PART 1316 STARTING : Sections Listing



Section 1316.10  Starting Gate


a)         Horses shall be started from a starting gate. The starter shall have control of the horses from the formation of the parade until he gives the word "go."


b)         After one or two preliminary warming up scores, the starter shall notify the drivers to come to the starting gate. During or before the parade, the drivers must be informed as to the number of scores permitted. Horses may be held on the backstretch not to exceed two minutes awaiting post time, except during an emergency.


c)         The horses shall be brought to the starting gate as near one-quarter of a mile before the start as the track will permit.


d)         Allowing sufficient time so that the speed of the gate can be increased gradually, the following minimum speeds will be maintained:


1)         For the first one-eighth mile, not less than 11 miles per hour.


2)         For the next one-sixteenth of a mile, not less than 18 miles per hour.


3)         From that point to the starting point, the speed will be gradually increased to maximum speed.


e)         On mile tracks, horses will be brought to the starting gate at the head of the stretch and the relative speeds mentioned in sub-section d above will be maintained.


f)         The starting point will be a point marked on the inside rail a distance of not less than 200 feet from the first turn. The starter shall give the word "go" at the starting point.


g)         When a speed has been reached in the course of a start there shall be no decrease except in the case of a recall.


h)         In case of a recall, a light plainly visible to the drivers shall be flashed and a recall sounded, but the starting gate shall proceed out of the path of the horses.


i)          There shall be no recall after the word "go" has been given, and, any horse, regardless of his position, or an accident, shall be deemed a starter from the time he entered into the starter's control, unless dismissed by the starter or declared a non-starter by the stewards.


j)          The starter shall endeavor to get all horses away in position and on gait but no recall shall be had for a breaking horse.


k)         The starter has the authority to sound a recall if:


1)         A horse scores ahead of the gate.


2)         There is interference.


3)         A horse has broken equipment.


4)         A horse falls before the word "go" is given.


l)          Any horse causing two recalls will be dismissed by the starter.


m)        If the starter has not dismissed a horse or ordered a recall and the stewards observe any of the factors enumerated in Section 1316.10(k), the stewards shall declare the horse a non-starter if the horse is unable to finish the race.


n)         All wagers on any horse dismissed by the starter or declared a non-starter by the stewards shall be refunded except when a consolation payoff is applicable.


o)         A civil penalty not to exceed $100 or suspension from driving not to exceed 15 days, or both, shall be applied to any driver for:


1)         Delaying the start.


2)         Failure to obey the starter's instructions.


3)         Rushing ahead of the inside or outside wing of the gate or rushing the gate.


4)         Coming to the starting gate out of position.


5)         Crossing over before reaching the starting point.


6)         Interference with another driver during the start.


7)         Failure to come into position and/or failure to stay in position.


p)         The stewards shall discuss the matter with the driver before any penalty is imposed.


(Source:  Amended at 8 Ill. Reg. 11458, effective June 21, 1984)


Section 1316.20  Use of Loudspeaker


Use of a mechanical loudspeaker for any purpose other than to give instructions to drivers is prohibited. The volume shall be no higher than necessary to carry the voice of the starter to the drivers.


Section 1316.30  Two Tiers


In the event there are two tiers of horses, the withdrawing of a horse that has drawn or earned a position in the front tier shall not affect the position of the horses that have drawn or earned positions in the second tier. Whenever a horse is drawn from any tier, horses on the outside move in to fill up the vacancy.


Section 1316.40  Horses Must Go the Course


The horses shall be deemed to have started when the word "go" is given by the starter and all horses must go the course except in case of an accident in which it is the opinion of the judges that it is impossible to go the course. Drivers must be mounted at the finish of the race or the horse must be placed as not finishing.


Section 1316.50  Unmanageable Horses


If in the opinion of the judges or the starter a horse is unmanageable or liable to cause accidents or injury to any other horse or to any driver, it may be sent to the barn, but the entry and declaration fees on the horse shall then be refunded. In no event shall such a horse be placed on the outside. When a horse is sent to the barn, the starter will notify the judges who will in turn notify the public.


Section 1316.60  Starting Gate Shields


The arms of all starting gates shall be provided with a screen or a shield in front of the position for each horse, and such arms shall be perpendicular to the rail.


Section 1316.70  Riding With the Starter


No persons shall be allowed to ride in the starting gate except the starter and his driver or assistant, and a patrol judge, unless permission has been granted by the state steward.