey VogelsangNA, private citizenmyself
Tracey ZievNoneNone
Traci Kurtzer MDSelfSelf OBGYN MD
Tracy Ahrselfself
Tracy BrockmeierSelfSelf, Chicago Women's March
Tracy Goode LoewenthalNational Council of Jewish WomenSelf
Tracy KarimNANA
Tracy NeffNoneSelf
Tracy Nicholsonnoneself
Tracy Nicholsonnoneself
Tracy Nicholsonnoneself
Tracy PeaseNoneNone
Tracy SassoSelfPrivate citizen
Tracy SilvermanSelfSelf
Tracy Sommerselfself
Tracy ZieberNoneNone
Tricia M HolgrenNASelf
Trisha RichPersonal PAC Future Voices CouncilPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Trisha RigsbyOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Trudi KesslerSelfSelf
Trudi KesslerSelfSelf
Ursula Wagnerprivate citizenself
Valerie Billingprivate citizenself
Valerie HigginsNoneSelf
Valerie KahnKahn Law GroupKahn Law Group
Valerie ParkerPrivate PracticeValerie C. Parker
Valerie RiveraValerie RiveraHumans
Valerie SteinerIndividualValerie Steiner
Vanessa ShanleNoneSelf
Vera MountnoneSelf
Verena BlockSELFSELF
Veronica RundellNot applicablePerson
Vicki DuFourmyselfmyself
Victoria A WhiteRed Rose Enterprises IncRed Rose Enterprises Inc
Victoria Dahmmnonenone
Victoria deMartellyXMyself
Victoria E Thompsonnoneself
victoria langanCoffee Party USA, Lombard, IllinoisMs.
Victoria VoegelNANA
Victoria VoegelNANA
Victoria VoegelNANA
Vincent J HardtSelfSelf
Virginia DimondDimond Consulting GroupSelf
Wallace Channonewomen
Walter LippincottSelfSelf
Wanda WhitsonW ConsultingWanda Whitson
Wendy GiffordNASelf
Wendy GiffordNASelf
Wendy MarksPersonalWendy Marks
Wendy PollackSargent Shriver National Center on Poverty LawSargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
Wendy Rosenselfself
Wendy Rosenselfself
Whitney Watersnoneself
Will ThimesSelfself
William HassigRetired, former IBEW union member.Self
William Maleckiselfself
Wynne Corsonprivate citizenno group private citizen
Yung Cong-HuyenSelfSelf
Zachary SerotaSelfPersonal Pac Future Voices Council
Zainab SalahSelfSelf
Hearing Date and Time: Human Services (H) 2/8/2017 3:00 PM
Aimee ForemanSelf
Axine A GereSelf
Bette McAvoyselfself
Christine GeorgeAs private citizen
Clay StelzerSalesforce
Esther KhuriPrivate Person
Kim VandenbrouckeNA
Michelle ReiznerHand and stone
Rose GottliebPrivate
A GoldinAP
A R JustNone
A SchriberCitzen
Aana VigenSelfSelf
Aaron Berndtnoneself
Aaron D LightSelf
aaron morrisself
Aaron ScloveNone
Aaron StrakaFCB Chicago
Abbe GoodmanHeffernan Landscape Design
Abby DolanButler UniversityMyself
Abby Leigh KoppersUniversity of Chicago
Abby LernerLinda's Magic Brownies
Abby NaumannX
Abby SechristGrosvenor Capital Management
Abby VombrackIndependent
Abdul MohamedSelf
Abigail BattungSelf
Abigail BuchheitGeneral Dynamics Information Technology
Abigail Durkindepaul lawabigail durkin
Abigail GobenSelf
Abigail LengNorthwestern University
Abigail SmithNoneSelf
Abigail WelschChimera Ensemble
Abigail WelschNone
Abraham LevitanNoneSelf
Adam CookNoneself
Adam Devlin-BrownSelfSelf
Adam DittmanNa
Adam DoddsMcKenna Storer
Adam FreemanNA
Adam JamesPersonal
Adam LevineNone
Adam McDowellStern's Books
Adam PageOn half of self
Adam PerschbacherMr.Self
Adam Ramon GallegosLa Colombe Torrefaction
adam runkleSelf
Adam SloanNAMyself
Adam SteinbergNone
Adam ThompsonSelf
Adam Van BriesenThe Nine
Adam Yurkewicznoneself
Adana SaucedoSelf
Adani SanchezChampaign County Health Care ConsumersHealth and Human Services
Adele MorrisonSelfSelf
Adelheid Mersnot applicable
Aden Kumlerselfself
Adena RoseNoneNone
Adena WilsonSelf
Adi PotashnickNA
Adithi ChandrashekarSelf
Adora rangelSelf
Adrian Agrestanone
Adriana GabrielNoneSelf
Adriana Aguilera PerezNAWomen
Adriana GabrielNoneSelf
Adriana GabrielNoneSelf
Adriana Mourgelasnone
Adrianne BurgherSelf
Adrianne OldhamSelf employed
Adrienne DohertyMs.
Adrienne GallagherResident
Adrienne KuSelfSelf
Adrienne PollitzNone
Adrienne ValentinoSt. Joseph Schoolwomen in Illinois
Adrienne WassellSelf
Aidan MilsteadNone
Aiko Kojima HibinoNoneself
Ailea StitesUniversity of ChicagoSelf
Aileen KimSelfPersonal PAC Future Voices Council
Aimee buzzardSelf
Aimee hallNa
Aimee HartiganHartigan
Aimee SchaeferMyselfSelf
Aimee SkinnerSkinner SolutionsSelf
Aisha EllisNA
Al Estocknonenone
Alan CanfieldSelf
Alan GoldbergRetired
Alan MedskerNoneSelf
Alan MillsUptown People's Law CenterUptown People's Law Center
Alana DeitchPrivate Citizen
Alane EpsteinMrs.self
Alanna RogersSelf-employed
Alden BurkeSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago
Aleksandra PravdicNA
Aleksandra Walkerself
Alesha RomatierselfSelf
Alesia GustafsonNoneSelf
Alessandra HirschUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Alessandra StevensMujeres Latinas en Accion
Alessandra StevensMujeres Latinas en Accion - Chicago, ILMujeres Latinas en Accion
Alessandro Quargnali-LinsleySociete Generale
Alex AufmannNoneSelf
Alex Auseonselfself
Alex BlissUniversity of Denver
Alex Caskiehome
Alex KayneE91
Alex Mariscalon behalf of selfself
Alex MorrisonNA
Alex Olesnone
Alex OnionNAMyself
Alex R TempleNorthwestern University
Alex RichmondAdler Planetarium
Alex UnderwoodSelf
Alexa BulzoniNone
Alexander Beannot applicable
Alexander ChengCardboard Dynamo
Alexander GouldPersonalnone
Alexander GuddingNoneNone
Alexander HonnetiO Chicago
Alexander J BergeNot Applicable
Alexander J JackiwITS Technologies and Logistics llc
Alexander KnappNorthShore University HealthSystem
Alexander Koppelnone
Alexander LaRueNone
Alexander ThalerUS DoE
Alexander VanAttaSelfAlexander VanAtta
Alexander WaymanSelf
Alexandra AlgieEN Engineering
Alexandra AppelbaumSelfSelf
Alexandra AsrowPrivate constituentOn behalf of self
Alexandra BeckerRush University Medical CenterSelf
Alexandra BlockNone
Alexandra ClarkSelfSelf
Alexandra DaltonNoneSelf
Alexandra DuchekSelf
Alexandra GilewiczSelf
Alexandra GoodmanSelf
Alexandra GraceNA
Alexandra KatichNoneSelf
Alexandra KuminNONESELF
Alexandra LightIllinois Action Committee for Change
Alexandra M KruzelMarket Strategy Group
Alexandra MandlSelfSelf
Alexandra MandlSelfSelf
Alexandra MatthewsUniversity of Chicago
Alexandra RamirezHome Care Solutions
Alexandra RanieriSelfSelf
Alexandra RiedlSelfSelf
Alexandra RitsonSelf
Alexandra RoffmanCabrini Green Legal AidMyself
Alexandra rossNoneAlexandra ross
Alexandra SandinSelf
Alexandra SchallerWinston & Strawn LLP
Alexandra ThomasNone
Alexandra TipeiPrivate citizen
Alexandra TosiWild Flour Baking Co
Alexandra WisemanNoneSelf
Alexandra Woodcocksomewhere
Alexandra ZamirowskiMcKenna Storer
Alexandrea MurphyUnited Way of Metropolitan Chicago
Alexandria FrenkelSelfSelf
Alexandria JohnsonNorthwestern University
Alexis Cohen-PenaResident of Illinois
Alexis GldstoneNANA
Alexis KamenskyNoneSelf
Alexis M JakobsonSelf-employedSelf
Alexis Maxwell1985
Alexis McCarthyNone
Alexis MerydithSelfSelf
Alexis NalleyUniversity of Chicago
Alexis NeisserSelfself
Alexis ReedJenner & Block
Alexis YablonSelf Employed
Ali AschmanIndependent Artist
Ali Lander-ShindlerFreelance
Ali NagibSelf
Alia PoulosIndividual
Alice CoyneEdelman
Alice DobrinskyFreelance
Alice Hodgson GordonSelf employedSelf
alice lucasNone
Alice MartinNaAlice Martin
Alice PerlinNone
Alice Schreyernoneself
Alice TothSelfSelf
Alice TyboutIndividual
Alice W TrimmerRetired teacher
Alicia BellarA. Bellar Inc
Alicia davis60302
Alicia EricksonUnited Remanufacturing Co
Alicia Henryindividual
Alicia LauhonTaste Life
Alicia LauhonTaste Life
Alicia PerlaIndividual
Alicia Rileyselfself
Alicia TegtNoneSelf
Alicia Timmselfself
Alie StansburyPersonal
Alina CastagnaNA
Alina ChuConcerned Citizen
Alina FridbergCardinal Health Senior Medical Writer
Alina Oganesovana
Alina SimonNone
Alina ViolaSelfSelf
Alisa ShethNone
Alisa Castillonone
Alisa dePedroOn behalf of selfSelf
Alisa PrantnerNonprofit Healthcare Organization
Alisa RosenthalOld Town School of Folk Music
Alisha FabbiNannyAlisha Fabbi
Alisha PhillipsLUMC
Alisha wrightNone
Alison Ball MankowskiLive Oak, LLC
Alison Boschert-DownsSelf
Alison ByrnesNoneSelf
Alison F Hunternone
Alison FisherPersonal
Alison HafnerNoneSelf
Alison HirshornIndividual
Alison HodinaDistrict 87
Alison KellyChicago Symphony Chorus
Alison KellyChicago Symphony Chorus
Alison LambertNA
Alison LupelNone
Alison M HecimovichSelfSelf
Alison MillerSelfSelf
Alison OlsenNone
Alison ShapiroSelf
Alison ShaySelf
Alison Stricklerselfself
Alison Trueself
Alison TwiteSelfSelf
Alison Vernonself
Alissa GreenSelfNa
Alissa JohnsonNone
Alix StrunkMmhpc
Aliza KaliskiSelfSelf
Allen DuarteSelfSelf
Allen Reinnoneself
Allie KoolbeckNa
Allison Ashleynone
Allison BarrancoSelf
Allison BattnoneMyself and my family
Allison BennettNot applicableSelf
Allison CarvalhoMario Tricoci Hair Salon
Allison CowettFamily Planning Associates Medical Group
Allison Crouchernonenone
Allison DanesSelfSelf
Allison FakhourySelfSelf
Allison FaySelfself
Allison FeingoldSelf
Allison HarnedSelfSelf
Allison KaplanNone
Allison KuopusSelfSelf
Allison LevitonHealthclx
Allison ManleyMyself
Allison McCaffreyPrivate Citizen
Allison MortlandNone
Allison OrtliebAction for Tomorrow
Allison OsborneThe Dover Group
Allison PaparaBarbershop
Allison R SpellmanMyselfACLU of Illinois
Allison RadkaySelfSelf
Allison RenoSelf
Allison robbinsN
Allison Roynoneself
Allison SaludCIOX Health
Allison ScheinAllison ScheinDevelopment disabled, those with compassion and an understanding of those who are different than others.
Allison SchererNoneSelf
Allison ShackelfordNA
Allison SmithChicago-Kent College of Law
Allison SokolowskiSelf
Allison StephanSelfSelf
Allison TaylorSelf
Allison ThornsberryNot applicableNot applicable
Allison WadeSelf
Allison Zideknoneself
Allyson AbelmanAJ Abelman Photography
Allyson BehmSelf
Allyson DykhuizenNone
Alma VelikyNot Applicable
Althea Christensennone
Alyse KetchamLoyola University Chicago
Alyson MannNoneSelf
Alyson NelsonSelf
Alyssa AmedeiAmerican Bar Association
Alyssa AvedonSelfSelf
Alyssa C ParsonsUniversity of IllinoisSelf
Alyssa D OrtegaNOW
Alyssa IovinelliElmhurst College
Alyssa KearneyNASelf
Alyssa KnobelCity of Highland Park
Alyssa LatalaAm Shalom
Alyssa MezaWomen's Health Advocate
Alyssa NewswangerAVN Creative Law
Alyssa NickowIndependent
Alyssa OpltNoneSelf
Alyssa WhiteSelfSelf
Alyssandra Jaquithselfself
Alyx PattisonSelf
Amanda AntholtSelf
Amanda BakerWashington University School of Medicine
Amanda BurgDeKalb County
Amanda CannSelf
Amanda ChausseySelfSelf
Amanda DagostinoPersonal
Amanda Dykema-Engblade76
Amanda FierroSelfSelf
Amanda FisherNone
Amanda FriedemanSelfSelf
Amanda GuerreroTalution Group
Amanda HajakianNorthwestern Medicine
Amanda hasseltineSelfSelf
Amanda HensleySelf
Amanda Heuermannnoneself
Amanda JacobowskiNA
Amanda Jenkinsself
Amanda KarkulaSelf
Amanda KimSelf
Amanda L Copelandself
Amanda L Copelandselfself
Amanda Larkinself
Amanda LittauerNIU
Amanda LorenzPsychologistAve
Amanda M CohenFine Point Productions
Amanda MartennoneSelf
Amanda MartiAction for a Better Tomorrow
Amanda MartinezNa
Amanda MarxCitizenAmanda Marx and household
Amanda MatthewsNot Applicable
Amanda McClintocknoneAmanda McClintock
Amanda MichelonSelf
Amanda MitchellNA
Amanda MorrisnoneSelf
Amanda MulcahyAmanda MulcahyConcerned Uterus
Amanda Newmannonemyself
Amanda Nugentmrs.
Amanda PalazzopersonalAmanda Palazzo
Amanda PuchalskiNoneSelf
Amanda PurkeypileIndividual
Amanda RaffertySelfSelf
Amanda RageOn behalf of selfSelf
Amanda ReCupidoNot applicable
Amanda RegnierSelfSelf
Amanda RobertsSelf
Amanda RobertsonNA
Amanda Roudebush NelsonSelfSelf
Amanda Scampini-HansingIndividual
Amanda SchackartKaren muchin rosenman
Amanda SpanheimerTimberline Knolls
Amanda Summersna
Amanda TozerSelfSelf
Amanda wileyPersonal
Amanda WilkinSelfSelf
Amanda Wingard-PhillipsNA
Amanda WolfmanHonigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
Amanda WoodSelfSelf
Amanda YeagerSelfSelf
Amanda Ziemannself
Amber BourqueNoneNone
Amber GallmanNA
Amber Gribbenself
Amber Kessler Freerselfself
Amber KieferNone
Amber L UskaliPrivate Citizen
Amber LockwoodSelf
Amber McKown-Finkenselfself
Amber MooreNoneSelf
Amber SmithNone
Amber WhiteInsight
Amber WoodMyself and fellow women
Amelia BrunskillNa
Amelia EstrichNot applicable
Amie BarrishSelf
Amiee MonteroNA
Amina SaeedLaw Office of Amina Saeed
Amir Wegself
Amishi Murthyselfself
Amy AbramsonSelfSelf
Amy Alyse KellSelfSelf
Amy Andoself
Amy BashitiIllinois Housing Development Authority
Amy BasqueNAMyself
Amy BeatonSelf
Amy BilskiSelfSelf
Amy birtmanSelfSelf
Amy Buckinghamstudent
Amy BuczkoSelf
Amy CarrWestern Illinois University
Amy ChildersAmy Childers
Amy Clay-MooreNone
Amy Coffman PhillipsAction for a Better Tomorrow
Amy CorneliusMyself
Amy CrowleySelfSelf
Amy CrumpHomewood Public Library DistrictHomewood Public Library District
Amy Davisself
Amy de la Fuentenone
Amy DeanSelf
Amy DeFalcononeSelf
Amy DisabatoSelf
Amy Dordek DolinskyGrowthPlay
Amy Drescher-CrumpleyNoneSelf
Amy DubinskyNone
Amy Dunnselfself
Amy E HarmonSelfSelf
Amy E LabbErikson Institute
Amy Fox Michalsself
Amy FrankelSelfSelf
Amy Glovernone
Amy GordonMcDermott Will & Emery
Amy GuestIndividual
Amy HaffnerSelfSelf
Amy HandNone
Amy Hansmannnonenone
Amy HansonIllinois Citizen
Amy HarrisPlan A
Amy HassingerSelf-Employed
Amy HeggemeyerNONE
Amy HeimSelfSelf
Amy HerzogNorth Shore College Consulting
amy homernone
Amy HonchellSAIC
Amy Inglesnana
Amy J BlumenthalOakton Community College
Amy JP AnesiNA
Amy K ReedSelfSelf.
amy kaplanBlack Dog Promotion
Amy KaratzSelf
Amy Kellermyself
Amy KelleySelfSelf
Amy Kienow PaychekNaNA
Amy KoplowSelf
Amy Levinself
Amy LipmanSelf
Amy lynamNa
Amy McMillanprivate citizen
Amy MedlinMutual Ground
Amy Memis-FolerSelfSelf
Amy MichelonPersonal pacPersonal PAC supporter
Amy MilliganFamily Shelter Service
Amy MinickNot Applicable
Amy MondayNAMyself
Amy Moor GaylordSelfSelf
Amy patentSelf
Amy PrechelCitizen
Amy R CarriganWestern Illinois University
Amy RathIllinois Citizen
Amy ReederNone
Amy RenzulliNA
Amy RicheyGalatia School
Amy RoseRetired
Amy Rosennone
Amy RosenthalnaMyself
Amy RoyceNA
Amy RussellPhoenix Rising ChicagoPhoenix Rising chicago
Amy S ParkerNone
Amy Sandquistself
Amy ScheidermanPrivate CItizen
Amy SchlesingerSelfSelf
Amy SmallSelf employed
Amy Smithnone
Amy SmithOn behalf of self
Amy SoprychSelf
Amy Soprychselfself
Amy SquiresAmy Squires
Amy SwibelNA
Amy TelismanNA
Amy ThompsonSelf
Amy TragerNA
Amy WeissNorthwestern Pritzker School of LawSelf
Amy WhartonSelfSelf
Amy Wilkinsonon behlf of selfself
Amy WillenSelfSelf
Amy williamsonSelfSelf
Amy WolfeNonePeople
Amy WolffSelfSelf
Amy WozniakNoneSelf
Ana BakasIllinois Resident
Ana Colleen BarbusNot providedAna Colleen Barbus
Ana JaySelfSelf
Ana PalmerSelfSelf
Ana Ruizself
Ana StocklerNone
Anagha SundararajanSelf
Anamaria HernandezOn behalf of selfSelf
Anand RaoMatrika Designs
Anastasia BeirigerUniversity of Chicago
Anastasia BrownNANA
Anastasia DeMaioBraintree
Anastasia HallabSelfself
Andi KenneySelf-employed
Andi TonisSelfSelf
Andrea BaconPersonal
Andrea BartosikMuseum of Contemporary Art
Andrea BauerNA
Andrea BeggsNone
Andrea bianchiCassiday schade
Andrea Chaitin-RichardsNoneSelf
Andrea EichhornACLU
Andrea FriedmanNANA
Andrea FriedmannSelf
Andrea Garlandnone
Andrea HartCity BureauIndividual
Andrea HerrmannNA
Andrea hesserNa
Andrea JuracekSelf
Andrea KitamuraKitty Curated
Andrea KramerHome
Andrea KruegerCDH
Andrea Lancer.
