PART 1320 FORBIDDEN CONDUCT : Sections Listing



Section 1320.10  Improper Conduct


No owner, trainer, driver, attendant of a horse, or any other person shall use improper language to an official, or be guilty of any improper conduct toward such officers or judges or persons serving under their orders, such improper language or conduct having reference to the administration of the course, or of any race thereon.


Section 1320.20  Assault and/or Battery


No licensee on organization grounds shall commit an assault or battery.


(Source:  Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 17751, effective November 28, 1994)


Section 1320.30  Conspiracy Not to Race


If any owner, trainer, or driver of a horse shall threaten or join with others in threatening not to race, or not to declare in, because of the entry of a certain horse or horses, or a particular stable, thereby compelling or trying to compel the racing secretary to reject certain eligible entries, it shall be immediately reported to the state steward and the offending parties may be suspended pending a hearing.


Section 1320.40  Demand Special Rewards


No owner, agent or driver who has entered a horse shall thereafter demand of the track a bonus of money or other special award or consideration as a condition for starting the horse.


Section 1320.50  Betting On Starters


No owner, trainer, driver, agent, employee or attendant shall bet or cause any other person to bet on his behalf on any other horse in any race in which a horse owned, trained, or driven or in which he in any way represents or handles is a starter.


Section 1320.60  Fraudulent Proposals


If any person under the jurisdiction or control of the Board is approached with any offer or promise of a bribe, or with a request or a suggestion for a bribe, or for any improper, corrupt or fraudulent act or practice in relation to a race or racing, or that any race shall be conducted otherwise than fairly in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Board, it shall be the duty of such person to report immediately such matters to the judges and the Board. Persons violating this section will be suspended for a period of not less than 30 days to a lifetime suspension.


Section 1320.70  Acts Injurious to Racing


Any misconduct on the part of a race track operator or participant, fraudulent in its nature or injurious to the character of the turf, although not specified in these rules, is forbidden. Any person or persons who individually or in concert with one another, shall fraudulently and corruptly, by any means, affect the outcome of any race or affect a false registration or commit any other act injurious to the sport, shall be guilty of a violation.


Section 1320.80  Conspiracy to Violate Rules


If two or more persons shall combine and confederate together in any manner, regardless of where the said persons may be located, for the purpose of violating any of these rules and shall commit some act in furtherance of the said purpose and plan, it shall constitute a conspiracy and a violation.


Section 1320.90  Sworn Oaths


In any case where an oath is administered by judges, or a representative of this Board under the Rules and Regulations, or a Notary Public, or any other person legally authorized to administer oaths, if the party knowingly swears falsely or withholds information pertinent to the investigation, he shall be fined, suspended, or both, or expelled.


Section 1320.100  Association with Undesirables


No owner, driver, trainer, groom, attendant or any other person having charge of or access to any horse shall at any time associate with, consort with or in any manner communicate with any known bookmaker, tout or persons of similar pursuits either on or off the track. If the reputation of a gambler, bookmaker, tout or person of similar pursuit is notorious, the owner, driver, trainer, groom, attendant or other persons having charge of, or access to any horse shall be presumed to have knowledge of the fact. Persons violating this section will be suspended for a period of not less than 30 days to a lifetime suspension.


Section 1320.110  Bookmaking


Anyone guilty of making a handbook on the grounds of any race track operator shall be ejected from the grounds, and denied further admission thereto, and any owner, driver, or other person interested in any horse or horses at said meeting, who shall be guilty of betting with or through any such handbook, shall be ejected from the grounds or denied admission by order of the stewards.


Section 1320.120  Solicitation of Wagers


If any trainer, driver, stable employee or other person solicits bets from the public by correspondence or other methods, to be made on the horses in any stable, or passes information to outsiders for betting purposes, such person or persons so offending shall be ruled off the course or denied admission by order of the stewards.


Section 1320.130  Betting By Board Employees


Any person appointed or approved by the Board is prohibited from betting or having anyone bet for him. Employees violating this rule shall be removed from their positions.


Section 1320.140  Sale of Products by Board Appointees (Repealed)


(Source:  Repealed at 9 Ill. Reg. 11653, effective July 15, 1985)


Section 1320.150  Humane Treatment of Horses (Repealed)


(Source:  Repealed at 31 Ill. Reg. 16524, effective December 1, 2007)