PART 1402 STEWARDS : Sections Listing



Section 1402.10  Definition


Whenever the word "steward" or "stewards" is used, it means steward or stewards of the meeting or their duly appointed deputies.


Section 1402.20  Number of


a)         There shall be three stewards to supervise each race meeting, two of whom shall be appointed by the Illinois Racing Board and shall be designated as state stewards.


b)         No more than three persons, including the state stewards, shall be appointed or serve as stewards at any one time during a meeting.


c)         The Racing Board shall designate one of the two state stewards as the Chief Steward.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.30  State Steward


a)         The Chief Steward is the presiding steward at all race tracks at which he serves under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Racing Board. All other stewards shall report to the state steward all action taken by them.


b)         One of the state stewards shall lock all pari-mutuel ticket issuing machines and sound the off bell when the horses leave the starting gate. The horses shall be at the starting gate at post time, which shall not be changed after the horses leave the paddock. The starter shall immediately load the horses in the starting gate and start the horses as soon as possible thereafter in order to avoid excessive delay. The state stewards may delay compliance with this rule in unusual circumstances.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.40  Assistants to Stewards


If or when one or more persons are appointed to assist the three stewards at a meeting, such persons so appointed shall be designated as "assistants to the stewards" and they shall perform such duties as the stewards may prescribe.


Section 1402.50  Powers of Stewards


The stewards shall have control over all the other officials of the meeting and of all horse owners, trainers, jockeys, grooms and all other persons.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.60  Settle Racing Questions


All questions pertaining directly to racing arising during the period of a meeting shall be determined by the stewards.


Section 1402.70  Penalties Imposed by Stewards


The Stewards shall have the power to suspend an occupation license or to impose a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 or both, for a violation of the rules.  If, in the opinion of the Stewards, a license should be revoked, they shall so recommend to the Boards.


(Source:  Amended at 5 Ill. Reg. 13722, effective December 2, 1981)


Section 1402.80  Supervise Declarations and Entries


The stewards shall have supervision over all entries and declarations.


Section 1402.90  Accept Decision of Stewards


Participants in racing in any capacity on licensed Illinois tracks agree in so doing to accept the decision of the stewards on any questions relating to a race or to racing.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.100  Control Of and Access To Grounds


The stewards shall have control over and free access to all stands, weighing rooms, enclosures, and other places in use for the purpose of racing.


Section 1402.110  Exclusion


The stewards shall exclude from all places under their control, persons who are warned or ruled off. They may also exclude any person declared guilty of any corrupt or fraudulent turf practices by turf authorities of any country, or stewards of any recognized meeting, and the names of all persons penalized shall be promptly reported to the Board.


Section 1402.120  Persons Under Suspension


No one under suspension by the Board or the stewards shall be allowed on the grounds of any operator unless authorized to be there by the Board or the stewards.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.130  Steward's Deputy


Each steward may appoint a deputy to act for him at any time. If only one steward is present, he shall, if necessary, appoint one or more persons to act with him. If none of the stewards is present, the racing secretary shall designate at least two persons to act during the absence of the stewards, reporting such absence to the Board.


Section 1402.140  May Fill Vacancies


a)         When vacancies occur among the officials, other than the stewards, and the operator has not notified the stewards prior to the time fixed for the first race of the day that it has been filled, the stewards shall fill such vacancy immediately.


b)         Should the vacancy occur after the racing for the day has started, the stewards shall fill the vacancy at once, the appointment standing for the day only, unless the operator shall fail to fill the vacancy on the following day, and notify the stewards of their action one hour before the time fixed for the first race.


Section 1402.150  Starting Time


During each racing day, the stewards shall assemble at the official building on the grounds of the operator where the race meeting is being held not later than three hours prior to post time for the first race to exercise the authority and perform the duties imposed on them by the Rules and Regulations.


