Illinois General Assembly

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100th General Assembly
Hearing Notice For Public Health

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Hearing Scheduled for Feb 20, 2018

Chairperson Patricia Van Pelt
Vice-Chairperson John G. Mulroe
Minority Spokesperson Wm. Sam McCann
Scheduled Date:Feb 20, 2018 1:00PM
Location:400 Capitol
Springfield, IL
Posting Date:Feb 14, 2018 2:13PM
Subject Matter:
Secretary of the Senate:Tim Anderson

Bill #SponsorABR - Short DescriptionLast Action
SB2235Heather A. SteansEMS SYSTEMS-STROKESAssigned to Public Health
SB2334Laura M. MurphyHOSPITALS-METAL DETECTORSPostponed - Public Health
SB2441Michael E. HastingsREAR-FACING CHILD RESTRAINTAssigned to Public Health
SB2524Chapin RoseDISPOSAL-UNUSED ANTIBIOTICSAssigned to Public Health
SB2541Kimberly A. LightfordSCH CD-DEPT PUBLIC HEALTH-RULEAssigned to Public Health
SR1153Laura M. MurphyLYME DISEASE AWARENESS-FUNDINGAssigned to Public Health
SR1369Patricia Van PeltECZEMA AWARENESS MONTHAssigned to Public Health
SR1397Chapin RoseANTIBIOTICS DISPOSAL-SUPERBUGSAssigned to Public Health
SJR50Toi W. HutchinsonDOMESTIC VIOLENCE-PRIORITYAssigned to Public Health