Section 100.240  Notices of Corrections


a)         At the agency's request, the Index Department will publish a Notice of Corrections to Proposed Rulemaking in the Illinois Register to inform all interested parties of any technical deficiencies in an agency's proposed rules, such as typographical, clerical, printing, copying or other inadvertent errors. Such Notice shall be prepared by the agency in accordance with the publication requirements outlined in this Part and shall contain the complete text of the proposed rulemaking as corrected.  The publication of this Notice shall change the date of the commencement of the first notice period to the date the correction is published unless an inadvertent error was made by the Code Division or JCAR in the production of the camera-ready Illinois Register. (See 100.Appendix A, Illustration D and 100.Appendix E, Illustration H)


b)         The Index Department shall decline to publish any corrections or file any replacement pages to rules which have been adopted and filed with the Index Department except codification changes (Section 100.150) and expedited corrections (Section 100.560).


c)         An agency may correct information contained on the introductory notice pages of a proposed rulemaking published in the Illinois Register by submitting one ASCII format file or an acceptable word processing program on a 3 1/2 inch disc, one original and four paper copies of a Notice of Corrections to Notice Only for publication in the Register.  (See 100.Appendix E, Illustration B)  This Notice shall only be used when the answers to the required questions at the beginning of a Notice were incorrect. Corrections to the text of an agency's proposed rulemaking may be made on a Notice of Corrections to Proposed Rulemaking.  (See subsection (a) above and 100.Appendix A, Illustration D)


d)         Errors which are discovered in the file copy text following publication of the issue of the Register in which the notice of adopted rulemaking appeared shall be corrected by the agency through the general rulemaking process or by the expedited correction process (see Section 100.250).


e)         A Certificate and Notice of Expedited Correction shall be filed with the Index Department during normal business hours in accordance with procedures set forth in Section 100.250.


(Source:  Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 11532, effective July 1, 1998)