Section 100.220 Publication Requirements


a) All documents submitted for publication shall meet the following requirements:


1) Each document shall be typewritten on 8 x 11 inch white paper and shall be single-spaced. One American National Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) format file or acceptable word processing program on a 3 inch disc, one original (camera-ready) and two paper copies shall be submitted. (See definition of "Camera-ready Copy" in Section 100.110)


2) Each page of the document shall be headed ILLINOIS REGISTER (all in capital letters) centered on a solid line exactly one inch from the top of the page as shown in the Appendices. In addition, on each page of the document, the agency's name, all in capital letters, shall appear one double-space under the solid line, centered on the page, and the action being taken, all in capital letters, shall appear one double-space under the agency name, centered on the page.


3) There shall be a one inch margin from all sides of the page. Only one side of the page shall be used.


4) All documents submitted to the Index Department for publication shall include notice page(s) and follow specific formats as outlined in the Appendices contained in this Part. The numbered questions shall be underlined, double-spaced and answered with a statement. Non-applicable is not an acceptable answer to any of the questions.


5) Each document submitted for publication which concerns rulemaking must specify the Part's heading, the Code citation, and the specific Sections of the Part involved. (Subsections shall not be specified except in the text of the document.) In addition, the document shall specify a Register citation along with the issue date if it concerns rules published in the Illinois Register.


b) The type of action indicated on the Notice (as required by Sections 100.410, 100.530, 100.610 and 100.710) and the pages of text must agree. (For example, if the Notice says "Notice of Proposed Rules", then the text pages must say "Notice of Proposed Rules".) (See Section 100.300 for further information.)


c) The action types mentioned in subsections (a)(2) and (b) above shall be as follows for rulemaking activities:


1) If the rules comprise a new Part, the term "Rules" shall be used;


2) If the rules comprise amendments (new Sections, amended Sections, repealed Sections) to an existing Part, the term "Amendments" shall be used;


3) If the rules comprise a repeal of an entire Part, the term "Repealer" shall be used.


d) Underscoring shall be used for the information required in Sections 100.410(a), 100.530(a), 100.610(a), 100.710(a), and 100.1110(a) as shown in 100.Appendix A, Illustrations A, C, D, and E; 100.Appendix B, Illustrations A, E, F, G, H, and I; 100.Appendix C, Illustrations A and D; 100.Appendix D, Illustrations A and D; and 100.Appendix E, Illustrations A, B, D, E and F.


e) The entire table of contents for the Part, including the authority and the main source notes, must be published when any type of rulemaking activity (proposed, adopted, emergency, and peremptory new rules, amendments, repealers and expedited corrections) is published in the Illinois Register.


f) The Index Department shall perform the following duties:


1) Review all documents submitted to determine if they comply with the format and style requirements of this Part and the IAPA and, if adopted rules meet these requirements, the Index Department will sign the Certificate of Review and Approval. (See Sections 100.450 and 100.550)


2) Refuse to accept all documents which were submitted in non-compliance with the format and style requirements of this Part and the IAPA. The issuing agency will be contacted within 5 working days concerning documents which are refused with an explanation for the refusal. Refused documents will not be published in the Illinois Register until they are corrected and resubmitted to the Index Department.


(Source: Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 11532, effective July 1, 1998)