Andrea LangSelf
Andrea LiebermanSelf
Andrea Lofgrenself
Andrea MadlandNa
Andrea MalitzSelfAndrea Malitz
Andrea Mandalresponsible citizen
Andrea MannSelf
Andrea MarkowiczIndividual
Andrea MitchellNAAndrea Mitchell
Andrea Muckley60647
Andrea NestorNoneSelf
Andrea Pauls BackmanIndividual
Andrea RhodesSelf
Andrea RubensteinEquinox
Andrea ScardinaParkland College
Andrea SolomonSelfSelf
Andrea TentnerSelf
Andrea TolzmannCitizenSelf
Andrea WestrichSelfSelf
AndrewThe Second City
Andrew CookMyselfAndrew Cook
Andrew Flanagan430-13-6562
Andrew Freelsselfself
Andrew GraceNA
Andrew HaalaNAPersonal
Andrew HarriganSelf
Andrew HeymanNone
Andrew HollanderNANA
Andrew KasprzyckiNoneSelf
Andrew Katznone
Andrew KudlaSelf
Andrew RichardsonSelf
Andrew RostanWriter
Andrew SyNot Applicable
Andrew WhiteNone
Andrew WolksteinConsulting
Andrew WoodNANA
Andria Crawford-WhiteheadSelf
Andy HarperSouthern Illinois University CarbondaleAndy Harper
Andy NelsonOn behalf of selfSelf
Aneta KrzywoszNorton Norris
Angalia BiancaCeaseFire Cure Violence
Angel KrullNone
Angela BalukNoneSelf
Angela BertelsmanSelf
Angela CristoSelfSelf
Angela Dumasnone
Angela EnosNoneSelf
Angela FeganSelfSelf
Angela Floramo1990
Angela GutmanNoneSelf
Angela K Robertsonself
Angela KhoshnoudSelf
Angela LangIndividual
Angela LaVistaPublic Citizen
Angela LeeAngela Lee
Angela Macdonaldselfself
Angela Maffeoself
Angela MaycockSelfSelf
Angela MooreSelfSelf
Angela NaylorSelfSelf
Angela NeylonNA
Angela Ngindividual
Angela NicholsNA
Angela NovakIndependent
Angela PAIKSelf
angela santiagoNA
angela santiagoNA
Angela SchnepfLAI
Angela ShargoSelfSelf
Angela ThomasThomas PhotographicAngela Thomas
Angela Watersnone
Angela WilsonSelf
Angelica MaganaNA
Angelina GrimaSteps Dance Center
Angelina K HuntshaNA
Angelina RossiX
Angeline KonstantarasNone
Angie DoddNoneSelf
Anita Brownindividual
Anita Denes-Meadorna
Anita FriesSelf
Anita Gallonbc
Anita MandellODM Consulting
Anita Mechleron behalf of seltself
Anita SzostakNone
Anjum SiddiquinoneSelf
Anjum Siddiquinoneself
Ann ArellanoSelfSelf
Ann Battenfieldnone
Ann BerendsNone
Ann Bergeronfreelance graphic designer
Ann Bolanselfself
Ann Christophersenretired
Ann Darntonself-employed
Ann GemmelNoneSelf
Ann GreensteinNonenone
Ann HeltNone
Ann Hilton FisherAnn Hilton Fisher
Ann Hintzmanindependent citizen
Ann HolmanNoneSelf
Ann HostHost Communicationsself
Ann Hudsonnoneself
Ann Kaplan-PerkinsMyself
Ann KavanaghSelfSelf
Ann KieslingResident
Ann KopecSelfSelf
Ann KosinskiNoneNone
Ann KurtNoneSelf
Ann LarsonMs.
Ann LawrenceIndividual
Ann Leslie JonesSelf
Ann LubanNoneSelf
Ann ManikasIndependent
Ann Marie SaternusAnn Marie Saternus P.C.
Ann MoroneyJohnson Research Group, Inc.
Ann P LeedsSelf
Ann Sandersnoneself
Ann Scholhamernone
Ann SheppardSIUE SIUC Phi Alpha ThetaSIUE SIUC Phi Alpha Theta
Ann Soutterselfself
Ann TreadwellGeometry Global
Ann TylerSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago
Ann WheelerNA
Ann ZillnerSelf
Anna AmatoLGIMA
Anna Barnesindividual
Anna BramfeldSelf
Anna Brownselfself
Anna carvlinSelf
Anna ChalfinUniversity of Chicago
Anna ChalfinUniversity of Chicago
Anna Chiaretta LavatelliCity of ChicagoAnna Chiaretta Lavatelli
Anna DonnellIndependent
Anna Downs-TempleSelfNot applicable
Anna FaberSelfself
Anna FinkeNA
Anna GaczolSelfSelf
Anna HaNA
Anna JohnsonCitizen
Anna KendallNot applicable
Anna KornbluhUniversity of Illinois
Anna KoutoupisOn behalf of selfSelf
Anna M BeckerNone
Anna M MarshallNone
Anna McKenneySelfSelf
Anna MortSelf
Anna ONeilNA
Anna P Drechslernone
Anna PaulSelf
Anna Sedernot applicable
Anna SeidmanHighland Park High School
Anna ShneydermanSelf
Anna SipkovskyMilliman
Anna Speicherself-employed
Anna ThomasMs.Self
Anna TomanNoneSelf
Anna VanDeKerchoveself-self
Anna Weiss-PfauSelfSelf
Anna Y SheehanJones college prep
Anna-Marie Rudekselfself
Annabel ArmourSelfself
Annaka OlsenAnnaka Olsen Designprivate constituent
Annalese DupreySELFSELF
Annaliisa AhlmanNone
Annalise BeckerCSG Government Solutions
Anne BaileyWomenself
Anne CauleyCreative Partners
Anne CloseTruman College
Anne Downesselfself
Anne EllisonNone
Anne Engelhardtselfself
Anne FeherselfSelf
Anne FlavinMyself
Anne GernadySelfSelf
Anne GlazaResident of Illinois, Citizen of the United States
Anne GruettnerPublic High School Teacher
Anne HobbsSELF
Anne JamiesonNA
Anne KennettMoyer Associates
Anne Kirknerself
Anne KnaflUniversity of Chicago
Anne KolesnikoffNA
Anne Ladkyself
Anne Layne-FarrarIndividual voter
Anne LombaerPersonal
Anne Marie StickselNA
Anne MarinacciEducation
Anne McDonnellNone
Anne McNamee-KeelsSelf
anne nerudanana
Anne OlsonNA
Anne Panekselfself
Anne RavenKatten Muchin Rosenman LLP
Anne RodasWilmette SD39
Anne RoseanResident of IllinoisSelf
Anne RossiterJourneyCare
Anne Ruhlselfself
Anne ScheetzSelfSelf
Anne Slaughter-
Anne smartSmart resouces
Anne StolarCarol Wolk Interiors
Anne VolzNone
Anne VulpasNoneSelf
Anne WaalaSelfSelf
anne wagnerNova Storia
Anne WhiteMs.Self
Anne WickNone
Anne WinslowNA
Anne WiseSelfSelf
Anne Woznicanone
Anneliese KranzSelfSelf
Annette BjorlingAnnette Bjorling
Annette KossifologosNA
Annie Brodskynone
Annie FillowNoneSelf
Annie GardnerIndividual
Annie RosenNaSelf
Annmarie DanesSelf
Anoush Bargamianself-employed
anthonySelf employed
Anthony Bianchiself
Anthony DonatelliSELfSelf
Anthony M ZahnleNoneSelf
Anthony PellegrinoNA
Antoinette LefkowSelfSelf
Antoinette M GerringEnergy BBDO
Antoinette VellaRetired
Antonia Davisonselfself
Antonia GustaitisSelf
Antonino FioreNoneSelf
Anya Komparemyselfmyself
April AyersIllinois resident
APRIL K BRAZELLPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
April MigelNoneSelf
April NewmanSelfSelf
April ThomasApril Thomas
Aria DegillioNorthwestern University
Ariel Barbickcitizen
Ariel Barbickcitizen
Ariel DerringerNorthwestern Memorial
Ariel K GainesSelfSelf
Ariel Leiferselfself
Ariel Rosennoneself
Ariel SchwartzNone
Ariela HousmanNot Applicable
Arielle Gottliebnoneself (Arielle Gottlieb)
Arielle ShankerHIREOLOGY
Arissa Koinesselfself
Arjun AryaStudent
Arla SilversteinPersonal PAC
Arleen Campionmrs
Arlen Mollerselfself
Arlene JohnsonNone
Arlene Sagannoneself
Arna YastrowYastrow and Companyself
Arnette A KingSuccessful Independent NetworkArnette A. King
Arnold JoubertNoneSelf
Aron SilvertonNoneNone
Art Guntherselfself
Arti Walker-Peddakotlanoneself
Arturo CacayuranSelf
Ashlee Wells4th Trimester Bodies Project
Ashleigh Davidself
Ashleigh EdwardsCatering
Ashley MarineSelfSelf
Ashley AbrahamNA
Ashley BrothertonChicago NOW
Ashley BryanSelfmyself
Ashley coxNone
Ashley DanielsSelf
Ashley De La PazNone
Ashley EikenberryLove Warrior United 62703
Ashley FoxSelf
Ashley Frettholdself
Ashley GarrenNA
Ashley GirardGrange Hall Burger Bar
Ashley HietpasSelf
Ashley JoyceEuromonitor International
Ashley KammrathSelfSelf
Ashley Kearneynoneself
Ashley KennedyNoneNone, self
Ashley LanfairSelfSelf
Ashley LittleSelfSelf
Ashley Lundgrenselfself
Ashley LyonsUniversity of Chicago
Ashley McintyreNone
Ashley RaynerNone
Ashley Riley.
Ashley SlupskiAIDS Foundation of Chicago
ashley sunleyself
Ashley UrismanNone
Ashley VickeryNot applicable
Ashley WalterSelfSelf
Ashley-Marie Hicks Quijanononeself
Ashlyn Gorlinna
Ashlyn KeefeENOVA
Ashton J McLean-HallSELF
Athina AngelSelfSelf
Aubrey ReidNone
Audra WhittonDreams of Avalon Productions
Audree Hallhome
Audrey FrancisBlack Box Acting
Audrey KellyOn behalf of selfSelf
Audrey Lind LessingerWhite Oak GroupAudrey Lind Lessinger
Audrey PhillipsSelfSelf
Audrey Plankselfself
Audrey SchiffhaueriO Chicago
Audrey ToddBlack and pink chicago
Augustus SpelmanFreelancer
Aurelija FitzpatrickMarilyn Longwell & Associates
Austin GoinsSelfSelf
Autumn BartonMyself
Autumn BozzaStay at home motherAutumn Bozza
Autumn BurggraffNot Applicable
Autumn NeubertMemorial Behavioral Health
Aviva Katzmanself
Avraham AllenGolan Christie Taglia
Ayrie MooreNone
Aziz HuqSelfSelf
B CrispSelf
B-L PellicoreDivurgent
Babette P SalusConstituent
Bailey HughesSelfSelf
Bailey Jane SkrockiSelfSelf
Bao DangApolloMD
Barb Andersonna
Barb SandersSelf
Barbara BrownNone
Barbara ODellNoneself
Barbara A LannonNone
Barbara Ann MeisingernoneSelf
Barbara Bluhm-KaulNot Applicable
Barbara ChiprinNa
Barbara CiurejBarbara Ciurej Design
Barbara CushingNorthwestern University
barbara duttonself
Barbara Elaine Ifshinselfself
Barbara F Shermanselfself
Barbara FerenczNone
Barbara G NovakSelf employed
Barbara HagueSelfSelf
Barbara HeskettBarbara HeskettSelf
Barbara Kesslernone
Barbara Kesslerretired
Barbara KnoffRetiredSelf
Barbara KoenenBarbara Koenen
Barbara Levy KipperRetired
Barbara Lonergancitizen
Barbara M StonePersonal Pac
Barbara MetricSelfSelf
Barbara NurmiNoneSelf
Barbara PerlmanSelf
Barbara PowellSelf
Barbara PowellSelfSelf
barbara r molineretired
Barbara ReynoldsRetiredPersonal Pac
Barbara SchechtmanNone
Barbara ShwomSelf
Barbara SirmarcoSelfSelf
Barbara SlivnickCHCA
Barbara SolheimWilliam Rainey Harper College
Barbara Suttonself
Barbara ToneySelf
Barbara woodburyindividual
Barbee BancroftCPP Associates
bari fradinPERSONAL PAC
Barrett Winstonself
Barrie HinmanNONE
Baylee MatisonNoneSelf
Beata Iwanickana
Beatrice MalskyUniversity of Chicago Biological Sciences Division
Beatriz Medina Psy Dselfself
Becki SellersNA
Becki Utigardnone
Becky brofmanBeyer brofman design
Becky EjupiSelf-employed
Becky LangSelf
Becky MarshallNaSelf
Becky SchedinSelf
Belem MondragonSelf
Belen AquinoSelfSelf
Belle Staurowskybusiness ownerSelf
Ben BascomNONE
Ben DavidsonNot
ben santosaccess living
Benita Ulisanoselfself
Benjamin A Altshulerselfself
Benjamin DeBerryIndividual
Benjamin FalkNA
Benjamin Goldennoneself
Benjamin JacobsSelfSelf
Benjamin P BrownDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of ChicagoSelf
Benjamin SmolinskiKnox College
Benjamin TaylorSelf employed
Bernadette DvorscakRetired
Bernard BalbotSelfSelf
Bernard RivkinRetiredSelf
Bernice manSelf
Beth AllemanSelf
Beth Ann BeasleyIndividual
Beth Ann MickowEmployed
Beth Ann SamraNTP Wireless
Beth Ann Tibbals-BensonKatten Muchin Rosenman LLPBeth Tibbals-Benson
Beth BerendsenIllinois Choice Action TeamIllinois Choice Action Team
Beth CrankPersonal Pac
Beth DavisAsurion
Beth Di LeoneNone
Beth DoughertySelfSelf
Beth Footlikselfself
Beth funknone
Beth Gordonself
Beth HorwitzCitizen
Beth L ParenticeSelf-employed
Beth Martell.
Beth MayJoliet Township Government
Beth MontagueSelfSelf
Beth NajbergNCJW Chicago North Shore
Beth OldermanOlderman Household
Beth ParrottNone
Beth PetrielliNoneSelf
Beth RaineySelf
Beth RichterSelfSelf
Beth RooneySelf
Beth Sanzenbacherteacher
Beth SchwanekeSelfSelf
Beth SherwoodUniversity of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital
Beth SolomonBsolom Inc.
Beth WeimerNA
Bethaney LaFaveNot Applicable
Bethanie BerubeNA
Bethany Beynonenone
Bethany BurbridgeA Woman's BusinessWomen
Bethany HilbertNone
Bethany NgoNA
Bethany Pagels-MinorNone
Bethany ParnellSelfSelf
Bethany ShoreCitizen
Bethany WhiteIndividual Illinois Citizen
Betsy Carlsonprivate citizen
Betsy GeiselmanCarbondale Community High School
Betsy KattenAttorney
Betsy Lehman Levisaynone
Betsy OrtolanoCitizen
Betsy PilmerSelf
Betsy RossNorthbrook School District 28
Betsy VoylesFitGolf
Betty FlammNA
Betty Virginia HolcombselfBetty Virginia Holcomb
Bev SleepSelf
Beverley BeckerBecker Ventures
Beverly CopelandGlass Focus
Beverly KehrRon Kehr Co.
Beverly NykielNone
Bianca BirdPrivate citizen
Bill BeckerSelf
Bill Haddadselfself
Bill MolloyOn behalf of selfSelf
Billie BrannanNoneSelf
billie rosmannone
Bindu AlexanderNot Applicable
Blair BarbourSelf
Blair EckmanNoneSelf
Blair Jaffe KleinIndividual voter
Blaire deckerbeata bukowski
Blaise BornhorstUniversity of Illinois
Blake Dalzinselfself
Blake KelleyNone
Bliss Hansennone
Bobbi KnappSouthern Illinois University
Bonita FoxBonita Fox Massage Therapy
Bonni NalleySoul in the world
bonnie blocknana
Bonnie BuehlerNONE
Bonnie ChoySelfSelf
Bonnie FeinermanRick Cooper Music
Bonnie Fry Rothmanself-employedBonnie Fry Rothman
Bonnie Jordannoneself
Bonnie Kovenself
Bonnie MervisSelf employed
Bonnie ProkopowiczNot applicableBonnie L. Prokopowicz
Bonnie StezSelf
Bonnie WillisHarmony Mind-Body Fitness
Bonnie WilsonRealtor
Brad DalrympleNoneself
Brad SayersStantec Consulting Services
Brady ManciniNoneSelf
Brandi ArgentarPersonal
Brandon BordenkircherAirbnb
Brandon WardellSelf
Brandy Jonesprivate citizen
Brandy KochWight and Company
Brandy PawlakNo business or agency
Brandyn DeCeccoselfself
Breahan PautschSelfself
Breanne GarmanSelfBreanne Garman
Breanne PrindevilleIndividual
Brecken Cutlerselfnone
Brenda BrineyBrenda Briney Accounting
Brenda CzayaMyselfMyself
brenda gruseckiB Grusecki
Brenda L Janishself
Brenda MercerJLL
Brenda OniaSelfSelf
Brenda RaebelACLU OF ILSelf
Brenda RaebelNone
Brenda TeruelSelfBrenda Teruel
Brendan HuttNone
Brenna OBrienNAMyself
Brenna OBrienNAMyself
Brenna OBrienNAMyself
Brenna Sluiterna
Brent CarterIndividual
Brent WagnerFeral Corp.
