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Senator Thomas Cullerton (D), 23rd District
Thomas Cullerton is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB3Thomas CullertonLOCAL GOVERNMENT CONSOLIDATIONSThird Reading - Passed; 036-014-0072/8/2017
SB73Ira I. SilversteinDRUG MANUFACTURER-PRICESSAssigned to Human Services1/24/2017
SB84Heather A. SteansCOMMUNITY FIRST CHOICE OPTIONSAssigned to Human Services1/24/2017
SB87Terry LinkPROP TX-SURVIVING SPOUSESPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading February 28, 20172/16/2017
SB193Terry LinkINS CD-MULTIPLE SCLEROSISSAssigned to Insurance1/24/2017
SB609Julie A. MorrisonPTAB-PENDING MATTERSSPostponed - Revenue2/22/2017
SB623Thomas CullertonCRIM CD-STALKING&AGG STALKINGSAssigned to Criminal Law2/1/2017
SB650Michael ConnellySCH CD-MANDATE WAIVER NOTICESAssigned to Education2/1/2017
SB657Kyle McCarterBOXING/MARTIAL ARTSSTo Subcommittee on Special Issues (LA)2/9/2017
SB660Michael E. HastingsVETERANS' HEALTH INS PROGRAMSAssigned to Human Services2/1/2017
SB676Michael E. HastingsENERGY EFFICIENCY-AUDITSSPostponed - State Government2/16/2017
SB686Julie A. MorrisonPROPERTY TAX-ASSESSMENT CAPSTo Subcommittee on Property Taxes2/22/2017
SB700Thomas CullertonREVENUE-TECHSReferred to Assignments1/30/2017
SB705Andy ManarHIGHER ED-VETERANS SERVICE ACTSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading February 28, 20172/16/2017
SB706Thomas CullertonLOCAL GOVERNMENT-TECHSReferred to Assignments1/30/2017
SB708Iris Y. MartinezNATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANSSPostponed - Licensed Activities and Pensions2/16/2017
SB710Thomas CullertonLOCAL GOVERNMENT-TECHSReferred to Assignments1/30/2017
SB719Thomas CullertonREVENUE-TECHSReferred to Assignments1/30/2017
SB736Michael E. HastingsHIGHER ED-MILITARY EXP CREDITSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading February 28, 20172/16/2017
SB750Thomas CullertonEDUCATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/1/2017
SB759Thomas CullertonLIQUOR-SPECIAL USE PERMITSAssigned to Executive2/8/2017
SB763Omar AquinoYOUTH ADVISORY COUNCILSPostponed - State Government2/16/2017
SB836John G. MulroeVEH CD-VEH INSPECTION STATIONSAssigned to Executive2/8/2017
SB837Thomas CullertonUNIVERSITIES-ADMIN COSTSSTo Subcommittee on Public Higher Education Administrative Costs, Tuition and Fees2/16/2017
SB860Thomas CullertonLINE OF DUTY COMPENSATION-DUTYSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading February 28, 20172/16/2017
SB866Thomas CullertonVETERANS-SERVICE ANIMALSSPostponed - Veterans Affairs2/16/2017
SB867Thomas CullertonLLC REDUCE ARTICLES FILING FEESAssigned to Commerce and Economic Development2/8/2017
SB868Mattie HunterORGAN DONOR REGISTRY-AGE 16SPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading February 28, 20172/16/2017
SB886Thomas CullertonDOR-TREASURER-UNCLAIMED PROPSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading February 28, 20172/16/2017
SB929Thomas CullertonCOLL DEBIT & PREPAID CARD REGSAssigned to Financial Institutions2/15/2017
SB940Thomas CullertonMENTAL DIS-COMMUNITY-BASEDSAssigned to Human Services2/15/2017
SB981Daniel BissEQUAL PAY ACT-WAGE HISTORYSAssigned to Labor2/15/2017
SB1381Bill CunninghamTELECOMS-IP-BASED SERVICESSAssigned to Telecommunications and Information Technology2/15/2017
SB1404Thomas CullertonPEN CD-GARS-NEW SENATE MEMBERSSAssigned to Licensed Activities and Pensions2/22/2017
SB1434Thomas CullertonRENTAL-PURCHASE TAXSAssigned to Revenue2/22/2017
SB1504Thomas CullertonWORK COMP SAFETY PROGRAMSSAssigned to Judiciary2/22/2017
SB1620Michael E. HastingsPROCUREMENT-VETERAN PREFSReferred to Assignments2/9/2017
SB1666Thomas CullertonMUNI-CRIME-FREE RENTAL HOUSINGSReferred to Assignments2/9/2017
SB1693Thomas CullertonVITAL RECORDS-MILITARY SERVICESReferred to Assignments2/9/2017
SB1724Antonio MuņozMEDICAID-MANAGED CARE-AMBULNCESReferred to Assignments2/9/2017
SB1778Neil AndersonIFA-FIRE TRUCKSSReferred to Assignments2/9/2017
SB1995Thomas CullertonINS CD-SERVICE DOGSSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB2018Thomas CullertonSTUDENT DATA PRIVACYSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB2028Thomas CullertonVEH CD-SCHOOL BUS-ACTIVITYSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB2031Thomas CullertonNURSING HM CARE-RESIDENT'S REPSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SR3Julie A. MorrisonSENATE RULES-AMEND-TERM LIMITSSResolution Adopted; 058-000-0001/11/2017
SR113Thomas CullertonNO TAXES ON RETIREMENT INCOMESTo Subcommittee on Income Taxes2/22/2017
SJRCA2Christine RadognoCON AMEND-LEADER TERM LIMITSSPostponed - Executive2/9/2017
SJRCA3Jennifer Bertino-TarrantCONAMEND- LEGISLATURE LIMITSSReferred to Assignments1/24/2017
SJRCA8Thomas CullertonLEGISLATURE-VACANCYSReferred to Assignments2/8/2017