PART 1417 OBJECTIONS : Sections Listing



Section 1417.10  Objections


The stewards must decide every objection pertaining to a race.


(Source:  Amended December 22, 1977, filed December 30, 1977)


Section 1417.13  Hearing on Suspension of License


a)         If the stewards at any race meeting shall suspend a license of any horse owner, trainer, jockey, groom, stable foreman, exercise boy, veterinarian, or other occupation licensee, the license of said person shall be suspended pending a hearing of the Board.


b)         A ruling or recommendation of the stewards shall be presumed correct and the election of a party who is the subject of the same to forego an appeal during the prescribed time period, may be considered by the Board as a waiver of the rights here provided and an admission that said ruling or recommendation is correct and should be affirmed.


(Source:  Amended December 22, 1977, filed December 30, 1977)


Section 1417.16  Denial of License


The stewards shall have the authority to recommend the denial of a license after application of any horse owner, jockey, groom, stable foreman, exercise boy, veterinarian, or other occupation licensee to the Board.


(Source:  Amended December 22, 1977, filed December 30, 1977)


Section 1417.20  Objection to Horse in a Race


a)         Objections to a horse engaged in a race must be made by the owner, trainer, or jockey, of some other horse engaged in the same race, or by the officials of the race meeting to one of the stewards.


b)         All objections, except claims of interference during a race, must be made to the stewards in writing and signed by the objector, and must be filed not later than one hour before post time. The stewards, however, may scratch an ineligible horse at any time.


Section 1417.30  Who May Make Objections


Complaints of what occurs in a race in so far as they apply to horse or jockey must be made by the owner, trainer or jockey of the horse alleged to be aggrieved, and must be made to the clerk of the scales or the stewards before or immediately after the jockey has been weighed in.


Section 1417.40  Proof of Qualifications


Proof of the qualifications of any horse against which a protest has been lodged, as provided in these rules, may be demanded by the stewards, and in default of such proof being given, they may declare the horse disqualified.


Section 1417.50  Objection to Clerk of Scales Decision


Objections to any decision of the clerk of the scales must be made within 15 minutes of the start of the race, if, in the opinion of the stewards, the circumstances did not permit longer notice.


Section 1417.60  Time Limit on Objections


Objections to a horse, based on what occurred in a race, must be made before the numbers of the horses placed in the race have been officially confirmed.


Section 1417.70  Frivolous Complaints


Owners and trainers who make frivolous complaints may be fined.


Section 1417.80  Erroneous Awards


If by reason of an objection to a horse, a race or place is erroneously awarded to another horse, the owner so wronged is entitled to the money of which he was deprived, and in case of default, the stewards shall disqualify the owner who retains the money.


Section 1417.90  Pending Decisions


Pending a decision based on an objection, any purse which the horse against which the objection is lodged may have won or may win in the race, or any money held by the racing secretary as the price of a horse claimed or bought in a selling race (if involved in the determination of the case), shall be withheld until the objection is determined.


Section 1417.100  Race in Dispute


When a race is in dispute, both the horse which finished first and any horse for which the race is claimed shall be liable to all penalties attaching to the winner of that race until the matter is decided.


Section 1417.110  Fraud and Deception


In all cases of fraud or wilful deception, the time limitations shall not apply, provided the stewards are satisfied that the allegations are bonafide and are susceptible to verification. The stewards may, on their own initiative, call for proof that a horse neither is disqualified in any respect, nor nominated by, nor the property, wholly or in part, of a disqualified person. In default of such proof, they may declare the horse disqualified.


Section 1417.120  Withdrawing Objections


Permission of the stewards is necessary before an objection can be withdrawn.


Section 1417.130  Cost of Determination


a)         Persons lodging an objection must pay all the costs and expenses incurred in determining the objection, in such proportions as the stewards shall decide, unless relieved from such expense by the Board.


b)         Before considering an objection, the stewards may require a cash deposit of $50., which may be forfeited if the objection is held to be frivolous or vexatious.


Section 1417.140  Complaints Against Officials


Complaints against an official or officials shall be made to the stewards in writing signed by the complainants. All such complaints shall be reported to the Board, together with the action taken on them by the stewards.