Brett SaundersNANA
Bri OReillySelf
Brian Armstrongnone
Brian BohrSelf Employed
Brian BonenbergerSelfSelf
Brian BurgessMy-Self IncBrian Burgess
Brian ChappSelfSelf
Brian ChristensenNA
Brian DonlinNone
Brian Doyleselfself
Brian GoldSelfSelf
Brian Heiseself
Brian HollSelf
Brian James SolemAIDS Foundation of Chicago
Brian KolvanoneSelf
Brian LipinskiSelfSelf
Brian LubinskyNone
Brian MikesSelf
Brian MitchellNone
Brian PaladieNA
Brian RohrNONE
Brian SchwartzSelf
Brian Slomenone
Brian Waltersfoo bar
Briana AugustineSelf
Brianna OldenburgStudent
Brianne Duncan FioreNoneSelf
Brianne FitzpatrickPaonessa Talent
Bridget AndersonNone
Bridget BolandModern muse
Bridget CostinSelfSelf
Bridget DoughertyNA
Bridget GeraghtySelfSelf
Bridget HolzmacherTeacher
Bridget MontgomeryMr.
Bridget ODonnellDavidsonselfself
Bridget Troyon behalf of selfself
Bridget WadeSelf
Brienne CallahanArchivist
Brigid LeahyPlanned Parenthood of IllinoisPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
Brigit StaceyNoneNone
Brigitte Broweindividual
Brita MarrelloSelf
Britni BartikNone
Brittanie kellySelf
Brittany AbramowiczselfSelf
Brittany AlsotSelfSelf
Brittany AskelandNa
Brittany BensonSelf
Brittany Bookbinderna
Brittany FraustoSelfSelf
Brittany HandlerACLU-IL
brittany hayfordThe Resistance Network
Brittany JuliousFreelance
Brittany MillerNational Organzation of Women
Brittany ProbascoNon-Profit
Brittany Riveraself
Brittney BeckhornNone
Brittney MmutleSelf
Brooke Cusmanono business
Brooke Devlin-BrownMyself
Brooke mowerBrooke hummer photography
Brooke N PetersenNA
Bruce CarmanSelfSelf
Bruce TexleySelfSelf
Bryan GoodingOpen Door Health Center
bryana wilsonon behalf of self
Bryce Carlsonnone
Bryn PoultonSelf employedSelf
C PolizziSelfSelf
Caitlin GrohIllinois Attorney General's OfficeIllinois Attorney General's Office
Caitlin AaseSelf
Caitlin AnnatoynIndividualIndividual
Caitlin BarskiHome
Caitlin BriceIndividualSelf
Caitlin Cakorana
Caitlin CW JakshaSelfSelf
Caitlin Giles2 Moms Media
Caitlin GullottoSelfSelf
Caitlin LarkinNoneNone
Caitlin LayneHealth Energy Partners LLC
Caitlin OudingOne Off Hospitality
Caitlin R Lavinself
Caitlin RileySelf
Caitlin RobinsonSelfSelf
Caitlin SchmitzEating Recovery Center
Caitlin Streekyself
Caitlin Thorbahnself
Caitlin ZinsserNA
Caitlyn RoweSelfSelf
Caleb MunnNoneSelf
Callandria SmithConstituent
Callum RossNone
Cambria WilliamsonSelf
Cameron CustardDePaul College of Law
Cameron Grace Estrichmyself
Cameron IsaacsNone
Cameron PettiIndividual Citizen
Cameron RaabNONE
Camilla SteflNiles Township High Schools
Camille Codellself
Camille De FrankLaw Ofice of Camille De Frank
Candace cornerIndividualMyself
Candace NielsenSelfSelf
Candace SinclairNone
Candace Wilmotnone
Candice J HunterNA
Candice Korkisself
candice widerskiself
Candice Wuself-employed
Candida L ODell-SchererHoly covenant united methodist church
Cara BryanSelf
Cara CreagerSelfSelf
Cara DelsonSelfSelf
Cara DonahueNone
Cara J Lindellself
Cara LewisNorthwestern University
Cara Moorenoneself
Cara PinnerSelf
Cara RuffoSelf
Cara Sweetnone
Cara TurnerTurner Broadcasting
Cara V BaiocchiEY
Caren RedishCaren Redish Architectural Design
Caren Van SlykeLearning Unlimited
Caren WaxMedline
Caren YoungNone
Carey FarrellnoSelf
Cari MillerCari Miller
Carina HenryDon't have one
Carina sarbaughSelfSelf
Carine AlfanoSelf
Carl F Gilmoreself
Carl Newman-
Carl SaffSelfSelf
Carla DeSistoprivate citizenself
Carla Womackcitizen
Carleen SchrederLevin Schreder & Carey
Carley PernokasSelf
Carley QuillSelf
CarlieCongregation Sukkat ShalomSelf
CarlieCongregation Sukkat ShalomSelf
Carlie Hansen1999
Carlie KellerColumbia College Chicago
Carly Behmnoneself
Carly Lintonnoneself
Carly WalkerNone
Carmella FaganBrehon Reporting
Carmen Ferradansselfself
Carmen Lisa DeSantiagoWomen everywhere
Carmen MartiRadiator Writing
Carmen SolisSelf
Carol BercosBercos Educational Consulting
carol byrnenoneself
Carol CrandallCrandall Ritzu Architects
carol finneganCitizens Take Action 60091Citizens Take Action 60091
Carol Friedmannone
carol greenCarol Green Studiocarol green-clulow
Carol Hayseself
Carol HillFirst United Methodist Church
Carol HillsbergMrs.
Carol JohnsonretiredIllinois Planned Parenthood
Carol JohnstoneSelf
Carol JonesNoneSelf
Carol Jungmanindividual
Carol KanterSelf
Carol L ConnellCathedral Counseling Center
Carol LindSelf
Carol McCardellself
Carol NordstromSelf
Carol Pencenot applicable
Carol PerhachNone
Carol PottsResident
Carol R ManciniNAMyself
Carol RubinCarol Rubin Consulting
Carol Senderowitzretired
Carol ShukurSelf
Carol Spindelnonenone
Carol StarkCarol StarkMyself
Carol SteinRetired
Carol SteinhauerSelfSelf
Carol TilleySelf
Carol WahlstromNorthern Illinois University
Carole AlboresRetired
Carole BoronPersonal PA
Carole DavenportNot applicablePfarrer KENSINGTON
Carole DelahuntySelf
Carole LevineLevine Partners, LLP
Carole MartzSelfSelf
Carole PuleoSelfSelf
Caroline Adelmanselfself
Caroline BaderSelfSelf
Caroline BaileyNone
Caroline Belliosselfself
Caroline Brandermedical student
Caroline KatzSelf
Caroline Kennedynone
Caroline KenworthySomeoddpilot
Caroline Mallorynoneself
Caroline McAteerConcerned citizen
Caroline NeroResident of Illinois
Caroline OnischakNone
Caroline P AndrewSkokie Citizens for Action
Caroline PalmerPerson
Caroline Passalinoself
Caroline PolliMrs.
Caroline ReidSelfSelf
Caroline StaerkNANA
Caroline W GibbonsChicago Women Take Action
Caroline WinklerCNOW
Carolla AultIndividual
Carollina SongNAself
Carolyn A NadeauIllinois Wesleyan University
Carolyn AbermanPersonal
carolyn bathauerself
Carolyn BergOak Park resident
Carolyn Berlacherself
Carolyn Byerly-Deanselfself
Carolyn ChappleNoneNone
Carolyn Cochran KopelSelf
Carolyn DonarskiCKDesognSelf
Carolyn Dorantself
Carolyn EnglandSelf
Carolyn FerryMs.Self
Carolyn GriskoGrisko LLC
Carolyn H PorcaroNONE
Carolyn Haackretired
Carolyn HarrisNA
Carolyn Holtermannnone
Carolyn JohnsonNASelf
Carolyn L Sloneselfself
Carolyn MoonNone
Carolyn NewmanNone
Carolyn NicastroMyself
Carolyn RechelAdvertising
Carolyn ReinglassSelf
Carolyn SchimplerSelfSelf
Carolyn Shannonnot applicableself
Carolyn ShapiroSelfSelf
Carolyn SmiglaNoneSelf
Carolyn WahlskogSelf
Carolyn WilsonCarolyn Wilson Consulting
Carrie AmayaPublic school district
Carrie CarrNoneCarrie Carr and family
Carrie CodellSelf
Carrie DahlbySelf
Carrie Estradanoneself
Carrie FelixSelf
Carrie FrostSelf
Carrie Goldman SegallCarrie Goldman, Author
Carrie HansenIndivisible Chicago
Carrie HardinNA
Carrie HarringtonNA
Carrie MakSelf
Carrie MarrNone
Carrie MathosSelf
Carrie NewmanNoneSelf
Carrie NewtonNa
Carrie Palmernoneself
Carrie PeinadoNone
Carrie PortNone
Carrie ShonkSelf
Carrie von der SittNot Applicable
CarrieLynn ReinhardDominican University
caryl mizrahipersonal pac
Caryn Caffarelliselfself
Caryn ChadenSelfSelf
Caryn DavidsonAmerican society of plastic surgeons
Caryn FlieglerMyselfMyself
Caryn FlieglerMyselfMyself
Caryn Ledererself
Casey BoblitNone
Casey CameronSelfSelf
Casey DahlingPersonal
Casey ErnstesPlenty ConsultingSelf
Casey Kueltzoselfself
Casey MurphyNA
Casey PeekSelfself
Casey PilkentonIndependent
Casey Reynoldsself
Cassandra BischoffNot applicable
Cassandra DuncanETHS
Cassandra EagerSelfSelf
cassandra gabelself employed
Cassandra GaddoStep Up
Cassandra GortSelfSelf
Cassandra LaMantiaSelf
Cassandra LeibhamNA
Cassandra RiceLeague of Women Voters, National Organization for Womenself, League of Women Voters of Chicago, Chicago National Organization for Women (NOW)
Cassandra ShapiroBanner Collective
Cassaundra Phillips QuickNANA
Cassidy StirtzSelf
Cat IribarneSMI AlcottSelf
Cathaleen RoachSelfSelf
Catherine AboodiO Chicago
catherine ashton60417
Catherine Balintnone
Catherine BulkaNoneNone
Catherine Caporussoself
Catherine Chambers Haskinsretired teacher
Catherine Coxselfself
Catherine DavisSears Holdings
Catherine Detrickna
Catherine DunnAmerican
Catherine ecclestonNone
Catherine GalliganNone
Catherine GreimNAself
Catherine GrimstedSelfSelf
Catherine HandleyNot affiliated
Catherine HargreavesSelf Employed
Catherine Hawke LuongoSelfSelf
Catherine HugginsResidenceMyself
Catherine HumphreysNU
Catherine KallasSELFSelf
Catherine KearnsUniversity
Catherine KiczulaNone
Catherine MardikesUChicago LibrarySelf
catherine mesyefNorthwestern
Catherine MurphyRetired
Catherine NorcottThe Arts of Life, Inc.
Catherine OKeefeNone
Catherine PittelSelf
Catherine RobertsSapientNitro
Catherine RoseSelf
Catherine S Ploetzself
Catherine SchaffSelfSelf
Catherine SchneiderNone
Catherine SchwanSelf
Catherine StanhopeUniversity of Chicago
Catherine TangPrivate
Catherine Van DammeNA
Catherine YoshimuraSelf employed art teacher but active volunteer
Catheryn CurleyCME Group
Cathleen LeMaireNone
Cathryn L MillerMiller Vintage Chicago
Cathy BrombergSelf
Cathy FergusonSelf
Cathy Hermanpsychologist
Cathy KulupkaCollinsville Unit School District 10
Cathy MousseauNot applicable
Cavan DoyleCavan K. Doyle
Cayenne SullivanOn behalf of self
Ceara WoodySelf
Cecilia Ambutasna
Celene Peurye-HissongSelfSelf
Celeste Bonanno3440
Celeste BurnsNAOn behalf of self
Celia BucciNone
Celia RostowSelfSelf.
Celia WeyherSelf
Chad Finkenself
Chai WolfmanSelfSelf
Challin MeinkSelfSelf
Chamille AdamsNoneSelf
Chandani PatelIndividual
Chandani PatelIndividual
Chanon DiCarloUpstaging, Inc
Chantal ChandlerSelf
chantal stilesnoneself
Charis Caputoself
Charity Hainesself
Charlene Haidleyself
Charles Firkeretired
Charles GlandersSelfSelf
Charles HinrichsACLU of Illinois
Charles L HarperNANA
Charles RiffenburgNAMyself
Charles Toney-JonesIndependent Travel Agent for Inteletravel
Charles Vernonself
Charlie Newmannoneself
Charlotte CottierPrivate CitizenCharlotte Cottier
Charlotte GordonSelfSelf
Charlotte PattenSelfSelf
Charlotte S KormendySelf
Charlotte SacksNot availableself
Charlotte ScottUniversity of Chicago
Charyn BeaumontSelf
Chase YeungPay8Fwd
Chaya Sandlerhghjghjgjh
Chelka Posladekn.a.
Chelsea AveryPoetry Foundation
Chelsea DvorchakColumbia College Chicago
Chelsea Keenanselfself
Chelsea LynnSelfSelf
Chelsea M PeckFreelance writer
chelsea rossself
Chelsea ScarnegieSelfSelf
Chelsey Quickindividual
Cheryl A HeinzSelfSelf
Cheryl AxelrodSelf
Cheryl BricenoNoneSelf
Cheryl ChamberlainIndividual
Cheryl Claytonretired
Cheryl ConlonSelfSelf
Cheryl Dorityselfself
Cheryl HornerUnite here health
Cheryl HuberSelfSelf
Cheryl KaplanNone
Cheryl Krafft Meallenoneself
Cheryl Krugel-LeeNoneNone
Cheryl LiningerNoneSelf
Cheryl MooreMyself
Cheryl NewmanRight Start Pediatric Therapies
Cheryl Priceselfself
Cheryl Resnickcitizen
Cheryl ScottSelf
Cheryl SusmanSelf
Cheryl Williamsnone
Chesli NigraNA
Chip ClearyChip Cleary
Chloe Johnstoncitizen
Chloe MicekArc Worldwide
Chloe PedersenSelf
Chris BanaszakOn behalf of selfself
chris barkoozisMr.
chris dieboldNone
Chris Douglassselfself
Chris DoyleAscent
Chris Heisingerna
Chris NaylorSelfSelf
chris popovichNoneself
Chris RhudySelf-employedWomen
Chris ShemmerSelf
Chris Szalkoself
Chris VaughanSequence Consulting, Inc.
Chris WadeNone
Chris Wissmannselfself
Chris ZilisEarth Aroma
Christa GeorgesonNa
Christa Van Ermennoneself
Christea Parentnone
Christen NgCSN Consulting
Christian HaydenSelfSelf
Christiane Rikkenmyselfself
Christiann WiestBCUSD8
Christie KaneNaMyself
Christie LivingstonSelf
Christie VanOchtenNA
Christina A RomanUniversity of Chicago
Christina BestNoneSelf
Christina BrandonSelf
Christina CoulesSelfSelf
Christina FrasikLoyola University ChicagoStudents for Reproductive Justice
Christina GomeSelfSelf
Christina GormanSelf employed
Christina GuariscononeSelf
Christina Hoover MooreheadCTCB
Christina Kakavasself
Christina L GreeleynoneChristina L Greeley
Christina LoranzNone
Christina M KeoppenChicago NOWChicago NOW
Christina Morrisonselfself
Christina MossSelfself
Christina PerezNoneSelf
Christina RiemerNoneSelf
Christina SidiropoulosIndividual
Christina ThodosSelfSelf
Christina Vetterickself
Christina Zurkawiczselfself
Christine HicksSelf
Christine SquiriniNone
Christine A RennerSelf
Christine A StefanoTruven Health Analytics
Christine AdrianCITIZEN
Christine Amstadtnone
Christine BinottiNAChristine Binotti
Christine BlinnAction for a better tomorrow
Christine BookwalterNOW
Christine Bowmanretired
Christine Canfieldself
Christine CaseyISP
Christine Chinone
Christine Collinsself
Christine CookSelfSelf
Christine Demosindividual
Christine DiehlPersonal
Christine Edlen-KorneskiSelf
Christine EspositoSelfSelf
Christine EunSelf
Christine EunSelf
Christine FeeSelfSelf
Christine FracaroNone
Christine GerminoNot Applicable
Christine H PadoSelfSelf
Christine HedlinUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Christine HughesSelfSelf
Christine JohnsonCenter for College Access & Success
Christine KellySelf
Christine KintnerSelf
Christine KlsoinskiSelf
Christine KraftIndependent Voter
Christine M AndersonNone
Christine McGuireIndividual
Christine MontaquilaMontaquila, Inc
Christine MortensenSelf
Christine NovakDHS
Christine Petersonnone
Christine RechnerCitizen
Christine RodriguezNone
christine schirtzingerT2 CoachingChristine and Carl Schirtzinger
Christine StoneSelf
Christine Tyllself
Christine Wallrichnot applicable
Christine WelshSelfSelf
Christopher BarsottiSelf
Christopher CraddockNoneSelf
Christopher DanielsAudit Technology Group
Christopher Evan WhiteSelfSelf
Christopher FullerNAMyself
Christopher Hallself
Christopher Jonesselfself
Christopher Kaiser-Nymanself
Christopher KervickSelfSelf
Christopher KnoperHousing Options
Christopher LieggiIndividual voter
Christopher Louis MinchellaMicor Analytics
Christopher M WeissOn behalf of selfSelf
Christopher MillsGateway foundation
Christopher OdyChristopher Ody
Christopher RiehlmannNoneNone
Christopher shivelySelf-employed
Christopher Sienkoself
Christopher ThomasNot Applicable
Christopher Walshnone
Christy BonstellSecond cityNone
Christy BasemanSelf
Christy Carranoretired
Christy gergesNone
Christy GreenblattTeacher
Christy KierigIndividual
Christy MazzaNoneself
Christy NolandNoneMyself
Christy WaltersdorffYork Center Church of the BrethrenSelf
christyanna wallaceselfself
Cindee BathNA
Cindy Faheyselfself
Cindy HamiltonMs.self
Cindy HamiltonMs.self
Cindy Hamiltonself
Cindy Jo LantzPersonal PAC
Cindy L ParksSelfSelf
Cindy LewisCindy Lewis
Cindy McMullanNASelf
Cindy PlanteSelfSelf
Cindy PullingerRetired
Cindy RomeroAbt
cindy rudmannot applicable
Cindy SammonsLutheran General Hospital
Cindy Twetennot applicable
Cindy WestfallOn behalf of selfSelf
Cinthia LemanLoyola University Chicagonone
Cira ConleyIndividual voter
Citlali OchoaGrad Student
Claire BarnerCenter for Financial Services Innovation
Claire BohmannSelfSelf
Claire DietrichNAMyself
Claire FeeneyIndividual
Claire HaaslDLHEF
Claire Jordanselfself
Claire KeatingOn behalf of self
Claire NighmanShekoy Chemicals US
Claire Podulkaself
Claire ReinhartFreelance Theater Artist
Claire SchusterNA
Claire ShiptonKivvit
Claire SufrinIndividual
Claire ThatcherFriends of the Forest PreserveChicago women
Clara BrubakerNA
Clare Austen-SmithUniversity of Chicago
Clare JonesselfSelf
Clare KaneKraftHeinzMyself
Clare KnipperSel Employed
Clarice OlsonNA
Clarissa sheaSelf
Clarissa YearmanSelf
Claudia Deaton GloverIndividual
Claudia floresNone
Claudia HenaoNot Applicable
claudia mendelsonMPink DesignPersonal PAC
Claudia RyanNone
Claudiu Iontaxpayerself
Clifford Guilbeauhomeowner
Clifford Ken SjordalNa
Cloydia Hill Larimoreselk
Clyde AlpertBriskNET
Cole AnsierNORC
Colette Parknoneself
Colin FaganHousing Forward
Colin ThomasThomas Photographic
Colleen ArturiSelf
Colleen BelakPrivate citizen
Colleen BrennanNo
Colleen CallahanCallahan trading, llc
Colleen ColeySelfSelf
Colleen ColeySelfSelf
Colleen ConnellyCollege
Colleen DaleySelfSelf
Colleen Dealindividual
Colleen DesmondNa
Colleen DobrySelf
Colleen EngleNoneSelf
Colleen GillisNorthwestern memorialWomen everywhere
Colleen HarperOn behalf of selfSelf
Colleen JaggerselfSelf
Colleen KaplanSelfSelf
Colleen MaUIC
Colleen MacDonaldselfself
Colleen McGoeyNone
Colleen OKeeffeSelf
Colleen OrschelnSelf
Colleen PrendergastSelfSelf
Colleen Schmittna
Colleen StockUptake
Colleen VaheyIndividualSelf
Collette ClarkSelf
Collette ClarkSelf
Collette DelcaseCollege of American pathologists
Concerned CitizenAmerican
Connie BurnetFutures Resource ConsultingUS
Connie FritscheUniversity of ChicagoSelf
Connie L Sexton1950
Connie Martindaleself
Connie SpencerMrs.
