Section 7000.200  State Agency Responsibilities


a)         The specific requirements and responsibilities of State agencies and non-federal entities are set forth in Section 50 of the Act.


b)         State agencies making State awards to non-federal entities must adopt rules reflecting UR subparts B through F by July 1, 2017 unless different provisions are required by law or an exception is granted by GATU in accordance with Section 7000.60.


1)         In applying UR subparts D through F to State funded grants, the following terms in Column A from the UR are interchangeable with the terms in Column B.


Column A

Terms from 2 CFR 200

Subparts B Through F


Column B

Application to State

Funded Awards




Federal awarding agency


State grantmaking agency

Non-federal entity


State grant recipient

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance or CFDA


Catalog of State Financial Assistance or CSFA

Federal financial assistance


State funds

Federal pass-through financial assistance


Federal pass-through

Federal statutes or regulations


State statutes or regulations


2)         The following UR sections are applicable to State and federal pass-through grants, with the terminology equivalencies listed in subsection (b)(1):


A)        Subpart B – General Provisions


B)        Subpart C – Pre-Federal Award Requirements and Contents of Federal Awards


C)        Subpart D – Post-Federal Award Requirements


D)        Subpart E – Cost Principles


E)        Subpart F – Audit Requirements


F)         Appendices (applicable sections)


i)          Appendix I                  Notice of Funding Opportunity

(Except section E)


ii)         Appendix II                Contract Provisions for Non-Federal

Entity Contracts Under Federal Awards


iii)        Appendix III               Indirect (F&A) Costs Identification

and Assignment, and Rate Determination for Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)


iv)        Appendix IV               Indirect (F&A) Costs Identification

and Assignment, and Rate Determination for Nonprofit Organizations


v)         Appendix V                State/Local Government-wide

Central Service Cost Allocation Plans


vi)        Appendix VI               Public Assistance Cost Allocation



vii)       Appendix VII             States and Local Government and

Indian Tribe Indirect Cost Proposals


viii)      Appendix VIII            Nonprofit Organizations Exempted

From Subpart E – Cost Principles of Part 200


ix)        Appendix IX               Hospital Cost Principles


x)         Appendix X                Data Collection Form (Form SF-



xi)        Appendix XI               Compliance Supplement


xii)       Appendix XII             Award Term and Condition for

            Recipient Integrity and Performance Matters


c)         Each State grantmaking agency shall appoint a Chief Accountability Officer to serve as a liaison to GATU and be responsible for the State agency's implementation of, and compliance with, the UR and this Part.


d)         In order to effectively measure the performance of its awardees, each State grantmaking agency shall:


1)         Require its awardees to submit a Periodic Performance Report (PPR) in the format prescribed by GATU and available through the GATA Resource Library at www.grants.illinois.gov.  The frequency of PPR reporting shall be specified in the executed Grant Agreement and must be quarterly unless otherwise specified in the uniform grant agreement (UGA).


2)         Utilize the PPR to require its awardees to relate financial data to performance accomplishments of the award and, when applicable, require awardees to provide cost information to demonstrate cost-effective practices. The awardee's performance should be measured in a way that will help the State agency to improve program outcomes, share lessons learned, and spread the adoption of promising practices; and


3)         Provide awardees with clear performance goals, indicators, and milestones through the Grant Agreement and shall establish performance reporting frequency and content to not only allow the State agency to understand the awardee's progress, but also to facilitate identification of promising practices among awardees and build the evidence upon which the State agency's program and performance decisions are made.


e)         Each grantmaking agency shall enhance its processes to monitor and address noncompliance with reporting requirements and with program performance standards. When applicable, the process may include a corrective action plan. The monitoring process shall include a plan for tracking and documenting performance-based contracting decisions. [30 ILCS 708/45(g)]


f)         GOMB shall provide such advice and technical assistance to the State agencies as is necessary or indicated in order to ensure compliance with the Act. [30 ILCS 708/50]


g)         Each State agency shall submit any exception requests to GATU for approval in accordance with Section 7000.60 (Program-specific Exceptions, Exemptions to UR and GATA).