PART 300 PARI-MUTUELS : Sections Listing



Section 300.10  General


a)         No person shall wager after the start of a race.


b)         Each licensee shall provide an information window.  A complete and current Board rulebook shall be available for public inspection during racing hours at each information window.


c)         No licensee shall permit any minor to purchase or cash pari-mutuel tickets.  Minors shall be prohibited from all mutuel windows.


d)         Each mutuel department employee shall wear on his/her person, in plain view, a name badge.


e)         A summary explanation of pari-mutuel wagering shall be published in the official program for each race program.  The official Board rules relative to each type of pari-mutuel pool offered shall be published in the official program on each day that type of pool is offered.


f)         Unless expressly noted within specific wagering pool rules, refunds shall be granted on all valid wagers when a race is canceled or declared "no contest".


g)         The host track and/or organization licensee shall be responsible for the closing of wagering on each contest after which time no pari-mutuel wagers shall be accepted for that contest.  Each licensed facility not utilizing the host track's totalizator vendor shall be responsible for the close of wagering at its own facility.


h)         The host track and/or organization licensee shall have a qualified individual representing its pari-mutuel department at its totalizator computer system hub (host) at all times it conducts the pari-mutuel system of wagering.


i)          The organization licensee and/or Illinois host track shall provide, electronically within 24 hours, a summary of pari-mutuel operations report, in a format prescribed by the State Director of Mutuels, to the Board as the original record of wagering activities on that race program.


Section 300.20  Records


Each licensee shall maintain records of all wagering including the opening line, subsequent odds fluctuation, the amounts wagered on each betting interest and such other information as may be required.  Such records shall be delivered to the Board upon request.


Section 300.30  Pari-Mutuel Tickets


a)         A valid pari-mutuel ticket shall contain the following imprinted information:


1)         the name of the organization or track conducting the races;


2)         the name of the licensee issuing the ticket;


3)         the name of the Illinois host track;


4)         a unique identifying number or code;


5)         identification of the terminal at which the ticket was issued;


6)         a designation of the performance for which the wagering transaction was issued;


7)         the contest number for which the pool is conducted;


8)         the type or types of wagers represented;


9)         the number or numbers representing the betting interests for which the wager is recorded; and


10)         the amount or amounts of the contributions to the pari-mutuel pool or pools for which the ticket is evidence.


b)         To prevent re-entry in the pari-mutuel system for duplicate cashing, each cashed or refunded ticket shall be marked to indicate that it has been cashed or refunded.  The manner in which cashed or refunded tickets are marked shall not destroy the identity of the ticket.


c)         No claims for lost pari-mutuel tickets shall be considered.  Mutilated or altered pari-mutuel tickets shall not be accepted for payment.


Section 300.40  Pari-Mutuel Wagers


a)         All organization, intertrack and intertrack wagering location licensees shall offer the same types of pari-mutuel pools and minimum pari-mutuel prices at both manned and unmanned terminals, unless specifically restricted by Board rule (e.g., tickets may not be exchanged at unmanned ticket issuing machines).


b)         All intertrack wagering facilities shall establish and maintain minimum purchase prices of pari-mutuel wagers that are the same as those offered by the organization licensee providing the simulcast.


c)         All organization licensees shall require out-of-state wagering facilities to maintain the same minimum purchase prices of pari-mutuel wagers established for Illinois licensees.  If it is determined that an out-of-state wagering facility has not maintained the same minimum purchase price of pari-mutuel wagers, the organization licensee shall be subject to civil penalties pursuant to Section 5/9(l) of the Act [230 ILCS 5/9(l)]. This Section shall apply only to organization licensees conducting commingled or combined wagering pools with out-of-state wagering facilities.


d)         All intertrack wagering facilities shall offer the same pari-mutuel pools as offered by the organization providing the simulcast.


(Source:  Amended at 23 Ill. Reg. 13935, effective November 2, 1999)


Section 300.50  Pari-Mutuel Races


a)         Wagering shall be prohibited on more than 11 live harness races during the course of a single racing program except on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when wagering shall be prohibited on more than 12 live harness races, unless permission to wager on additional races has been granted by the Board.


b)         Wagering shall be prohibited on more than 10 live thoroughbred races during the course of a single racing program, unless permission to wager on additional races has been granted by the Board.


(Source:  Amended at 25 Ill. Reg. 15257, effective November 1, 2001)


Section 300.60  Advanced Wagering


a)         A licensee may permit advanced wagering on races prior to the day the race occurs.


b)         The host track and/or organization licensee shall submit to the State Pari-Mutuel Auditor a totalizator system report reflecting any advanced wagers from previous days to be added to that day's pari-mutuel pools.


(Source:  Amended at 23 Ill. Reg. 13935, effective November 2, 1999)


Section 300.70  Scratches or Non-Starter


a)         In the event a betting interest is scratched, all wagers including the scratched betting interest shall be refunded, unless otherwise provided in Board rules (e.g., second half daily double grants a consolation payoff to wagers which include scratched betting interests).


b)         In the event the doors in front of a stall of the starting gate, in thoroughbred or quarter horse racing, should fail to open, thereby preventing a horse from starting, all wagers including the horse shall be refunded.  There shall be no refund if the horse is part of a coupled entry or mutuel field.


Section 300.80  Pools Dependent Upon Betting Interests


Unless otherwise provided in Board rules, the organization licensee may prohibit:


a)         show wagering on all contests with five or fewer betting interests.


b)         place wagering on any contest with four or fewer betting interests.


c)         win, quinella or perfecta wagering on any contest with three or fewer betting interests.


Section 300.90  Minimum Payoff


a)         In the event there is insufficient money available in the net pari-mutuel pool to return $2.20 on each winning $2 wager, the minimum payoff by the organization licensee shall be $2.10.


b)         In the event of a minus pool, any deficiencies shall be paid from the commission.


c)         The applicable surcharges as established in the Act, imposed on winning wagers and winnings from wagers on pari-mutuel pools shall not be deducted if it would result in a minimum payoff of less than $2.10 on a $2 wager.


Section 300.100  Pari-Mutuel Complaints


Illinois Racing Board complaint forms shall be made available to the public by all licensees at the information window.  Upon receiving any such complaint form, the licensee shall submit a copy to the Board with a statement of the action taken, if any, or proposed action to be taken by the licensee.


(Source:  Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 7044, effective May 1, 1998)