Connie VerzakNone
Connor Andrew ThummelPrivate ConstituentOn behalf of self
Constance Christianself
Constance KellySelf Enployed Consulting EngineerSelf
Constance LangeSelf
Constance Whitenonenone
Cook County Commissioner John FritcheyCook County Board
Cora Hays-MaganNone
Coral gablePLS
Coreen S ArnoldNone, filing as a personal witness
Corey FriedmanNone
corey hainescoreyhainescorey haines
Cori Dixon FyleSelf
Cori SloanNot ApplicableCori Sloan
Corina SimaSelf
Corinna SchroederSelfSelf and My Daughters
Corinna WeckerleNone
Corinne BanachNONE
Corinne Blum MDIndividual
Corinne Carlson-
Corinne ErnstRoosevelt University
Corinne Sandersdoes not apply
cornelia baileySelfSelf
Cornell BarNone
Corner CregoNa
Corrie Goldbergselfself
Corrin Michudaselfself
Corrine CameroNA
Cory J MalnarickVSA Partners
Courey GruszauskasSelfSelf
Courtenay Savagenone
courtney adamsSelf
Courtney AshenbrennerSelf
Courtney BaldwinSelf
Courtney BiscanChicago NOW
Courtney BudlerSelf
Courtney BurrowsUniversity of Chicago
Courtney Cohenself
Courtney CroftPrivate nanny
Courtney DirksenSelfSelf
Courtney DutterNA
Courtney EverettePersonal PAC
Courtney FerraroSelfSelf
Courtney GrayNorthwestern UniversitySelf
Courtney JacobsonNone
Courtney Kashimanone
Courtney KozeluhCohnRenzick
Courtney KozeluhCohrnRezncik
Courtney KuhnsPresence Mercy Medical Center
Courtney L PoddigSelfSelf
Courtney MatulaSelf-employed
Courtney McCormackSelf
Courtney parkerSelf
Courtney Rioux HubbardNONE
Courtney Scarff-MahaneyHome
Courtney SyskowskiNANA
Courtney Zielinskihughes design
Courtney ZielinskiHughes Design
Craig FassSix Degrees Chicago dba The Bad AppleI
craig schmidton behalf of selfself
Cristina AntonucciState Farm
Cristina BonnerNew Leaders
Cristina MuzzioHB40
Cristine AronsonJB ARTS
Crysta WeitekampNoneCrysta Weitekamp
crystal gonzaleznone
Crystal J BellSelfSelf
Crystal Johnsonnone
Crystal L BenderSelf
Crystal MartinezNA
Crystal SquiresWoodstock School District 200
Crystal SturgeonN
Curtis Anthony BozifNA
Cyndi LopezNone
Cynthia LeungMyself
Cynthia BrotenCRS Designs
Cynthia CantwellAction for a better tomorrow
Cynthia ClohecyNOW
Cynthia D Granprivate citizen
Cynthia Degnannone
Cynthia DimmittSelfNA
Cynthia DvorakU.S. citizen
Cynthia Fecherprivate citizen
Cynthia Folkensselfself
Cynthia FrankosIndividual
Cynthia Gachself
Cynthia GrauAAUW-IL Inc.
Cynthia JagodzinskiCollaborative Solutions Institute
Cynthia Johnsonnone
Cynthia Kaplanhome
Cynthia LevineSelfSelf
Cynthia LintonPrivate citizen
Cynthia LintonPrivate citizen
Cynthia McKendallSelf
Cynthia MuellerNAMYSELF
Cynthia MundellNone
Cynthia Nelson1965Self
Cynthia PlahutaUSPSself
Cynthia PlunkettSelf
Cynthia RussakoffNone
Cynthia sands primeauSelfSelf
Cynthia StevensNoneSelf
Cynthia ThyfaultNoneSelf
Cynthia WilliamsSelfSelf
Cynthia WunderlichSelf
Cynthia XerogianesselfSelf
Daina JauntiransSelfSelf
Daisy Contreras-RojasNone
Daisy DeloguUniversity of Chicago
Dakota ChisholmChicago NOW
Dalia HoffmanSelf
Dallas SparacinSelf
Dan BrockmanRetiredSelf
Dan consiglioAdvertising
Dan DeNealnoneself
Dan GrossNaCitizen
Dan RomainSelf
Dana KellyCitizen
Dana ArtinyanAdvocate Health
Dana BauserOn behalf of selfSelf
Dana Bennett-Tejesprivate citizen
Dana BokorSelf
Dana CartwrightSelf
Dana CaspallnoneNone
Dana DuCasseNA
Dana GalowichSelfSelf
Dana GinsbergNA
Dana gordonPersonal pac
Dana LaCocoCitizen
Dana mandoliniNoneDana Mandolini
Dana McKinneynone
Dana MeskanSelf
Dana MiddendorfNa
Dana Morrison SmykowskiNA
Dana MortensenCNOW
Dana MurphyNone
Dana Nicole BassettACRE
Dana RobeznieksDana RobeznieksDana and Harald Robeznieks
Dana SchneiderPrivate citizenPrivate Citizen
Dana Singermannot applicable
Danette ZingsheimNone
Daniel BrownleeJWT
daniel clancytv production
Daniel DauphinIndependent
Daniel Fogelself
Daniel Follmerself
Daniel FreyAIDS Foundation of ChicagoAIDS Foundation of Chicago
Daniel KelleherNorthwestern University
Daniel LarsonCitizen
Daniel MitchellNoneself
daniel niewoehnerpersonal
daniel niewoehnerpersonal
Daniel OBrienSelfSelf
Daniel RognaPartridge Partners PC
Daniel Ryannoneself
Daniel SchaefferNA
Daniel SchwartzSelf
Daniel SharkeyNASelf
Daniel SmykowskiNANA
Daniel ThomasSelf
Daniela Dolakprivate citizen
Daniela GodinezSelf
Daniela heffernanSelf
Daniela IonSelfSelf
Daniela MahoneyNoneSelf
Danielle CarneyQuiksilver
Danielle DuMererSelf
Danielle EarlsSelfSelf
Danielle Euernoneself
Danielle G Cooleyself
Danielle GaleSelf
Danielle GeracarisDanielle Geracaris
Danielle HallEducational Researcher
Danielle IannarelliNone
Danielle JamilSelfSelf
Danielle JamilSelfSelf
Danielle KossackMyselfSelf
Danielle LazarMs.Self
Danielle LittmanSelf
Danielle Loevyself
Danielle LoveSelfSelf
Danielle Lukowskiselfself
danielle mcmann-griffinSelfSelf
danielle mcmann-griffinSelfSelf
Danielle RobinsonPrivate citizen
Danielle SanderSelf
Danielle ScharfSelf employed
Danielle SobotkaNoneSelf
Danila MirandaNANA
Danny StraussselfSelf
Danuta Panacchianone
Daphna LudwigSelf
Darcey reganSelfSelf
Darcy ArmbrusterNone
Darcy hedrichSelf
Darcy ZaretzkyCics Northtown
Darden CarrRetired
Darek N YongNAself
Darla MussonNoneSelf
Darlene LewandowskiNone
Darlene Osowieccitizen
Darlene Ostrowskinoneself
Darrin Bonecutterself
Darwyn JonesSelf
Daryl Lynn JohnsonUnity PreschoolSelf
Dave and Fran DudzinskiCredo S
Dave LossoNone
Dave LowitzkiLowitzki Consulting, LLCMen4Choice
Dave MatzdorfSelfSelf
David BartlettSelfSelf
David A GordonSelf
David Andrew careyNAMyself
David Bartiknone
David Beccueself
David BergerSelf
David BietilaSelfSelf
David BlixtA Crew Of Patches Theatre Company
david burnsselfself
David C BrezinaIndividual voterIndividual voter
david caveselfself
David ChavezSelf
David CookNone
David DAgrosaMe
David DowWisecracker Design
David DowgielloTwitter
David Eschnoneself
David FinePrivate constituent
David G CampbellPark Forest Environment Commission
David GebhardtRogue Philanthropyself
David GoldenbergNA
David GottliebFull Circle Communities, Inc.
David GrenierSelf
David H FrankelNone
David HoeksemaPrivate Citizen
David HyndsPackback
David IsaacsonCitizen
david j adamsSelfna
David JohnsonNoneSelf
David KreuzerSelfSelf
David L KirshenbaumNone
David Lister-David Lister
david m lissner1952
David MartinSelf
David MichaelsSignalSelf
David Millerself
David MizeVillage of Gurnee
David ODonnellPrivate constituent
David OMeliaretired
David PavlickNASelf
David PriceNoneself
David RaderNone
David RobertsSelf
David Rosenbaumindividual citizen
David SchwartzMyselfMyself
david sklarself
David StanfordNANA
David StevensNone
David W CroninOn behalf of selfSelf
Dawn Greerselfself
Dawn BrentSkokie Citizens for Action
Dawn Burtself
Dawn ClantonSelf
Dawn Gouletnonemyself
Dawn HouglandNone
Dawn KliniewskiselfSelf
Dawn KoenigsknechtNA
Dawn LowNA
Dawn M GargacPersonal Supportself
Dawn Marie KinkNone
Dawn McHughnone
Dawn TefftNone
Dawne MoonSelfSelf
Dayana RodriguezHousehold
Dayna GoldsteinDayna GoldsteinDayna Goldstein
dean conteratoadvocate Condell hospital
Deana LaBrosseNoneSelf
Deanna BlairBlair Caravelli Irmen Law, LLC
Deanna McBeath JacobsSelf
Deanna ShanksSelfSelf
Deb ClauseNone
Deb eppHummingfeet
Deb King Ochsself
Deb KuglerInd
Deb Lecos--None--self
Deb MellCity of Chicago
Deb Schmidt-RogersEducation
Debbi McCullochSelfSelf
DebbI WelchNot applicable
Debbie LeahyResident
Debbie MartinSelf
Debbie WangSelfMyself, my daughter, my niece, and all other females who wish to exercise autonomy over their own physical bodies without government interference.
Debby Brauernot applicable
Deborah ReederSelfSelf
Deborah and Paul Haizmannot applicableDeborah and Paul Haizman
Deborah BaldaufSelfSelf
Deborah Barnesnone
Deborah Bornsteinnone
Deborah BrissonSelf
Deborah BrownNA
Deborah BrownSelfSelf
Deborah BurnetteNot applicable
Deborah Carusoselfself
Deborah Chapman-KeownSELFSelf
Deborah Connetnoneself
Deborah covenSelf
Deborah CroninUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Deborah DeMannononeSelf
Deborah deZonnaDeZonna dezign
Deborah DitkowskyTaxpayer
Deborah E KaczorowskiIndividual
Deborah EpsteinDeborah Epstein Constulting
Deborah Firakselfself
deborah gaebler-spirana
Deborah GinsbergIIT
Deborah Gorman-SmithNA
Deborah HarrisSelf
Deborah Hirsch SaulIndividual
Deborah KadinSelfPersonal PAC
Deborah Kaltmannone
Deborah KartonNational Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Deborah L PierceRetired
Deborah LewisJebraweb, Inc.
Deborah Marksnoneself
Deborah McCannself
Deborah MercernoneSelf
Deborah MerrillIMP
Deborah PaluckiselfSelf
Deborah PayneSelfSelf
Deborah RogersDeborah Rogers Design, Inc.
Deborah RudnickiSelfSelf
Deborah SchwartzSelf
Deborah Silver FagelDeborah Silver FagelDeborah Silver Fagel
Deborah SpertusSpertus Studios
Deborah SpitzerLDP Management
Deborah Stewartnoneself
Deborah Stewartnoneself
Deborah VanSpeybroeckNone
Deborah Weisman SandlowDWS Communications
Deborah Wellek WolksteinNoneMEYAN
Deborah WestMs.
Deborah Ziontsselfself
Debra SmithConstituent
Debra A BakalBakal Dermatology Associates
Debra A BakalBakal Dermatology Associates
Debra BloomNot applicable
Debra Doylenoneself
Debra FloresNone
Debra GiuntaSelfself
Debra gordonGordonsqared
Debra Hassselfself
Debra KahnSelfSelf
Debra LambesisAero special education cooperative
Debra NielsenMrs.self
Debra PuzzoPioneer Centermyself
Debra S GreenGreen Furniture Enterprises
Debra SarvelaNot applicable
Debra ShoreMetropolitan Water Reclamation District
Debra SmithCitizen
Debra StulbergUniversity of Chicago
Debra TaitelNA
Debra vigerSelf
Debra VoigtSelf
Dee Aydan QuinnACLUDee Aydan Quinn, ACLU
Dee Beaubienselfself
Dee DarlingActive VoterSelf
DeeAnn ReedChicago Free SchoolDeeAnn Reed
Deirdre Levinenot applicable
Deitra SuterRehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Delanie BeadlePwC
Deloris MannyMcHenry County Citizens for ChoiceMcHenry County Citizens for Choice
Dena StrongCitizen
Denike WardenResident of IL
Denis HartTao Trading
Denise E DeanAction for a Better Tomorrow - Elmhurst
Denise EichhornNa
Denise ElstonNone
Denise Hoshorself
Denise M ClaessensDirector Hope takes Action
Denise S FisherThe Arts of LifeSelf
Denise SchwartzHome
denise SchwartzSelfSelf
Denise SteinhausernoneSelft
Denitsa KosharovaMs.
Dennis James TerdyMeMe
Dennis MurphySelf
Dennis PaciniF&N
Derek J SerafinMotion PR
Derek McCarthyNONE
Derek WorleySelf
Devon Bairnone
Devon Ritterna
Devon Scott-Tunkinon behalf of selfself
Devon WhitewayFacebook
Dia MorganNone.
Diana BakerDiana baker
Diana Cannaselfself
Diana ChenPersonal PACDiana Chen
Diana FlemmaCounseling
Diana GlewweSelf
Diana GormanSelf
Diana HamannNoneNone
Diana HamannThe Wine Goddess
Diana juarezCitizen
Diana JuarezNone
Diana LauberSelf
Diana Louise SmithNoneSelf
Diana Lynne OConnorRetired
Diana Moshernone
Diana NiedholdtNot Applicable
Diana OnkenSave the Children Action NetworkSelf
Diana Preshadself
Diana R Dooleynone
Diana RadekWomen's March on Chicago
Diana Raiselisselfself
Diana Shoemakernone
Diana Sussmanself
Diana TigerlilySouthern Illinois University
Diane BruskeSelfSelf
Diane BushemiSelf
Diane Christiansenselfself
Diane ChristouNone
Diane E LeamyDiane Leamy PhD, LCSWSelf
Diane EganSelf
Diane Emichselfself
Diane FisherACLU
Diane janowskiSelf
Diane MaloneyNone
Diane MesserDiane Messer
Diane MillerSelf
Diane Moenoneself
Diane MooreSelf
Diane Oltman AyersPrivate citizen
Diane OstrowskiSELFself
Diane PoulosSelfLike-minded women
Diane PoulosSelfSelf (Correcting earlier submission - this is a RECORD OF APPEARANCE ONLY
Diane S LidmanSt Charles CUSD 303
Diane SchaffnerSelf
Diane Sutliffself
Diane TippsRetired
Diane TyeSelf
Diane Worobec-Serratosconstiuent
Dianna LeFevreLewis and Clark Community College
Dianne Marsella'selfALL WOMEN
Dianne OlsenPrivate Citizen
Dianne RaebelNoneSelf
Dianne SharmaNone
Dianne ShorterCitizenSelf
Dianne Sperlingselfself
Dina CarrNoneSelf
Dina Katsnone
Dina LeviNone
Dina Ninfona
Dina RollmanNone
Dina RossNAMyself and my children
Dina Smeltznoneself
Dion McGillNASelf
Divya KansagraNone
Djana MartinSelf
Domino Gehred-OConnellSelf
Don BoraEight Bit Studios
Dona NishiSelfSelf
Donald Goldhamerself
Donald McGovernRehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Donald OBrienNA
Donna MainsNone
Donna Astrauskasprivate citizen No firm, business or agency
Donna BurmanIllinois resident
Donna DoughertyIndividual
Donna EptonRetired
Donna FieldNone
donna fineprivate constituent
Donna FishmanNational Council of Jewish Women Illinois State Policy Advocacy Network2000 members and supporters of National Council of Jewish Women in IL
Donna GutmanNCJWCNS
Donna HawkinsEducatorWomen who want to preserve their rights under the constitution
Donna HeadYearNone
Donna HebreardPublic School
Donna HebreardPublic School
Donna JohnsonSteppingstone Montessori School
Donna M PetersSelf
Donna McDonaldNANA
Donna PezzutoSelf
Donna Piacenzaselfself
Donna Puccianiselfself
Donna QuinnNational Coalition of American NunsNational Coalition of American Nuns Donna Quinn
Donna Rosenbushmerchandising house inc
Donna RowsellNone
Donna TufarielloHighland Community College
Donna Verga-
Donna VillanuevaStudio Villanueva
Donna ZanderWaterleaf
Donna ZimaySelfSelf
Donovan LampaSelfMelissa Pillarella, Self
Dontien Ingram-MooreV10 Solutionsself
Doreen A SayeghSelf
Dori GoldmanSelf
Dori GoldmanSelfRecord of Appearance
Dorianne ConnSelfself
Dorie Geisslerself
Doris AyresAyres Interiors
Doris CarrollSelf
Dorothy A Tookeynoneself
Dorothy S SymondsSelfSelf
Dorothy ThompsonCopley Hospital
Dorothy VallilloRetired
Doug BieverIndividual
Doug Gipsonselfself
Doug MacKechnieSelf
Douglas F Lim Jrself
Douglas HigginsSelfSelf
Douglas TabbSelfSelf
Douglas Thomeselfself and family
Dr Elisabeth McCannna
Dr Elizabeth MaylackNA
Dr Ellen WeinsteinBlackmanRetiredmyself
Dr Stephen Orenself
Dreiske Arnoldnone
Drew KnoblochSelf
Drew NicholsonMyself
Duane L DowellReligious Coalition for Reproductive ChoiceReligious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - Illinois Chapter
Duane R Kimmenone
Dustin FossNoneSelf
Dustin VaughnNot ApplicableDustin Vaughn
Dvonte Reedself
Dylan Rostokerself
Dylan WarrenStudent
E Earleyselfself
E KingselfSelf
Eamon DalySelf
Ed LipinskiSelf
Ed PierceNONENone
Eden LeeMonica and Andy
Eden RobinsOn behalf of self
eden rosenbushBIG RED OVEN
Edgar Gonzalez-BaezaMr.
