Illinois General Assembly

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Bills Assigned To Criminal Law
100th General Assembly
MembersNotice of HearingBills 
Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB 2288 (SFA 1)Jil Tracy Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Postponed - Criminal Law4/19/2018
SB 2288 (SFA 3)Jil Tracy Senate Floor Amendment No. 3 Postponed - Criminal Law4/24/2018
SB 2787 (SFA 1)John F. Curran Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Criminal Law4/17/2018
SB 2803 (SFA 1)Michael Connelly Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 To Subcommittee on CLEAR Compliance4/19/2018
HB4077Michael E. HastingsCTY JAIL GD BEHAVIOR-SEN CREDTPostponed - Criminal Law5/22/2018
HB 4191 (SFA 2)Michael Connelly Senate Floor Amendment No. 2 Postponed - Criminal Law5/22/2018
HB4312Karen McConnaughayVEH CD-EMERGENCY VEH-PENALTYTo Subcommittee on CLEAR Compliance5/2/2018
HB4390Martin A. SandovalCRIM CD-CRIMINAL BUILDING MGMTTo Subcommittee on CLEAR Compliance5/18/2018
HB 5477 (SFA 1)Linda Holmes Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Postponed - Criminal Law5/29/2018
HB5793Iris Y. MartinezCRIM CD-EAVESDROPPING EXEMPTPostponed - Criminal Law5/22/2018