Section 100.610  Notice of Emergency Rules


a)         Each emergency rule submitted for publication in the Illinois Register shall include a Notice of Emergency Rules (Amendments, Repealers) (see 100.Appendix C, Illustration A) at the beginning of which the information listed in subsections (a)(1) through (12) below shall appear.  On the next page, the full text of the rules, amendments, or repealer and, if the rulemaking amends or repeals an existing Part, the text shall appear as it is on file in the Index Department with all changes indicated by strike-outs and/or underscoring.


1)         The heading of the Part;


2)         The Code citation (include only the Chapter number, the Code abbreviation, General Act number followed by a colon and the Part number);


3)         Section Numbers                                    Proposed Action


(list in numerical order)                           (new Section, amendment,

(include supplementary material)            repeal, renumber, etc.)


4)         The specific statutory citation upon which the rule is based and authorized;


5)         The effective date of the rule (immediately or less than 10 days after filing);


6)         If this emergency rule is to expire before the end of the 150-day period (other than by means of adopting the rule through the general rulemaking process), please specify the date;


7)         Date filed with the Index Department;


8)         A statement that a copy of the emergency rule, amendment, or repealer, including any material incorporated by reference, is on file in the agency's principal office and is available for public inspection;


9)         The reason for the emergency;


10)         A complete description of the subjects and issues involved;


11)         Whether there are any proposed amendments pending on this Part other than those appearing in the same issue of the Register as the emergency rules.  If so, please specify Section numbers, the proposed action and the Register citation to the Notice of Proposed Rules;


12)         A Statement of Statewide Policy Objectives, if applicable (see also Sections 100.110 and 100.415(b));


13)         The name, address and telephone number of the person to whom information and questions regarding this adopted rule shall be directed.


b)         Under the Section Numbers and Emergency Action columns at the beginning of the Notice of Emergency Rules (see subsection (a)(3) of this Section) shall be listed the specific Section number(s) and the specific action being taken.  If several actions are occurring, each Section affected must be listed on a separate line with the appropriate action listed on the same line under the correct column.  This enables the Index Department staff to accurately compile the Sections Affected Index for each week's Register.  All Appendices, Exhibits, Illustrations and Tables on which rulemaking activity is occurring must be listed in these columns.


c)         All emergency action to one Part shall appear on one Notice, unless the Part is being repealed in its entirety and replaced by a new Part (same subject matter) by emergency action.  In this instance only, two Notices, one for the repealer and one for the new Part, will be accepted for publication in one issue of the Register.


(Source:  Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 11532, effective July 1, 1998)