Edgar Gonzalez-BaezaState residentMyself
Edie CanterSubmitting as individual
Edmund SchweitzerOn behalf of selfSelf
Edna BayonSelf
Edward Blairnot applicable
Edward Gogolnone
Edward Linn MDMyself as a practicing Women''s Healthcare ProviderMyself as a practicing Women's Healthcare Provider
Edward PedvinThe Punk Party
Edward S Linn MDCook County Health and Hospital System
Ehsan AdraNA
Eileen BradySelf
Eileen DuftySelfSelf
Eileen J DordekEileen J Dordek, LCSW
Eileen Kilroypersonal
Eileen LoechelSelfSelf
Eileen McIverselfself
Eileen MertensNA
Eileen R WiviottUnitarian Church of Evanston
Eiren Caffallnone
Ela AktayCharlotte Media
Ela AktaySelfSelf
Elaina Dixonself
Elaine DameNoneNone
Elaine Gambianiselfself
Elaine LutherElaine Luther Art
Elaine OMaraWinterwood Press
Elaine PerreconeSelfSelf
elaine piedraretiredelaine piedra
Elaine Rockneyself
Elaine VincenyNone
Elaine VozarSELF
Elaine Waite PiedraRetired
Elaine Waite PiedraSelfSelf
Eleanor LipinskiEleanor Lipinski
Eleanor OuSelfSelf
Elena ChristouNone
Elena KampsSelf
Eleni PappageorgeSAG-AFTRA
Eliana Sigel-EpsteinStorycatchers Theatre
elif yucebayNA
Eliina Viele-Pritzkerselfself
Elisa CampSelf employed
Elisa HelfordMs.self
Elisa KoganNASelf
Elisa MeggsYouth Cultural Exchange
Elisa O ShoenbergerCitizen
Elisa RedishSelf
Elisabeth KlainNoneSelf
Elisabeth LarsonNone
Elisabeth TrueNA
Elisabeth WengronowitzNone
elise barackself-employed
Elise CadeSelf
Elise CareySelfSelf
Elise EmeryHallmark
Elise HarmeningNone
Elise TropianoselfSelf
Elise Zelechowskina
Elissa DaggettNA
Elissa HealySelf
Elissa Jeffersn.a.Elissa Jeffers
Elissa ResnickNAself
Elissa SuhrNA
Eliza BryantChicago Public Schools
Eliza Passellnone
Elizabeth A PenesisNone
Elizabeth A SmithAmerican
Elizabeth aldrichNone
Elizabeth Alpernnonesef
Elizabeth Ann MaysOn behalf of selfSelf
Elizabeth ArnoldNoneSelf
Elizabeth AshbyNoel Ashby
Elizabeth AshworthNot applicable
Elizabeth AustinElizabeth Austin Consulting
Elizabeth AvilaSelf
Elizabeth B Wallaceselfself
Elizabeth BajjaliehLoyola University Chicago
Elizabeth BanaszakSelf
Elizabeth BartomNAMyself
Elizabeth BaumgartnerSelfSelf
Elizabeth BenackaCitizen
Elizabeth BenoitNA
Elizabeth BockenfeldPrefer not to disclose
Elizabeth BohnsakNone
Elizabeth BoorasNone
Elizabeth Bowmanselfself
Elizabeth BuoscioNone
Elizabeth ClarkPrivate citizen
Elizabeth CoyneNAmyself
Elizabeth CoyneNAmyself
Elizabeth CrkNone
Elizabeth CruzSelfSelf
Elizabeth CurlRetired
Elizabeth CzarnyCitizen
Elizabeth CzechanskiNA
Elizabeth DackoSELFself
Elizabeth Dadaboselfself
Elizabeth Deckernoneself
Elizabeth DiazChildren's Advocacy Center
Elizabeth diazNot a business
Elizabeth diazNot a business
Elizabeth DillardSelfSelf
Elizabeth DombroskiSelfSelf
Elizabeth DuganselfSelf
Elizabeth EspinozaSelfSelf
Elizabeth EspinozaSelfSelf
Elizabeth FeldmanCook County Health and Hospitals Systemself
Elizabeth FiewegerPersonal
Elizabeth FoleyThe Foley Family
Elizabeth ForneroIndependent IT Consultant
Elizabeth Frankself
Elizabeth Freelandself
Elizabeth FukawaSelfSelf
Elizabeth GalatiSphinx PR
Elizabeth Gardnernone
Elizabeth GoldenIndividual
Elizabeth GomezSelfElizabeth Gomez
Elizabeth GracieNone
Elizabeth GraySelf
Elizabeth GreenwoodNone
Elizabeth H Grangerprivate constituentmyself
Elizabeth HaasSelfSelf
Elizabeth Hardricknone
Elizabeth HartSelf
Elizabeth HarveyLet Us Entertain You
Elizabeth HasanNA
Elizabeth HedgcockSelfSelf
Elizabeth HellingaPerson
Elizabeth HermickDePaul
Elizabeth HodginNa
Elizabeth HoffmanNot applicable
Elizabeth HooperNAWill County NOW
Elizabeth Huycknoneself
Elizabeth Inglehartindividual
Elizabeth JoyceElizabeth Joyce
Elizabeth JurkacekLaw Offices of Elizabeth Jurkacek
Elizabeth KeckleyGuaranteed Rate
Elizabeth KenefickIllinois Resident
Elizabeth KepselSelfSelf
Elizabeth Klineselfself
Elizabeth Klineselfself
Elizabeth KnellSelf-Employed
Elizabeth KoszarekNA
Elizabeth KreppsGobias Inudstries
Elizabeth KruseSelfSelf
Elizabeth KuhnleMoonshine Burlesque
Elizabeth L BowesselfSelf
Elizabeth L Mayerself
Elizabeth LassennoneSelf
Elizabeth LehmanSelfSelf
Elizabeth Lenaghannoneself
Elizabeth Ley OBrienretired
Elizabeth LoanSelfSelf
Elizabeth Lonergannone
Elizabeth LundPersonal Pac
Elizabeth M Seibertnone
Elizabeth MacKaySelfSelf
Elizabeth MajerusNone
Elizabeth Markelna - individualElizabeth Markel
Elizabeth Maurnononeself
Elizabeth MaxeinerSelfSelf
Elizabeth McAllisterAmerican College of Surgeons
Elizabeth McCabenone
Elizabeth McCrelessPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
Elizabeth McGeehanself employed
Elizabeth McGrathNoneSelf
Elizabeth McGregorNot applicable
Elizabeth McKelveynone
Elizabeth McMillanSelf
Elizabeth Minogueconcerned citizen
Elizabeth Miropol PosnerGeorge and Lill
Elizabeth MonkusCAFFJSelf, only
Elizabeth Neimannone
Elizabeth NorrisNoneSelf
Elizabeth NovakElizabeth Novak Design
Elizabeth OBrienLivingstone Law
Elizabeth OKeefeBeth Janes Inc
Elizabeth ParkerNONE
Elizabeth ParksAction for a Better Tomorrow
Elizabeth PlonkaPrivate citizen
Elizabeth PlowmanSelfSelf
Elizabeth R MuellerLoyola University Medical CenterSelf
Elizabeth Rankinnone
Elizabeth RasnerRasner Investments, Inc.none
Elizabeth ReimannSelf
Elizabeth Rodriguezselfself
Elizabeth RussellNone
Elizabeth SaboHomemaker
Elizabeth Sahaselfself
Elizabeth SchraftPersonal PAC
Elizabeth Scottie CaldwellSelfSelf
Elizabeth SebestaNoneNone
Elizabeth SeidenstrickerSelfSelf
Elizabeth Skinnerselfself
Elizabeth Smithselfselfzone72
Elizabeth Smithselfselfzone72
Elizabeth SteimleElizabeth Steimle
Elizabeth SturaSelf
Elizabeth TemkinNA
Elizabeth TulipanaAnticipation Events
Elizabeth VandercookNetwork 49
Elizabeth VarmeckyNone
Elizabeth Vogelself
Elizabeth WadeselfSELF
Elizabeth Warren-MikesPersonal
Elizabeth WolfNone
Elizabeth Wrightnoneself
Elizabeth ZinerLiz Ziner
Elizabeth ZottNONE
Elizabeth ZwickyUBS O'Connor Modis
Elke snidermanSelfSelf
Ella Mae Eastmanselfself
Ella WagnerSelf
Ellen AlterESA Psychotherapy
Ellen B Clarkretired
Ellen BeattieNone
Ellen BlockSelf
Ellen BouleanuNone
Ellen CallahanBank of America
Ellen Cloughnoneself
Ellen CruseSelfSelf
Ellen DouglasThemis Bar Review
Ellen FrolichstseinHuman Services Committee
Ellen FurlongIllinois Wesleyan University
Ellen GlickNorthShore health system
Ellen Gradmannonenone
Ellen JanowskiSelf
Ellen Jorstad-SteinNoneMyself
Ellen K GeorgeTrades of HopeEllen George
Ellen KeithSelf
Ellen KenemoreSelf employed
Ellen klostermann WallaceNoneSelf
Ellen LamarreSelfSelf
Ellen LarrimoreNortheastern IL University
Ellen LeahyEllen Leahy
Ellen LipoNA
Ellen LudwigNone
Ellen LuekingSelf
Ellen MayerHearken
Ellen ModerhackSelfMyself
Ellen MorganNone
Ellen ODonnellFreelance
Ellen Phillipsnone
Ellen PimentelCitizen
Ellen Pomesseflself
Ellen Saslownone
Ellen Schmidtnoneself
Ellen SullivanWorker
Ellen WalkerNone
Ellen WehrleSelf
Ellen WernerWorking in the Schools WITS
Ellen WillettSelf
Ellen Woodnoneself
Elliana J KrandelSelfSelf
Elliot Zashinretirednot affiliated
Elliott PaciniF&N
Ellyn AnnorenoSelf
Ellyn DanielsEllyn K. Daniels, PhD
Ellyn Drathring JungNAMyself
Ellyn Hoffmanself employed
Elsa SchlenskerNA
Elsa WursterNone
Elsie DivinagraciaSelf
Elsie RadtkeRetired
Elva-Maria DiazHome
Elvira BertscheNoneSelf
Elvira Pellitteriself
Elyse Forkosh CutlerSage Health Strategyself
Elysia vaughanCitizen
Emilee RanaNone
Emilia Oldakernone
Emilie GlassNone
Emilie HoganNone
Emilie Kahleprivate citizenprivate citizen
Emilie Karen Mitchellnone
emilie smithselfself
Emily AlbunSelf
Emily Andersonself
Emily Anderssonnone
Emily BakalGreen Dot Public School
Emily BarneyNANA
Emily BatNone
emily beaufortselfself
Emily BenderPersonal
Emily BradleyConcerned citizen
Emily BriskmanSelf
Emily BushongNone
Emily CampbellSelfSelf
Emily CikanekSelfSelf
Emily CondillSelfSelf
Emily Corbettnoneself
Emily CoxEmily CoxEmily Cox
Emily Cromwellon behalf of selfself
Emily DavisSelfSelf
Emily DeJanMrs.Self.
Emily DetroyCreative Circle
Emily DiegoI do not have a business
Emily DillinghamNa
Emily DowSelfMyself
Emily DrekeChicago Foundation for Women
Emily DrevetsnoneEmily Drevets
Emily E HostetterNANa
Emily EnthofPrivate Citizen
Emily FairchildSelf
Emily FalkofNA
Emily faulknerNone
Emily FinkelsteinBoka Restaurant Group
Emily Fitzselfself
Emily FoulkesCivis Analytics, Inc
Emily GlimcoNorthbrook public library
Emily GraberMs.
Emily Gray Tedrowenone
Emily GreenSelf
Emily HallEm H Chicago
Emily Hartself
Emily HillSelfMyself
Emily HochmanSchoolPersonal PAC
Emily Jo Roesner SullivanSelf
Emily K WachowiakNone
Emily Kircherna
Emily klineSelf
Emily Knappnone
Emily Kompon behalf of self
Emily KostielneyIndividual
Emily KostielneySelf
Emily LambertSelfSelf
Emily LaneAmerican
Emily LivingstonUS Citizens
Emily LopezNoneSelf
Emily Louise SharrowIndividual
Emily M TimkoSelf
Emily MargosianAmerican Academy of Dermatology
Emily McCarthy CramerNone
Emily MillerIllinois citizenself
Emily MorrisonNoneMyself
Emily Oxinioselfself
Emily PappasCortland
Emily PattersonNone
Emily PattersonSelfSelf
Emily PennChicago public schools
Emily Pereznone
Emily phillipsSelf
Emily RoschekAmerican Bar Association
Emily Rosenselfself
Emily S FranklinSAIC
Emily Schapkanone
Emily ShupeRathje & Woodward
Emily SobkowiakOn behalf of selfSelf
Emily SosaEths
Emily SuttonNA
Emily ThiesCPS
Emily ThomanSelfSelf
Emily VahoraSelf
Emily ValenciaSelfNA
Emily WhiteNone
Emily WilsonAction for a Better TomorrowEmily Wilson
Emlyn EisenachTranslation
Emma AbrahamResident
Emma DanburyOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Emma GygerSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago
Emma HighlandNoneSelf
Emma OlsonNA
Emma OlsonNASelf
Emma ReevesSelfSelf
Emma RichardsonIndividual
Emma SquierNot Applicable
Emmalee ScottNA
Emmaline EdieJetro restaurant depot
Emmanuel EgwuCCAPPersons
Emmanuelle AsrowPrivate constituentOn behalf of self
Endicott LovellSelf
Erald groballiGroballi inc
Eric AndersonSelfSelf
Eric Crumpindividualindividual
Eric D KastengrenSelf
Eric EilersenCrew of Patches
Eric GoshEric Gosh
Eric KnoxNA
Eric Linnes-BagleySelf-Employed
Eric McCoySelf
Eric moerkeSelf
Eric SelingerSelf
Eric SlepaknaEric Slepak
Eric WickNA
Eric WiigCitizenCitizen
Erica AtenStudent
Erica CastilloOn behalf of selfSelf
Erica EngelSelf
Erica FoleySelfSelf
Erica FreemanSelf
Erica GoldbergInterpro Translation inc
Erica GoudzwaardNone
Erica HackettStudent
erica heshelmanselfself
Erica J BohnEdward Jones
Erica KopfNA
Erica LindonTeacher
erica magnusindividual
Erica Oldenregistered voter
Erica RamosNoneSelf
Erica RegunbergPersonal PAC
Erica SteadmanConstituent
Erica Sternnoneself
Erich Brattonselfself
Erielle Bakkumselfself
Erik MorrisonNone
Erik Obergselfself
Erik PetersonSelfSelf
Erik WalleniusIES
Erika FrancisSelfSelf
Erika GarciaNaNa
Erika HasleconstituentRepresentative District #14
Erika Hepler...
Erika KirchmayerACLU
Erika OlivaresSelf
Erika StraussJLL
ErinAction for a Better Tommorow
Erin Andrewsselfself
Erin BarkleyNone
Erin BenincasaNASelf
Erin BenincasaNoneSelf
Erin Biebuycknoneself
Erin BlaszkiewiczCircle Theatre
Erin BrooksNone
Erin Burkeself
Erin CareyHumanity
Erin Carmodynone
Erin ChandlerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Erin CiglianoTeskaH
Erin De GrootNone
Erin DoughtyNone - Person
Erin DoughtySelfSelf
Erin E ONeillNA
Erin Emery-TiburcioNANA
Erin FeinermanHood Development
Erin Franzinger barrettNoneSelf
Erin G SullivanErin Sullivan
Erin GladeUniversity of Chicago
Erin Haddad-NullSelf-employedSelf
Erin Hecklernoneself
Erin HelmanSelfSelf
Erin Hnilo-Witeknone
Erin HoggSelf
Erin HollandChildren's Hospital
Erin HukErin Huk
Erin Hutto SowersSelf
Erin JaworskiNa
Erin Kay Van PayNoneSelf
Erin KelseyCourt Theatre
Erin KissickDr.Myself
Erin LeslieIndividualSelf
Erin LevineNSSED
Erin Lockwoodselfself
Erin LoughlinNoneNone
Erin MacKenna SandhirChicago NOW
Erin MatthewNA
Erin McGuireNA
Erin MinorSelf
Erin MoellerNone
Erin ObrienSelf
Erin OBrienSelfSelf
Erin PauliniSelf Employed
Erin ReulandYMCANone
Erin Rooneyself
Erin RothSelfMyself
Erin SaclutiNASelf
Erin ScardinanaMyself
Erin SchutteSelf
Erin ScudderNoneNone
Erin ShamusnoneSelf
Erin ShelleyErin ShelleyErin Shelley
Erin ShererSelfNA
Erin SowersNA
Erin Stapletonindividual
Erin Stevensonself
Erin ThomasJesse Brown VA
Erin TiptonNA
Erin UpdegraffSelfSelf
Erin W HedlinPremier Speech Therapy, Ltd.
