Section 100.330  Source Notes


a)         Each Part adopted in compliance with this Part shall include appropriate source notes. The two types of source notes are:  main source notes and Section source notes.


1)         The main source note shall indicate the location in the Illinois Register of the notice of adoption and the effective date.  It shall also include Register citations for amendments to the Part subsequent to the rules' original adoption.  Main source notes are cumulative.  The main source note shall be located one double-space below the authority note and shall be single-spaced.


2)         A Section source note shall indicate the Register citation for the last action on that Section subsequent to the original adoption.  Codification action shall not be indicated in a Section source note.  Section source notes appear one double-space below the last sentence of the Section and shall be single-spaced, and indented five spaces from the left margin.


b)         Main source notes indicate to the public when the Part was adopted or amended and where the notice of the adoption may be found.  Normally, only citations to the Illinois Register shall be indicated in the main source note and Section source notes, although amendment dates prior to Illinois Register publication shall be included only if specifically requested by the agency.  The following situations are exceptions to this provision:


1)         If a new Part is being adopted, the main source note shall have blank spaces for the volume, page number of the Register, and the effective date.


2)         If the set of rules was adopted prior to the publication of the Illinois Register, the main source note should indicate the exact title of the set of rules as it was adopted (if that title has changed significantly in codification), the date filed, and the effective date.


c)         The agency may also supply additional information in the source note to clarify the origin of the rules.  For example, an agency may indicate the resolution, general order, or docket number used in the adoption of the rules; however, such numbers alone are insufficient.


d)         When an agency drafts rules or amendments, regardless of the type of rulemaking occurring (proposed, adopted, emergency, peremptory or expedited correction), the source note shall specify the action, a Register citation with blanks left for the volume number of the Register, the page number on which the Notice of Adoption will appear and a blank for the effective date.  Failure by an agency to include these items will necessitate the return of the rules to the agency for corrections prior to their being published in the Illinois Register or filed in the Index Department.


e)         For examples of main source notes and Section source notes, please refer to the Style Manual.


(Source:  Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 13067, effective August 11, 1994)