Illinois General Assembly

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Bills Assigned To Public Health
100th General Assembly
MembersNotice of HearingBills 
Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB 313 (SFA 1)Emil Jones, III Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Public Health3/28/2017
SB 350 (SFA 1)David Koehler Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Postponed - Public Health4/26/2017
SB 741 (SFA 2)Emil Jones, III Senate Floor Amendment No. 2 Assignments Refers to Public Health4/25/2017
SB 987 (SFA 1)Wm. Sam McCann Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 To Subcommittee on Long Term Care4/26/2017
SB1221Ira I. SilversteinVEH CD-SMOKING IN MOTOR VEHPostponed - Public Health4/5/2017
SB1559Heather A. SteansMEDICAID-PAYMENT RATESTo Subcommittee on Long Term Care3/29/2017
SB1624Daniel BissREGULATION-TECHPostponed - Public Health4/5/2017
SB 1624 (SCA 1)Daniel Biss Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 To Subcommittee on Long Term Care3/29/2017
SR454Thomas CullertonPANS AND PANDAS DAYAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017
HB679John G. MulroeIDPH-MENINGOCOCCAL BROCHUREAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017
HB706Michael ConnellyPHARMA DISPOSAL-DOCTORS-NURSESAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017
HB2531Jil TracyDRUG SUBSTITUTION-GENERICSAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017
HB3002Andy ManarINFECTIOUS DISEASE TESTINGAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017
HB3060Iris Y. MartinezBIRTH RECORDS-HOMELESS PERSONSAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017
HB3063David KoehlerFARMERS MARKETS-COTTAGE FOODAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017
HB3684David KoehlerFOOD SERVICE SANITATION CERTAssigned to Public Health4/25/2017