Erin WongDDB Worldwide
Erin YoungCitizenErin Young
Esmeralda LeonSelfSelf
Estefania AlberttisIndividual
Esther B Pattnone
Esther BarrettNa
Esther BowenSelfSelf
Esther FishmanArt effect
Ethan ColchamiroLiquid Sketchbook Design
Ethan KirshenbaumNoneSelf
Ethan SimondsUniversity of Chicago
Ethan Velazquezprivate constituentbehalf of self
Ethan WeberSelf-Employed
Ethel GofenSelf
Etta Worthingtonselfself
Eugene morelliSelf
Eugene Y TurinPrivate citizen
Eva M KraemerNA
Eva Marie PomerantzDr.
Eva Tonsing-CarterPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
Evan Jones ThorneNA
Eve MauerMrs.
Eve ShapiroSelfSelf
Eve winiarskiNone
Evelyn ZourasWoodward INC
Evelyn PalenNoneNone
Evelyn SemposNA
Evelyn Torres FernandezEvelyn Torres Fernandez
Eynav EpsteinEpsteinSchwartz Legal Search
Fabiola Vasqueznoneself
Faith FergusonMyself
faith ostrowskiUIC
Fay TrifflerSelfSelf
Faye CampagnaSelfSelf
Felice Batlannone
Felice Bernsteinselfself
Felice Dublonnoneself
Felice EhrlichSelf
Felicia WilliamsSelfSelf
Ferdinand LibunaoHome
Fern GrauerFern Grauer
Fern KatzSinai Preschool
Fiona Brandernoneself
Fiona HelgrenSelfSelf
Flavio AranaMeridian Psychiatric Partners, LLC
Florence Appelselfself
Florence MaatitaChoice
Florence Palumbo ZilkaNoneself
Fosberg MichaelIncognito, Inc.
Frances Collins-SussmanSelf
Frances Peshkinself
Frances PetersSelf
Frances ShapiroFCS Educational Consultants LLC
Frances VlassesSelf
Francesca SadlerWestchester Middle School
Francesca ZuckerWRS
Francie ArensonNot applicable
Francine JodelkaNA
Francine KelleySelf Employed
Francisco LeytonNA
Francisco MaravillaNorthwestern University
Frank Bonacciselfself
Frank DanesSelf
Fred SchwanekeSelfSelf
Frederika TevebringNorthwestern University
Frona DaskalRetired
Gabe CohenHouse Of Bice
Gabriela AsrowPrivate constituentOn behalf of self
Gabriela LabotkaNone
Gabrielle Benoitwomen's march on Chicago
Gabrielle BoydNorth Bridge Staffing
Gabrielle BuckleyVedder Price PC
gabrielle butticeselfself
Gabrielle LyonCTWAGabrielle Lyon
Gabrielle SigelGabrielle SigelSelf
Gabrielle weissSelfSelf
Gabrielle Wroblewskiselfself
Gail Averillconstituant
Gail ConderNone
Gail Donnelly BaderIndividual constituent
Gail FreedmanRR Donnelley
Gail GinsbergNA
Gail Katz-FrechSelfNone
Gail Kellyself
gail NeimanselfSELF
Gail P Gottlieb---selfself
Gail S DissSelf
Gail Schnitzer EisenbergStowell & Friedman, Ltd.
Gail ThomasonSelf
Gale StellwagenNoneSelf
Garret DunnCentro
Gary Griceselfself
Gary LambesisEngineer
Gary Vernonself
Gauri Goswamina
Gayle Booth60013-2399Individual
Gayle Carpermyself
Gayle M EarleyIBMCitizen of Illinois
Gayle MeskimenNone
Gayle MillerCollege of Lake County
Geetha RamaswamyMenerva Software, LLC
Gena JohnsonSelf
Genece HambyGenece Hamby
Genevieve C JouandetNorthwestern UniversitySelf
Genevieve GroveSelfSelf
Genevieve VartianSelf
Genevra Gallo-BayiatesSelf employed
Genifer BrownSelf
Genna Lipkinselfself
Genny RamosSelf
Geoffrey R StoneUniversity of Chicago
Geoffrey WaltersCitizen
George JohannesJohannes and Associates
George M CovingtonLaw Offices of George M Covington LLC
Georgette HeinSelf
Georgette KirkendallNone
Georgia AlexakisPrivate citizen
Georgiana CarollusSelf
Georjanna G AtlanSelf
Gerald CzayanoneSelf
Gerald FrantzenSaks Fifth Avenue
Gerald FrantzenSaks Fifth Avenue
Gerald Gordonselfmyself
Gerald MudjerSelfSelf
Geraldine JenderGeraldine Jender, LCSWGeraldine Jender
Geraldine TysonACLU
Gerard A SulenticNone
Gerardo AvilaNoneSelf
Geri Levine12856 Timber Creek Drive
Germania M SolorzanoSelf
GerriInvestHer Ventures
Gerri Lynn MartinCitizen of Illinois
Gerry Beckerretiredself
Gerta SorensenResident of Illinois
Gil RushingNA
Gillian FalknorSelfSelf
Gillian LawrenceU Chicago
Gillian Nichols-SmithWomen
Gillian SiegelIllinois institute of Technology
Gina ArnieriNone
Gina ColalucaSelf employed
Gina Crosley-Corcoranself
Gina L FedockUniversity of Chicago
Gina Pizzoferratononeself
Gina Rinaldinone
Gina RizzoOne Off Hospitality
Gina RozmanNone
Gina SpeckmanNone
Gina SpitzCenter for Urban Research & Learning, Loyola University ChicagoGina Spitz
Gina YacoubNone
Gina YacoubNone
Gingi LaheraNASelf
Gita PunwaniIndividual
Gladys ZolnaSelfNone
Glenda KenyonConstituent
Glenn CarrereShamrock Consultants
Glenn SchweitzerSELFSELF
Glennon L JohnstonIllinois Federation for Right to LifeIllinois Federation for Right to Life
Gloria HopewellSelf
Gopal BalakrishnanZoro
Gordon Senesac JrSelf
Grace AldridgeNoneSelf
Grace AmandesGrace Amandes Design
grace changnana
Grace Clearnone
Grace E Gimpelselfself
Grace McBrideselfSelf
Grace MulkernSelf
Grace NewtonLaw Office of Grace Allen NewtonSelf
Grace PedersenExtreme Reach, Inc
Grace PerryNone
Grace RabierNone
Gracie ScambiatterraNone
Graham BraunnoneSelf
Graham GradyTaft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
Grahm EberhardtUnmutual Enterprises
Grayson Van CampThe Presbyterian Church of Western Springs - Presbyterian Church USASelf
Grecia RodriguezIllinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatricsself
GregDental Office
Greg CrumpleyNone
Greg HofmannSelfSelf
Greg InglerightNA
Greg PowroznikSelf
Greg WerstlerLive Entertainment
Gregory BerlowitzNone
Gregory D Grossself
Gregory LarsonSelfSelf
Gregory LipmanSalesforce
Gregory MongolisSelfSelf
Gregory SebbenNASelf only
Gregory Spahnselfself
Gregory T NaglerSelfSelf
Greta Holtnone
Gretchen hartkeSelf
Gretchen Johnsonnone
Gretchen KenagySelf
Gretchen KlockeSelfWomen
Gretchen KlockeSelfWomen
Gretchen SoechtingSelfSelf
Grey A TanziNone
Gurpreet DhaliwalNoneSelf
Gwen CinelliSelf
Gwen FiskeGwen Fiske
Gwen JordanUniversity of Illinois
Gwen SmithIllinoisian
Gwen SternRetired
Gwendolen AdlerNA
Gwendolyn PentlandMs.
Gwendolyn Clare MastertonCave Painting Theater Co
Gwendolyn DerkUIUC
Gwendolyn HolemanNoneSelf
Gwynn V Fulchernot given
Gwynne NationNone
Hailey PetersonNoneSelf
Hal SnyderNAMyself
Hale LandesSelf
Haley JonesNoneSelf
Halie BelzSelf
Halie RandoNone
Hallie Shapiro Devirselfself
Hallie WitmerIllinois
Hana ZegeyeNone
Hanna AronovichNone
Hanna EricksonNone
Hanna JohnsonSelf
Hanna SelekmanNone
Hannah DavisSelfSelf
Hannah GrantOn behalf of self
Hannah GribetzPrivate citizen
Hannah GroomsCOE
Hannah KahnSelf
Hannah KaplanMyself
Hannah kaplanStudent
Hannah KarasCAF
Hannah Kennedyself
Hannah mayCitizen
Hannah NewmanLEEP Forwardself
Hannah PrippsNone
Hannah R LloydConsultant
Hannah Retzkindepaul university
Hannah TurkPreschool
Hannah WilcoxIndividual
Hannah ZuberSelf
Hans Thummelprivate constituenton behalf of self
Harmeen AhujaAhuja, Chethik, andbAsdociates
Harold Bamfordnone
Harpreet BirSelf
Harriet LevyNon Profit
Harriet RosenthalRetired
Hayleigh GibbsSelf
Hayley CollinsSelfSelf
Hayley LeventhalNoneSelf
Hayley PilatFreelance
Hayley RiceFirst Folio Theater
Heather AltmanSelf
Heather AdairIndividualMyself
Heather BaxterSelf
Heather Booth-- please make a selection --
Heather BrownSelf
Heather ClarkSelf
Heather Colburnnoneself
Heather Cramondon behalf of self
Heather D VanderbergLuther Memorial Church of Chicago
Heather Diennone
Heather DumdeiCourt Theatre
Heather DykesMatrix Systems Group
Heather EglandNoneSelf
Heather FergusonSelfSelf
Heather FodorNoneSelf
Heather HanksNAHeather Hanks
Heather HickeySelfSelf
Heather HydeGerman School Chicago
Heather JanduraSelf
Heather JohnsNone
Heather KovachNone
Heather Liay McCauleyNA
Heather Lynn PorterNoneSelf
Heather Lynn PorterNoneSelf
Heather M McMeekanSelf
Heather McLeerNone
Heather MulrySelfSelf
Heather MunaoIllinois citizen
Heather Munsonnonenone
Heather NageySelfSelf
Heather OwenNone
Heather PleuneNone
Heather PRABISHSelfSelf
Heather RosenblattSelf
Heather RossSelf
Heather SchmuckerNA
Heather SennettSelf
Heather SevenerSelf
Heather SextonSelf
Heather Sheahannoneindividual
Heather ShortSelf
Heather SjordalNoneAction For a Better Tomorrow
Heather SocieSelfSelf
Heather SturmNot applicable
Heather VeznerAstellas
Heather VogelNoneSelf
Heather WetherholtUniversity of Illinois
Heathers DykesMatrix Systems Group
hector mandelnonenone
Heidi BushThe Friendship Center
heidi goodinOdd Duck Designs
Heidi MayerCTA60091
Heidi PicardDraper St Properties
Heidi Rabeself
Heidi RogallaNoneNone
Heidi RotondiSelf
Heidi SauhammelBody Chemistri Aromatic & Healing Arts
Heidi Slepernoneself
Helaine BergerSelf employed
Helen BalasnyPersonal PAC
Helen BondHelen Bond
Helen CarlockRETIRED
Helen NallNA
Helen NiemeierconstituentStephen and Helen Niemeier
Helen Ramirez-OdellMs.
Helen S HarrisonMacArthur Foundation
Helen TsatsosMs.
Helene MikulikSelf
Henrietta SaundersHome owner Taxpayer Mother Daughter Wife
Henry calamiaSelfGroup
Henry KaskovSPH
Hilarie PozeskySelfSelf
Hilary C WhitneyNA
Hilary JirkaNA
Hilary K Marshallprivate citizen
Hilary Kristina Dietznone
Hilary LindstromRegistered Voter
Hilary Odomprivate citizen
Hilary Perschkenone
Hilary WaldronNone
Hilde Kaiserna
Hillarie JoehlSelf
Hillary BauerNoneNone
Hillary CatrowNA
Hillary DenavaBuffalo Wild Wings
Hillary Kianderself
Hillary Langnoneself
Hillary LindwallNA
Hillary StiflerSelfSelf
Hollen ReischerSelfSelf
Hollie DaySelfSelf
Hollis ApidaSelf
Hollis LevineElectrical Design Systems Corp
Holly BergrenIndividual
Holly BriggemanSelf
Holly HootmanNone
Holly machinaResident
Holly SatoriSelfSelf
Holly Seitznoneself
Holly Seitznoneself
Holly Slomenone
Holly TylerPrivate FirmSelf
Holly VanzantSelfSelf
Holly WilsonHolly WIlson
Holly YoungWhole Foods
Honor Teoudoussiaindividual
Hope ChapmanPersonalPacPersonalPac
Hope Karmocitizen
Hope M PaskusSelfSelf
Hope Rossselfself
Hope-Ann StaggeFiling on behalf of myself
Hubert DureChicago public schools
Hugh LippincottSelfSelf
Huma KhanTajuddin & Khan PC
Ian FeinermanAt properties
Ian JantzSelfSelf
Ian MuentenerSelf
Ian SaderholmCitizenIan Saderholm
Ian WellmanAwesomeness TV
Ida LacyRetired
IlanaJcys wicker park
Ilana AxelBeth Tikvah Congregation
Ilana GleicherSelfSelf
ILENE Goldmannone
Ilene SulenticNone
Ilija HardageSelf
Ilise GoldbergNoneSelf
Ilyse steinerSelf employed
Ilyssa WerstlerEYE-DENSIFY INC
Ina GoldbergNoneSelf
Ina OsbornNone
ingrid krizanself employed
Ingrid RamosSelf
Ingrid RoettgenNA
Irena SromekNoneSelf
Irene ClaudeSelf
Irene DrizinNone
Irene LonguaNone
Irene Thraen-Borowskiselfself
Irina RabkinaNorthwestern University
Iris saavedraSelf
Irma NunezIrma Nunez
Isabel Ochoa GoldSelfSelf
Isabella Janusznone
Isabelle ElderkinTulane University
Itedal ShalabiArab American Family ServicesArab American Family Services
Ivan EwertSelf
Ivan HandlerretiredEverThrive Illinois
Ivory SchwabSELF
Ivy Czekanskimyselfmyself
Ivy WaltersSelfSelf
Ixya VegaSelf
Izis MollinedoSelfSelf
J GruberIL Voter--individual
J HammondMyselfMyself
J Thomas MartindaleSelf
Jacalyn E ZaleskiNone
Jacelyn IntresMawi Inc.
Jack EskinNoneJack Eskin
Jack MaplesCitizen
Jack Sebestaselfnone
Jackie BousekMs.
Jackie FinchHeifer International
Jackie JohnsonMyself
Jackson KettnerWalt ltd
Jaclyn Duehrself
Jaclyn GoudieACLU
Jaclyn KrashinSelf
Jaclyn Rivasself
Jaclyn SaltzmanSelf
Jaclyn SmithPersonal
Jaclyn SorciPrivate citizen
Jaclyn StacyNone
Jacob BabcockNuCurrent
Jacob Cynamon-MurphySelfSelf
Jacob HebertNA
Jacob McCraryOutpace Systems
Jacob OlbertSelf
Jacob RoskamNoneSelf
Jacqueline BauerNA
Jacqueline CassinSelf
Jacqueline GnantSelf
Jacqueline HannahNA
jacqueline hinesNoneSelf
Jacqueline MyersRepublican Christian
Jacqueline PapadopoulosResident
jacqueline rossAttorney, retired
Jacqueline Tothnone
Jacquelyn Baileyself
Jacquelyn Downing-LynchNa
Jacquelyn EisenNone
jacquelyn sigiteIndividual
Jacyn WexlerCitizen
Jade BoardmanNoneSelf
Jaime EndickNa
Jaime FarmerSelfSelf
Jaime Groth SearleSelf
Jaime Hersh-WhiteNa
Jaime KicklighterO'Malley & Kwit LLC
Jaime MoranSelf
Jaime SchraufnagelSelfSelf
Jalussee MillerSelf
Jame Lee CorrarNA
James BoothNAself
James CooperRankify SEO
James HaraSelfSelf
James John CardisOn behalf of selfSelf
James MajorSelfSelf
James McIntyreFoster Care Alumni of America Illinois ChapterFoster Care Alumni of America Illinois Chapter
James NagleCourtesy Container
James NeeleyWisecracker Design LLC
James RamseyTransit Studios, Inc.
James RasnerRasner Investments, Inc.none
James T SchwartzSelf
James TufanoSelfSelf
James VanzantSelfSelf
James ZunigaNa
Jameson Charles HoganHartford Insurance Group
Jami Primmeriatse member
Jami TaylorNone
Jamie BassOn behalf of selfSelf
Jamie CarmellSelf Employed
Jamie ChodoroffSelfSelf
Jamie ChrobakNoneSelf
Jamie Eaglenonself
Jamie EdwardsNot applicable
Jamie K ManewithJamie M Incorporated
Jamie L SkibaChicago Public Schools
Jamie LoftusSelfSelf
Jamie M Seatonselfself
Jamie MazurskySnowball, Inc.
Jamie PantelisSelf
jamie redmondRally HQSelf
Jamie SanchezSelfSelf
Jamie SpagnolaResidentJamie Spagnola
Jamie SpechtNa
Jamie SpomerEPSL
Jamie SylvanPrivate
Jamie Thomeselfself and FAMILY
Jamie WatersNewberry Library
Jamie WhitePrivate Constituent
Jamie Winchellselfself
Jan BestRetired teacher
Jan EmeryCitizen
Jan Flapannone
Jan KappesIndividual
Jan RotterMs.
Jananne ClemensACLU of Illinois
Jane A Michenerself
Jane BlumenthalSelf
Jane CalvinJane Calvin Photography
Jane CapozzelliPrivate Citizen
Jane CharneySelf
JANE F GANOnoneself
Jane GoldenbergGoldenberg Communications
Jane LiaoHome
Jane McCarthyNone
Jane Musgraveselfself
Jane RichmanSelfSelf
Jane WeintraubRetired
Jane WiedelBirch Hill Enterprises
Janee StempelJanee Stempel
Janell Watersnoneself
Janelle andersonSelfSelf
Janelle Haslett-BrousseNoneSelf
Janelle RichmondSelfCitizen
Janelle SkaloudSelfSelf
Janelle VreelandNot applicable
Janet BurnsNoneNone
Janet Donnelly LondonJanet D. London, LCSW
Janet Egglestonselfself
Janet Ergo ZimmermanSelfWomen
Janet FergusonErie Family Health
Janet Howenone
Janet KaneRetired Special Educator
Janet kirbySelf
Janet kirbySelf
Janet L FitzpatrickKoenigRubloff
Janet lawrenceSelf
Janet LorchSelf
Janet LunsikNational Council of Jewish Womenself
Janet MairSelf
Janet MalinakSelf
Janet MalinakSelf
Janet MeinheitCitizen
Janet Messmerprivate citizenself
Janet Muchniknone
Janet Nelsonnoneself
Janet PottsNAMyself
Janet RohdeN.A.