Section 1402.160  Seek Proof of Qualification


The stewards have power to call for proof that a horse is neither disqualified in any respect, nor nominated by, nor the property, wholly or in part, of a disqualified person, and in default of such proof being given to their satisfaction, they may declare the horse disqualified.


(Source:  Amended June 19, 1976, filed June 25, 1976)


Section 1402.165  Stewards List


The stewards shall maintain a list of such disqualified horses and other horses that, in the opinion of the stewards, are not competitive at that meeting or are dangerous to themselves, riders, or other horses. Horses on said list may not enter until permission to do so is given by the stewards. A workout of a specified distance may be required by the stewards in order to remove a horse from said list. No horse may be placed on said list unless prior thereto the stewards state, in writing, the reasons for placement of the horse thereon.


(Source:  Added June 19, 1976, filed June 25, 1976)


Section 1402.170  Examination of Horse


The stewards shall have power at any time to order an examination, by such person or persons as they think fit, of any horse entered for a race, or which has run in a race.


Section 1402.180  Minute Book


Action by the stewards in performing their duties shall be reported to the Board. Where one steward disagrees with the majority, that fact shall be noted in the report and the dissenting steward shall have the right to file with the Board a written report setting forth the reason or reasons for the disagreement. The stewards shall keep a minute book, recording therein all complaints made to them and the disposition thereof and all investigations by the stewards and their findings thereon and all rulings made by the stewards.


Section 1402.190  Reports


The stewards shall, as soon as possible and not later than seven days after the end of each meeting, make a report in writing, to the Board of all infractions of the Rules and Regulations, and all rulings of the stewards upon matters coming before them during the meeting. All rulings and orders of the stewards may in the discretion of the Board be reviewed by it and such rulings or orders reversed or modified in any way the Board may deem proper.


Section 1402.200  Paddock Judge


One of the stewards or one of their appointed representatives shall be in the paddock 20 minutes before each race and until the horses go to the post.


Section 1402.210  Disqualification


It shall be left to the discretion of the stewards to rule on the disqualification of a horse or horses in a race, and the placing of such horse or horses as a result of the disqualification.


Section 1402.220  Substitute Riders, Trainers


In their discretion, the stewards shall have the right to put upon a horse a rider selected by them and to place the horse in charge of a trainer they may select. Any owner or trainer who refuses to permit a rider or trainer to be changed as herein provided, shall be suspended pending further action by the Board.


(Source:  Filed March 22, 1974)


Section 1402.230  Consult Veterinarian


The stewards shall consult with official veterinarians in each case where there is a question of a horse's condition.


Section 1402.240  Limit On Authority (Repealed)


(Source:  Repealed at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.245  Stewards' Notice


The stewards may take notice of any questionable conduct with or without complaint thereof.


(Source:  Added at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.250  Final Report


At the close of each meeting, each steward shall make a written report to the Executive Director of the Illinois Racing Board of the condition of the meeting and any recommendation he deems advisable.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.260  Cases and Penalties


Should any case occur which may or may not be covered by these Rules and Regulations, it shall be determined by the stewards of the meeting in conformity with justice and the usage of the turf; and when no penalty is provided, the stewards of the meeting are here given authority to impose such penalties pursuant to Section 1402.70 hereof as they think just, recommending to the Board the imposition of more severe penalties if, in their judgement, the penalty should be more drastic.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)


Section 1402.270  Stewards Supersede Other Officials


The laws of Illinois, and the Rules and Regulations of the Illinois Racing Board, supersede the conditions of a race or the regulations of a race meeting when there is a conflict, and in matters pertaining to racing, the orders of the stewards supersede the orders of the officials of the operators.


Section 1402.280  Authority to Declare a Race Void


The stewards shall have the authority to declare a race void and to order all wagers made thereon refunded if they determine that any occurrence before or during the running of such race calls for such action by them.


(Source:  Added at 17 Ill. Reg. 19309, effective October 25, 1993)