Section 100.350  Supplementary Material


a)         Tabular materials, illustrations, diagrams, figures and other supplementary material included in a Part should be placed at the end of the Part and labeled as Appendices, Exhibits, Illustrations or Tables.  Such materials should be used only when an agency deems them necessary; rules shall be in explanatory form whenever possible.  Supplementary materials included in a Part filed with the Index Department shall be considered part of the rules and should be referred to within the text of the Part.


b)         Any Appendices, Exhibits, Illustrations or Tables appearing at the end of the Part shall be included in the Part's table of contents.  Such supplementary materials shall be identified with capital letters unless it is a subsection.  If there is a subsection, it shall not include the Part number but shall be indented five (5) spaces below the Section.


1)         An Appendix is generally in prose format and does not contain illustrations, tables, or other diagrams or drawings.  If it is necessary for an Appendix to contain illustrations, tables or other diagrams or drawings, each illustration, table or diagram shall be labeled individually and shall become subsections of the Appendix.


2)         A small Table may be contained within a Section as long as it fits within the text margins of the subsection in which it appears.  In such a case, the Table is not labeled, but may have a heading.  If the Table is larger than the subsection margins allow, the Table must be placed at the end of the Part and labeled with capital letters.  An agency should either delete the Table from its rule through the general rulemaking process or must submit to the Administrative Code Division a camera-ready copy of the Table which will fit, with the applicable margin requirements, on an 8˝ x 11 inch sheet of paper.


3)         Forms should be avoided. (See Section 1-70 of the Act.)  References to the forms within the text of the Part should be by form number or heading and should be incorporated into an Exhibit for explanatory reasons only.


4)         An Illustration is a diagram or drawing. In those cases where the Illustrations cannot be entered into the data base, the agency must submit to the Index Department a camera-ready copy of the Illustration; such copy must fit within the margin requirements as outlined in this Part both for filing and for Illinois Register publication. (Refer to Sections 100.220(a)(3) and 100.500(a))


c)         A maximum of 10 Illustrations, Appendices, Tables, or Exhibits may be used in each Part unless used in combination with one another.  If an Appendix, Exhibit, Illustration or Table has subsections labeled with one or more of the remaining three terms, it shall have no text of its own.


d)         Pursuant to Section 100.310(a)(4)(B), all supplementary material shall be legible even when reduced by 50% for Register publication, shall fit within the applicable margin requirements, and shall be upright on the page.


e)         Whenever an agency adopts a rule containing material which cannot be entered into the computer data base, the agency shall prepare a master original of the material (photocopies are not allowed) for the Index Department's files.


(Source:  Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 13067, effective August 11, 1994)