Janet RosenbergNone
Janet SchweitzerSelfSelf
Janet SmithUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Janet Spector BishopNoneSelf
Janet SutterMe
Janet TaylorSelf
Janet TinnonJanet Tinnon
Janet VallejoSelfSelf
Janice BottiglieriNoneSelf
Janice BrownRetired
Janice Dusekretirednone
Janice E RodgersNASelf
Janice FeinbergFeinberg Foundation
Janice G SackettSkokie Citizens for ActionSkokie Citizens for Action
Janice kimNaSelf
Janice L BlixtFreelance classical theatre director
Janice L LoomerSelfSelf
Janice LItenprivate practice
Janice M Gintzlercitizen
Janice MeansHarmony Integrity Promotiself
Janice MitchellSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago
Janice Neme FoleySelf
Janice R MuhrJanice Muhr, Ph.D., P.C.
Janice SackettSkokie Citizens for ActionSkokie Citizens for Action
Janice Turnerself
janie baskinjanie baskin art
Janina DavisGoldfish Swim School
Janina Kammselfnone
Janine Gauthier MulladyLife reset solutions
Janine Graynone
Janine Landow-EsserNone
Janis WestlundAAUW
Janita TuckerAmeriCan Energy Risk Management
Janna BerkJACPAC
Janna Fiester2019Myself
Janna SimonSelfSelf
January WardChicago Now
Jared MarksSelfSelf
Jared McDarisSelfSelf
Jared R Davis1986Self
Jasmin TomlinsNoneSelf
Jasmine AhmadDePaul University
Jasmine ClarkSelf
Jason Caseynot applicable
Jason CermakNone
Jason EdelsonNaMyself
Jason Fugittselfself
Jason KoontzSelf
Jason QuerciagrossaAplington, Kaufman, McClintock, Steele & Barry, Ltd
JASON TOMMERon behalf of selfself
Jason VotavaForcepoint
Jason WalkerNA
Jasper Pierson WalkerNorthwestern UniversityJasper Pierson walker
Javier Fernandeznone
Jaylene McCandlishCitizen
Jayme AltonPrivate Citizen
Jayme McGriffinNA
Jayne SpottswoodSelfSelf
Jayne DrewSelfSelf
Jean albrightWindy City Times
jean brabecknone
Jean Farley Brownselfnot sure what is wanted here
Jean FishbeckComputerworks
Jean FurlanselfSelf
Jean Kordernone
jean kubshselfself
Jean LeeNoneIndividual
Jean Majeskina
Jean OBrienNew Leaf Counseling Services, LLC
Jean QuinlanUniversity of Chicagoself
Jeanelle OlsonSelf
Jeanette CeramiGeeks who Drink LLC
Jeanette DiazPrivate Citizen
Jeanette HillNa
Jeanette KlingSelfSelf
Jeanette McDermitselfself
Jeanette R JacksonIndividualJeanette R. Jackson
Jeanine GasselNA
Jeanine PekkarinenNot applicable
Jeanne Atkinsonself employed
Jeanne Colenonecitizens, women, mothers, daughters
Jeanne CushingCushing householdMyself
Jeanne Fujimoto- None -
Jeanne HerrickNorthwestern University
Jeanne MayerNot Applicable
Jeanne McTeagueFinancial planner
Jeanne OBrienSelfSelf
Jeanne OMeliaRetired
Jeanne SchockSelf
Jeanne UehlingSelf
Jeannie Boutelleself-employed
jeannie GoldsteinPulse consulting
Jeannie Kimindividual
Jed RobertsonNA
Jeewon KimNoneSelf
Jeff AxelrodSelf
Jeff BrennanI don't own or represent a firm, business or agency
Jeff DanesSelf
Jeff DareEdison Middle School
Jeff DonarskiCKDesignself
Jeff KelleyNoneSelf
Jeff RundellIndividual
Jeff SevenerSelf
jefferson w rogersNone
JeffreyMadison House Presents
Jeffrey A Wain-
Jeffrey Andrew DoneySelfSelf
Jeffrey AustinUniversity of Chicago
Jeffrey BucholzSelfSelf
Jeffrey GuestIndividual
Jeffrey LarkinTime WarnerSelf
Jeffrey LautererCitizen
Jeffrey RoseSelf
Jeffrey StarkSelf EmployedSelf
Jeffrey Williamsnone
Jen M RiegerMyself
Jen RhodesnaMyself
Jen RosenACLU
Jen Santarelliselfself
Jen Waldmana Better Tomorrow
Jena DiMaggioLoyola University Chicago
Jena Wallandernone
Jenee Jenkins-WolframResident of IL
Jenelle Birchmeiernot applicablenot applicable
Jenica RoenneburgMonroe Manor
Jenine ChilesJenine Chiles, PsyD
Jenn OswaldNoneSelf
Jenna BraunsteinNoneSelf
Jenna JohnsonSelf
Jenna Leving JacobsonSelf
Jenna MarkowskiNone
Jenna PetersenPrivate citizen
Jenness StockNone
Jenni HartmanNASelf
Jenni PurdueJ & J LegislativeAmerican Association of University Women
Jennie FronczakSelfSelf
Jennie S ZayasSelfSelf
Jennifer CooleySelf EmployedSelf
Jennifer PerkinsNoneSelf
Jennifer ReinersCitizen
Jennifer UrsoNA
Jennifer A Bauer TempleNoneSelf
Jennifer A CallaghanSelfSelf
Jennifer AllenSelf
Jennifer AmalidosanNot available
Jennifer AndersonNAmyself
Jennifer averyNorthwestern universit
Jennifer BarriosB&B Food Service Incall women's rights
Jennifer BeightolOutcome Health
Jennifer BezingueSelf
Jennifer BiermanM
Jennifer BiggsSelfSelf
Jennifer BivensNorthwestern University
Jennifer Boylanprivate citizen
Jennifer BrandelHearken
Jennifer BridgeNARepresenting Self
Jennifer CaputoNA
Jennifer CarizeyNA
Jennifer Chelinina
Jennifer ChristensenNone
Jennifer CrisostomoMember of the female gender
jennifer crivistonselfself
Jennifer CzerwinskiSelfSelf
Jennifer DavidsNoneSelf
Jennifer DelVecchioIllinois citizen
Jennifer DePriestNoneSelf
Jennifer DePriestSelfSelf
Jennifer Diamondself emplayed
Jennifer Diamondself employed
Jennifer DunnDominican University
Jennifer E BurnsCitizen
Jennifer Evansnone
Jennifer FarleySelfSelf
Jennifer FeasleyThe Center for Self Leadership
Jennifer FergusonOn behalf of selfSelf
Jennifer FoleyNone
Jennifer GardnerSelfna
Jennifer GhandhiSelfSelf
Jennifer GieratNone
Jennifer GilbertStowell & Friedman, Ltd.Jennifer Gilbert on behalf of Stowell & Friedman, Ltd.
Jennifer GilchristNorthwestern University
Jennifer GilletteSauk Valley Bank
Jennifer GordonCitizen
Jennifer GorskiSelf
Jennifer GrandonSelf
Jennifer GrochowskiNOW
Jennifer GzeshSelfSelf
Jennifer HansenCitizen of IllinoisThe female citizens of Illinois
Jennifer HartsigSelf
Jennifer Hermanindividual
Jennifer Hirschresident of Illinois
Jennifer IversenCarle Foundation Hospital
Jennifer JackowskiBraftonJennifer Jackowski
Jennifer JamesSelfSelf
Jennifer JeffrisDPW
Jennifer JenningsIndividual
Jennifer JobrackSr Director
Jennifer JohnsonNot applicable, appearing as self
Jennifer Jonesselfself
Jennifer KaneSelf
Jennifer KaufmannoneSelf
Jennifer KautzNot applicable
Jennifer KeatingNot Applicable
Jennifer KingSelfSelf
Jennifer KmitchPersonal
Jennifer KnutsonElite mark r ting and design
Jennifer KooySelfSelf
Jennifer KooySelfSelf
Jennifer KrauseJennifer Krause Studios
Jennifer Kronk TerryNA
Jennifer L Corbin1967
Jennifer L KennedyNAMyself
Jennifer L MasiOn behalf of self
Jennifer LaDukeHomeSelf
Jennifer LarkinSelf
Jennifer Lauren ShouseLauren Shouse
Jennifer LevineNA
Jennifer LevineSelfSelf
Jennifer Lindnone
Jennifer LokshinSelf
Jennifer LovellSelfSelf
Jennifer MargolisSelf
Jennifer Marie Frank AndersonSalesforce
Jennifer McLaughlinSelf
Jennifer McNultySelfSelf
Jennifer MerrittUIUC
Jennifer MichaelNoneSelf
Jennifer MillerSelf emploted
Jennifer MillsEducator
Jennifer MiltonSelf
Jennifer MonsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Jennifer Moorenoneself
Jennifer MuellerCenter for Well Being
Jennifer O Brienself
Jennifer OBrienNONESelf
Jennifer OHaranone
Jennifer OkonmaNone
Jennifer OlsonSelf
Jennifer OosterbaanSelfSelf
Jennifer PackheiserSelf employed
Jennifer PellantSelf
Jennifer PetersNone
Jennifer PetersenSelf
Jennifer PetersonSelf
Jennifer PopeThe Red Balloon Co.
Jennifer PrassNone
Jennifer Puchtelnoneself
Jennifer PutmanNoneSelf
Jennifer R EpsteinSelfSelf
Jennifer RachwalskiBirdfin Studio Co.
Jennifer RealeSelfSelf
Jennifer RobertsonNA
Jennifer Ruffselfself
Jennifer RumbergerOn Behalf of SelfNA
Jennifer Sapersteinnot available
Jennifer SchroederInPowered Therapy
Jennifer SchwartzMidwest Montessori
Jennifer SchwarzkopfNone
Jennifer SchwarzkopfNoneNone
Jennifer ShanahanSelf
Jennifer SigmanNoneJennifer Sigman
Jennifer SmallPress Ganey
Jennifer Smithnone
Jennifer SmithSchool
Jennifer spearieNA
Jennifer StarrettSelfSelf
Jennifer StreyleSelf
Jennifer Sugarmana
Jennifer SuttonSelfSelf
Jennifer Thomselfself
Jennifer Thomasnoneself
Jennifer VanceSelf
Jennifer VanderPloegPersonal
Jennifer VanicekCitizen
Jennifer Vest-Self
Jennifer W FreemanPersonalJennifer W Freeman
Jennifer Waltersself
Jennifer WeedStrategic Account Management Association
Jennifer WestCitizen
Jennifer WesterSelf employed
Jennifer WilsonNa
Jennifer WirthSelfSelf
Jennifer WolfIL Citizen
Jennifer Wolfself
Jennifer WretzkyEveryday lawSelf
Jennifer Youngmyself
Jennifer Youngself
Jennifer Zulaskiselfself
Jennifer-Nicole TintocMarket Strategy Group
Jenniffer J ThusingSelfself
Jenny Berman RossACLU
Jenny ButlerNone
Jenny CalixNoneSelf
Jenny Conlonnone
Jenny DavisSelfSelf
Jenny GoltzCozen O'ConnorJenny goltz
Jenny HansenSelfSelf
Jenny Meyer-RoodChicago NOW
Jeremiah Posedelmyself
Jeremy AdlerNAJeremy Adler
Jeremy GarrettVenue SIX10
Jeremy Gruenwaldself
Jeremy HornikWMS Gaming
Jeremy SchmidtNaJeremy Schmidt
Jeremy SeaverCamp Seaver Fairgrounds
Jeri HEducation
jeri shawnoneself
Jess KenyonSelf
Jesse Blumenstockself
Jesse DionesotesNoneMyself
Jesse HandlerChicago Housing Authority
Jesse JohnsonMeeting Tomorrow
Jesse Rothself
Jessica Santrockself
Jessica A BrownChicago NOW
Jessica A RangeMcClure, Thomas & Thomas
Jessica A VetterNoneSlef
Jessica AshleyConsultant
Jessica AugsburgerSelfSelf
Jessica Avilanoneself
Jessica BolandEsperanza Health Centers
Jessica ButtimerNoSelf
Jessica CarsonMsSelf
Jessica Christine MatosNorth Star Horse Farm
Jessica CollinsnoneSelf
Jessica Crujeirasn a
Jessica DalySelfSelf
Jessica Dalyselfself
Jessica DattaloPersonalSelf
jessica davenportSelf
jessica Diamondself
Jessica Dornfeldnone
Jessica DroegerNA
Jessica E HornickSelf
Jessica E Mileyna
Jessica ElinIndividual
Jessica EvansGoldman and Grant
Jessica FlanneryNot applicaple
Jessica GalloSelf
Jessica GockleyNAMyself
Jessica GolubSelfSelf
Jessica GrzegorskiNewberry Library
Jessica HaleyUniversity of Chicago
Jessica HedrickSelf Employed
Jessica HembreyNoneSelf
Jessica HodierneLegal
Jessica HolcombChicago NOW
Jessica JonesEnova
Jessica KaskovNA
Jessica Katzna
Jessica KuklinskiSelfSelf
Jessica LeRoyNone
Jessica LewandowskiNoneSelf
Jessica Lighthallself
Jessica Lynn Vietzenself
Jessica Mantovaniselfself
Jessica MatheisSelfSelf
Jessica MckenneyMrs
Jessica McLeanSelfSelf
Jessica McLeodSelf
Jessica MeisterSelfSelf
Jessica MellenNoneNone
Jessica Millernot applicable
Jessica minNone
Jessica MontalvoAspire Health & Northwestern Medicine
Jessica Murguianone
Jessica MurphyJessica Murphy
Jessica N ScanlonMillennium Title Group LTDSelf
Jessica OBrienFreelance
Jessica OliverJessica Oliver VoiceJessica oliver and the women of IL
Jessica Olson1976Self
Jessica OsborneSelfSelf
Jessica PritzkerSelfSelf
Jessica RadcliffePersonal
Jessica RicheyRemington Seeds LLC.
Jessica RiddleG&M
Jessica RidenourJessica Ridenour
Jessica RitterNone
Jessica RobleSelf
Jessica RuncheyColorado State University
Jessica Rushna
Jessica SalasekQuest Books
Jessica SindelSelf-Employed
Jessica SmithUniversity of Chicago
Jessica StatzSelf
Jessica Stephensonnone
Jessica StuckmanPersonal
Jessica ThelanderSelfSelf
Jessica ThomasIndividual
Jessica timminsNone
Jessica Van AalstNA
Jessica Vealitzeknoneself
Jessica VysokyWalgreens
Jessica WedemeyerNA
Jessica WellbaumCasey'sSelf
Jessica WhitingSelfSelf
JessieLoft on Lake
Jessie FilkinsSelf
Jessie LaChanceSelf
Jessie LyonsMyself
Jesslyn JobeShawnee Health Servicestaff member
Jesus FernandezSiemens
Jill A SimpsonMrs.Myself
Jill Berginnone
Jill BrantzKaleidoscope, Inc
Jill BrkovichNONE
Jill DavidsonNaIndividual
Jill Feldmanindividual
Jill GimeskyCitizen
Jill GoodmanNone
Jill HurwitzSelf
Jill JaegerSelf-employed
Jill KochKoch Creative Servies
Jill Kolkerprivate Household
Jill LipmanHomeowner
Jill McCutcheonSelf employed
Jill MeyerNone
Jill MillerAIM
jill niewoehnerMamagrows
Jill SeidmanAlivio Medical Center
Jill SilvermanJill Silverman LCSW
Jill Sinknoneself
Jill ThomasSelect...Self
Jill Thompsonnone
Jill VersaceSelf
Jill WallaceNone
Jillian AbbinantiSelfself
Jillian DuckwitzNone
Jillian GindySelf
Jillian KnapczykSelfBruce Rauner; Martin A. Sandoval
Jillian MillerJillian Miller
Jillian MyersPath Crisis Center
Jillian PodgorskiSelfSelf
Jillian Van BurenJillian Van Buren
jim dixoncitizen
Jim KrokNAself
Jim MitchellMitchell Marketing Management
Jim Olesnone
Jim ParksSelfSELF
Jim RyanJim Ryann a
Jim Slezaknone
Jo Ann R PotashnickSelf
Jo Ann Seagerindividual
Jo Beth HarrisonSelf
Jo BuxbaumSelf
Jo-Elle MunchakNoneNone
Joan Anundson AhrNA
Joan BrodyNoneSelf
Joan fishmanSelf
Joan HarropSelf
Joan Knippennone
Joan LanningSelfSelf
Joan M VernascoNonprofit
Joan MazzonelliSelfself
Joan MetzCitizen
Joan OberndorfSelfself
Joan PadillaSelf
Joan ReedNA
Joan SilinsSelfSelf
Joan SommersSommers Design
Joan zahnleRetired
JoAnn Kawellselfself
Joanna AcostaNANA
Joanna Collias GatzulisPersonal
Joanna Horwitznone
Joanna KlonskyJoanna Klonsky Communication Strategies, Inc.
Joanna KourtidisUsf
Joanna RiopelleSelfSelf
Joanna SpathisNoneNone
Joanne DiazSelfSelf
Joanne Chesternone
Joanne ChiarellaSelf
Joanne DubachPrivate Constituent
Joanne GianninoUnitarian Universalist Church of Urbana Champaign
Joanne Gipsonselfself
Joanne kahnPrivate constituent
Joanne KinoyKinoy, Taren and Geraghty, P.CMyself
Joanne M BonaminioNREF
Joanne marsdenNa
Joanne Michalskiretired
Joanne Millerself employed
Joanne NicholsonNoneSelf
Joanne PickeringNone
Joanne RodriguezChicago public schools
Joanne Rouffaselfself
Joanne Smith McCaskeyselfself
Joanne TorkelsonNoneSelf
Joanne Wiedemann-WolfDickens Carriage Company
Joanne ZientyNoneSelf
Jodi DudekSelf
Jodi Harris--
Jodi HinzmannSC DesignWomen
Jodi Kahnnone
Jodi LacyNoneNone
Jodi MerrellCentennial elementary
Jodie EasonSelfSelf
Jodie FoffelSelf
Jodie GrantSelfSelf
Jodie JohnsonCitizen
Jody CossHillside Studioself
Jody CoultasSelfSelf
Jody Horowitznoneself
Jody schwartzJody Schwartz
Joe AndresRapid Displays
Joe MitzenmacherNA
Joe SchripsemaSelf
Joe SpainNoneSelf
Joel B PollickMarket Strategy Groupself
Joel BlusteinNone
Joel BoveRush University Medical Center
JOEL KRUEGERNot Applicable
Joel WallaceSchiff Hardin LLP
JoEllen Kamesprivate citizen
Joette Congernone
Johanna AronSelf
Johanna GarsensteinPharmaCannis
Johanna moormanSelf
John Abbottselfself
John BirdNone
John BurtNone
John CartonRetired
John Darraghselfself
John Dominskiindependent citizen
John F ErnstMr.
John FerrickStay at home father
John FitzsimmonsPrivately Owned Technology CompanyNone
John FreelandSelfSelf
John GammalResident of Illinois
John GriffinScientific Games
John JacobsenOpinionLab, Inc.
John KeefeNone
John KennedySelfSelf
John KruegerSelf
John mahoneySelfJohn mahoney
John Manshipnoneself
John Margelewskiselfself
John McPherrinSelfSelf
John MobleySelf
John MoonyMoony
John MoranNRS
John PerreconeSelfSelf
John Philip MickOn behalf of selfSelf
John Ramirezon behalf of self
John T MurphyYoung Horses Inc
John WattsSelfSelf
John WissmannNoneSelf
John WissmannNoneSelf
John WissmannNoneSelf
John WissmannNoneSelf
John WissmannNoneSelf
Johnna Darragh ErnstNANA
Jolanta MarkiewiczPlanned parenthood of illinois
Joleen CorzineNone
Jolene Fiscellanone
Jolene KappesNoneSelf
Jolene KuehnWoman of the Resistance
JoLynn Doerrselfself
Jon colbornOn behalf of selfIn behalf of self
Jon McEnteeNAmyself and women in my life
Jonah ShifrinNA
Jonathan ArturiSelfSelf
Jonathan D WilliamsOn behalf of self
Jonathan FellNot Applicable
Jonathan FerrerIndependent CitizenIndependent Citizen
Jonathan Foornonenone
Jonathan GoodmanselfSelf
Jonathan I BenisvyCPS
Jonathan LauAon
Jonathan MarshallSelf
Jonathan MeyerNoneSelf
Jonathan Michael CrowleyPrivate Individual
Jonathan NeidorfLoyola University Chicago
Jonathan PfautzNoneSelf
Jonathan SeeleyReal estate
jonathan tottlebenprivate citizenprivate citizen
Jonathan WessingerNoneSelf
Jonathon BurkhalterPersonal
Joni Andersonon behalf of selfself
Joni Nawrockistay-at-home-motherJoni Nawrocki
Joni RichterSelfSelf
Joni spungemNot applicable
Jordan GrauerSelfSelf
Jordan Kardaszselfself
Jordan OdaySelfSelf
Jordan SchweizerChicago public schools
Jordyn LandbergLes Turner ALS Foundation
Jori saksJori saks
Jorie DanaytrueX
Jorie GoldsmithNone
Josee Martensnoneself
Joseph Aaron FrumkinDePaul UniversityJoseph Aaron Frumkin
Joseph AltshulerSelf
Joseph BernsteinH-CORE, LLC
Joseph C RovnerIndependent
Joseph deBettencourtPrivate Constituent
Joseph DonnellyNoneSelf
Joseph DrelichSelf
Joseph GlimcoSelfSelf
Joseph KlausMcDannel
Joseph Kosekon behalf of selfself
Joseph LapsleyLoyola University Chicago
Joseph LegaultSelfSelf
Joseph M ParrilloMyself
Joseph MillerSelfSelf
Joseph OBrienself
Joseph ReynosoSelf
Joseph Robert HancCVSHealthChicago NOW
Joseph RomeoNoneSelf
Joseph Zarrowself
Josephine GeignerSelfSelf
Josephine HermanIndividual
Josh BerlingSelfSelf
Josh FergusonSelf
Josh Goldbergpersonal
Josh ParnellChamberlain Group Inc.HB 40
Josh SobelSelf
Joshua A MaciasNoneSelf
Joshua AronsOn behalf of selfSelf
Joshua Bogartself
Joshua FergusonSelf
Joshua HarrisSelfSelf
Joshua HorwitzBehalf of selfSelf
Joshua Mathias Rasner-StimmelnoneNA
Joshua Mathias Rasner-StimmelnoneNA
Joshua P KiemSelfSelf
Joshua SumnerGoodman Theater
Josie CarolloSelfWomen
Joslyn Brandtself
Journey StewardPersonal
Joy ClendenningSelf
Joy MoonNA
Joyce BabbittSelfSelf
Joyce KleinOak Street Health
JOYCE POLANCEJoyce Polance Fine Art
Joyce PollackSelf
Joyce PollakoffNa
Joyce SimonLevin & Levy, LLC
Joyce SlavikNoneSelf
Joyce WinerSelf employedMike Quigley
Juan Sebastian AriasUC Berkeley
Judi PhillipsTerrace & Garden Landscapes, LLC...discontinued
Judie CaribeauxMyself
Judith Marcinselfself
Judith A CarterNone
Judith AdamsNone
Judith ArchambaultCitizen
Judith BlockActive CitizenWomen citizen of Illinois,
judith corbeillenamyself
judith dobkinself-employed
Judith DonofrioNoneSelf
JudIth Gaietto-GraceSelfSelf
Judith Glassenbergselfself
Judith godfreyRetired teacher
Judith HigginsIndividualself
Judith HopkinsNone
Judith IrleN.A.
Judith L and David Sensibarretiredprivate cirtzens
Judith L GuajardoNONE
Judith LaRueNone
Judith LevinNoneNa
Judith Lynn AulikSelf
Judith MandelRetired
Judith OLearyRetired
Judith RycombelSelf
Judith vierkeNoneSelf
Judith Warcholselfself
Judith WarrenSelf
Judy FeinbergJudy Feinberg
Judy Albusretired teacher
Judy Arveyself
judy bramsonnot applicable
Judy ChapmanSelf
Judy MischelIndividual
Judy OConnellNone
Judy P ThornberProspect Equities Real EstateSelf
Judy PapiSelf
Juli ArnoldGotojuli
Juli McCarthyMaiden Bedlam Spirited Books, Gifts & JewelryWomen of the United States
JuliaOn behalf of self
Julia Antonatosself
Julia CulverMrs.Self
Julia deBettencourtPrivate Constituent
Julia Eckersleyselfself
Julia GrovesFitness Formula ClubsSelf
Julia HaslangerNone
Julia HowlandPrivate citizen
Julia Kim-Cohenself
Julia KleinSoberscove Press
Julia KyleNAmyself
Julia M MachadoNone
Julia McCauleySelf
Julia McDonaldJulia McDonald Intelligent Self Care
Julia McNabbCopyMidasNW Suburban Activist Group
Julia MellowSelf-employed
Julia PedersenJulia Pedersen
Julia RobbinSelfSelf
Julia RohanRover-Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, LLCJulia Rohan
Julia StylesUnemployed
Julia TestinNASelf
Julia TestinNASelf
Julia TestinNASelf
Julia TestinNoneSelf
Julia Thielnoneself
Julia WhiteNot applicable
Julia WilliamsNone
Julia WrightNA
Juliana M EngelSelfSelf
Juliana MorawskiCHP of IL
juliana sublewski1988
Julianne BonwitBonwit Household
Julie A FidykSelfSelf
Julie AdamsNone
Julie AdamsSelfSelf
Julie AdamsSelfSelf
Julie AllenMarketing
Julie Anne Friendself
Julie BasomSelfSelf
Julie BokserIndividual
Julie Brattonselfself
Julie BrennanNaSelf
Julie BurgenerPellis Law Group
Julie CheathamNone
Julie Crowe-McCarthySelf
Julie CutterNAJulie Cutter
Julie DalyselfSelf
Julie DanisSelf
Julie DavisSelfSelf
Julie De Reunone
Julie DoetschNA
Julie E HamosPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
Julie E RischmillerHR Moxie
Julie FanningHolding Hope Services
Julie FentonNone
Julie GarrisonMaciorowski, Sackmann & Ulrich
Julie GoldsteinSelf
Julie GroeperSelfSelf
Julie Hanahanself
Julie HigginsMill Street Elementary
Julie Higginson behalf of self.self
Julie JacobiSelfSelf
Julie JurgensSelf
Julie Kaufmanself
Julie KayaianJulie Kayaian
Julie KratochvilNone
Julie Kroeyrnone
Julie Lucas Sodernaself
Julie MasonSelfSelf
Julie MillerBankers Life
Julie millerPersonal
Julie MilnerNa
Julie Moorecitizenself
Julie NagleNoneSelf
Julie OvalleSelf-employed
Julie PokornySelfSelf
Julie Rootselfself
Julie RosenbergNoneSelf
Julie Sabo2013
Julie SassNA
Julie Schaefferselfself
Julie ScherJulie Scher, LCSW, Ltd.
Julie SchmerbeckNoneSelf
Julie SmithWesley UMC
Julie Starbirdselfself
Julie StephanSelfSelf
Julie StraussIndependent Lecturer
Julie ThompsonNa
Julie WalterNone
Julie Webber-CollinsICATIllinois Choice Action Team
Julie Weismanselfself
Julie Zieglerself
Juliet Berger-Whitenonenone
Juliet HuangselfSelf
Julieta Aguileraselfself
Julio KuramotoFINRA
Justice ScarpaNone
Justin BurgessIndependent
Justin CiulaAbbott MolecularAbbott Molecular
Justin DavisResidentialJustin Davis
Justin Joseph HignightNA
Justin MillerSelt Employed
Justin RandNone
Justine BoneyNone
Justine KruegerSelfSelf
Justine Serinonone
K Ebroonreal estate
K FreedmanSelfSelf
K MorrisNone
Kaara Kallennonenone
Kace WakemChamber of Commerce
Kacie SmithNoneSelf
Kai ZhangThoughtWorks
Kaila kirkpatrickResidentKaila kirkpatrick
Kairsten ThiesNone
Kaitland GutierrezNot applicable
Kaitlin Armstrong WinnieNone
Kaitlin Fineon behalf of self
Kaitlin StimpsonNoneSelf
Kaitlin SullivanSears Holdings
Kaitlyn Ann KroegerSelfSelf
Kaitlyn FriendNA
Kaitlyn GrissomIndividual
Kaitlyn JuddK Grace Childcare
Kaiya IversonSelf
Kaja SchuelerHuman Services
Kala HammerACLU-IL
Kale JonesSelfKale Jones
Kalee GouldRetired
Kaleigh DolanK&K Screw Products
Kaley RelazBellwood School District 88
Kali Hendersonprivate constituent
Kalina S MalyszkoIndividual
Kalina SawyerLake Forest College
Kamelia HristevaGreen Star Movement
Kara CermakSelf
Kara Johnsonselfself
Kara Kapppersonal
Kara KuoNONE
Kara L GuizzettiIllinois resident
Kara Lang Guminski JD MAPersonal PAC
Kara pettyjohnPrairie land Montessori
Kara WrightMindhearted, Inc.
Karen Nellisselfself
Karen AlpertSelf
Karen Ann DeCockerSelfself
Karen Banks-Lubicznone
Karen BarrieSelfSelf
Karen BeanNA
Karen Bergquist DezomaCornerstone Services
Karen BermanNoneSelf
Karen BognichNoneNone
Karen BoykinSelfSelf
Karen BrownWhy is this mandatory
Karen BucherSelf
Karen CamireAction for a better tomorrow
Karen ChristiansenConcerned Citizen
Karen ClaytonSelf
Karen DeeringFamily business
Karen DeLaycitizen
Karen EdwardsSelfSelf
Karen Ferguson-HuffKishwaukee Health System
Karen FiorinoClay Lick Creek Pottery
Karen FriedmanSelfSelf
Karen G ScottNoneself
Karen Galinna
Karen GarvinResident
Karen GermainSelf
Karen GoldnerSelf
Karen Grasslyself
Karen HawkPMG-Marine Drive
Karen Heroldself employed
Karen HoNASelf
Karen Jacobsnoneself
Karen JohlNone
Karen Johnsonself
Karen Kazmierczaknot applicable
Karen KindermanSelfSelf
Karen KlebbeState of Illinois
Karen KlingNone
Karen KohnSelf employed
Karen KortschnoneMyself
Karen L ReynoldsVery concerned citizen
Karen LinderLinder Farm
Karen McGeeIndividual
Karen McHughPrivate citizen
Karen MellmanSpotlight Marketing, Inc
Karen Migaldinoneself
Karen MooreSelf
Karen MoranSelf
Karen ParkerIndustrial Service Products
Karen PattonCat Care By Karen
Karen PeckSelf
Karen PierceKaren Pierce
Karen Pinkert-LiebSchiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP
Karen ReitanPrivate Citizen
Karen ReyesArtReach
Karen RoguljaSelf
Karen RolisonMs.
Karen SchillerHomemaker
Karen Seymour EllsSelf-Employ, Occupational TherapistNybo Breen
Karen Smithself
Karen StaceyNA
Karen Stevensme
Karen Steward-Nolanself
Karen ThirmanSelf
Karen WintersIndividual
Karen Wiss HillNone
Karen Youngnone
Kari A StrombergSelf
Kari AbboudSelfSelf
Kari HeyerSelfSelf
Kari Irwin OtteburnNot applicable
Kari MachunasDistrict 64
Kari McLeanRepresent myself
Kariann A ChristensonNoneSelf
Karin BaumgaertelNone
Karin BellSelfSelf
Karin Evansselfself
Karin Graddyselfself
Karin JohnseySelfSelf
Karin ReadelNone
KARIN ROSEAdvertising
Karin SchuelerHuman Services
Karin SchuelerHuman Services
Karin Steinbrueckself
Karl BiblerNone
Karl BoothIndividual
Karl Bronnstate citizen
Karl P KellerCommunication Partners
Karla BaileySmithself employed
Karla SchuelerHuman Services
Karolyn HenryNone
Karolynn Horannone
Karyn CarltonNA
Karyn RoblesResident
Karyn RosmanNoneSelf
Kate AbramsonNoneSelf
Kate ChenNA
Kate DaufeldtNOW
Kate De La PasquaOn behalf of selfSelf
Kate Draneself-employed
Kate DuffNone
Kate Garrettself
Kate gomerPnc inc.
Kate GronstalIndividual
Kate HeroldnoneSelf
Kate LeslieEmerald city theatre
Kate LeslieEmerald city theatre
Kate LevineAttorney
Kate LoewensteinNmk & Assoc.
Kate MobergselfSelf
Kate Pohl-NuddNone
Kate van DykeDCC
Kate WagnerNa
Kate Zinsserna
Katelin Shields-Johnsonnone
Katelyn frederkingChapman and cutlerKatelyn Frederking
Katelyn PattonWomen's March
Katelyn WoolcottSchool
Katelynd DuncanKJD Strategies
Katey caffertySelf
Katey SelixNone
Katharine BakerSelfSelf
Katharine CarrSelfSelf
Katharine Cikanekna
Katharine DicksonNone
Katharine E Hahnself
Katharine McCartynone
Katharine MershonUniversity of Chicago
Kathe Wright Kaufmannoneself
Katherine AnsellUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Katherine BaruthaSelfSelf
Katherine Binkley1987
Katherine BrandtKorzenoiwski for District 65 School Board
Katherine BrownSelf
Katherine BurtonNone
Katherine calamiaGroupSelf
Katherine ChwaliszSelf
Katherine DanielsIllinois
Katherine Davis HimmelselfSelf
Katherine Dickinsonnone
Katherine Durhamhomemaker
Katherine FoleyEdward Jones
Katherine FosterNA
Katherine GalbinceaSelf
Katherine Gjajanone
Katherine Harrisonwheaton college
Katherine HeintzNoneSelf
Katherine JudanoneSelf
Katherine JudgeBeacon Hill AssociatesACLU
Katherine KamholzSelfSelf
Katherine KiepuraNA
Katherine KlineRetired
Katherine knickerSelf
Katherine Knightself
Katherine LaBuddeSelf
Katherine Linnone
Katherine Logueself
Katherine m LanskyNA
Katherine MadiganNone
Katherine MillerNa
Katherine MinarikBartlit Beck
Katherine MuddLaw FirmSelf
Katherine PawlickiCEC
Katherine PhilippeNone
Katherine PotamitesSchool District 202
Katherine RioSelfself
Katherine RiversSELF
Katherine RodgersCase Western Reserve University
Katherine RutledgeSelf
Katherine ScafidiAmerican Bar Association
Katherine SchultzSelfself
Katherine ShattoSelfSelf
Katherine SheddenNoneNone
Katherine SheppardCalafia Design
Katherine ShermanNoneSelf
Katherine Shonkself-employed
Katherine SonarSonar Consulting
Katherine SteelyPantsuit NationWomen of Illinois
Katherine SullivanUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Katherine SzarkowiczNONENONE
Katherine SzarkowiczSELFSELF
Katherine T Mitchellindividual
Katherine TalleringCitizen Of Illinois
Katherine Torres-HertzSelf
Katherine uttechNoneSelf
Katherine WadeKatherine Wade
Katherine WiseSelf
Katherine WymanSelfSelf
Kathie BenderNa
Kathie Toulouseself
Kathleen RodgersNone
Kathleen A JordanSelfSelf
Kathleen BejmaSelfSelf
Kathleen BelewUniversity of Chicago
Kathleen BernhardtSelf
Kathleen BlehartKathleen S Blehart, LLC
Kathleen Brown KriegMrs.
Kathleen BuckleySelf
Kathleen CarmichaelSelf
Kathleen CulhaneNA
Kathleen DalyCASEL
Kathleen DennisNA
Kathleen DiviakNoneSelf
Kathleen Doyleselfself
Kathleen DuffySelf
Kathleen FarinaSelf
Kathleen FiedlerSelf
Kathleen GaribaldiSelfKathleen Garibaldi
Kathleen GentileCitizenCitizens
Kathleen GetzRetired
Kathleen Golembiewskiselfself
Kathleen Hartindividual
Kathleen HennNot applicable
KATHLEEN HERZOGConstituent of Illinois
Kathleen JonesNONE
Kathleen K Wilhelmnonenone
Kathleen KneerResearch
Kathleen Larsonself
Kathleen LeeNONE
Kathleen Lernerretired
Kathleen Maher LipinskiNoneSelf
Kathleen McGinnisAttorney
Kathleen McHughSelf
Kathleen McHughSelf
Kathleen MessingerNot Applicable
Kathleen MeyerLifeSource
Kathleen MurphyNoneMyself
Kathleen Neacyselfself
Kathleen OGormannoneSelf
Kathleen OlsenSelf Employed
Kathleen OmalleySelfSelf
Kathleen OneillNaSelf
Kathleen OReillyCitizenCitizen Voter
Kathleen Reardon SpeetzenSelf
Kathleen RospendaSelf
Kathleen SamuelsSelf
Kathleen SancesSelfWritten Statement Only
Kathleen SchaeferSelfSelf
Kathleen SchlueterNoneSelf
Kathleen ScullySelf-Employed
Kathleen SheridanNA
Kathleen SlepickaSelfSelf
Kathleen Smigielskiindividual
Kathleen Tallself
Kathleen YurkewiczFermi Research Allianceself
Kathrin SmithVoter
Kathrine PerkinsHighland community college
Kathryn A Kollettnot applicable
Kathryn B Cook--Self.
Kathryn Bandy----
Kathryn BoothNot applicable
Kathryn BrownPersonal
Kathryn C Conawaynoneself
Kathryn CassibrySelfSelf
Kathryn ClancyNone
Kathryn ConwayPower Rogers & Smith
Kathryn DeissSelfSelf
Kathryn DeraedtNone
Kathryn DugalSelf Employed
Kathryn E MillerHST Materials, Inc.
Kathryn EdmondsIndependent
Kathryn Feazel-KwiatkowskiSelf
Kathryn FeiereiselNot applicableNot applicable