Section 403.30  Enforcement


a)         The enforcement of these rules shall be under the jurisdiction of the Office of the State Fire Marshal of the Division of Fire Prevention, Illinois Department of Law Enforcement.


b)         New buildings constructed after the adoption of these rules shall comply fully with all provisions of these rules.


c)         Buildings already in existence at the time of the adoption of these rules shall be made to comply immediately with the rules under any one of the following circumstances:


1)         If, in the opinion of the State Fire Marshal, lack of compliance presents an imminent danger to human life, horses, or continued operation of the race track.


2)         If additions, alterations or repairs are made in any period of 12 months, costing in excess of 25% of the current replacement cost of the building.


3)         If a building is increased in floor area by more than 10% or if the building is increased in the number of stories.


4)         If the basic occupancy classification of a building is changed in such a manner as to increase the fire hazard.


d)         Existing track facilities shall meet the following minimum fire safety requirements within the times indicated from the date of adoption of these rules:


1)         Provide adequate exits, exit signs, and emergency lighting for grandstand structures within one year in compliance with Sections 5.11 through 5.13. (11 Ill. Adm. Code Sections 403.50(a)(1) through (3).


2)         Provide a complete system of manual fire reporting stations within one year for all buildings as provided in Section 7.81. (11 Ill. Adm. Code Section 403.70(h)(1)).


3)         Provide permanent type identification or signs above each fire extinguisher, fire hose station, and fire reporting station within ninety days.


4)         Install automatic sprinklers within two years in grandstands as required in Sections 5.14 and 5.15. (11 Ill. Adm. Code Sections 403.50(a)(4) and (5))


5)         Combustible barns shall either be replaced with noncombustible barns in accordance with these rules at a rate of not less than 20% per year of the total number of existing combustible barns or shall be equipped with automatic sprinklers at a rate of not less than 20% per year of the total number of existing combustible barns.


6)         Combustible structures other than barns and grandstands shall be protected by automatic sprinklers if their size, type of construction, and occupancy are deemed hazardous.


7)         Fire hydrants shall be provided as required in Section 7.21 (11 Ill. Adm. Code Section 403.70(b)(1)). Standpipes shall be installed in grandstands as provided in Section 7.41. (11 Ill. Adm. Code Section 403.70(d)(1)). Class B and C barns not protected by automatic sprinklers shall be provided with hose stations in accordance with Sections 7.51 through 7.53. (11 Ill. Adm. Code Sections 403.70(e)(1) through (3)) All installations shall be completed within two years.


8)         Compliance with hay storage Sections 6.41 (11 Ill. Adm. Code Sections 403.60(d)(1) through (3)) through 6.43 shall be required within one year.


e)         Within one year, unsprinklered dormitories shall be equipped with automatic fire alarm systems with automatic fire detectors in every apartment or room, (or the equivalent in terms of fire alarm and fire detection effectiveness if approved by the Fire Marshal) unless the apartments or rooms are separated by at least 3/4-hour fire resistant construction and each apartment or sleeping room has a direct exit to the outside.



1)         The Board and the State Fire Marshal shall be notified in writing, prior to construction of structures, additions, alterations or occupancy changes covered under Section 3.3. (11 Ill. Adm. Code Section 403.30(c)) Construction shall not start until approved by the Board and the State Fire Marshal.


2)         These rules shall not nullify any local codes or regulations. If a conflict exists, the more stringent requirement shall be applicable. In areas not specified and not covered by these rules or by local codes, compliance with the provisions of one of the nationally recognized model building codes shall be acceptable.


g)         It is the intent of the State Fire Marshal that if any section, paragraph, sentence or word of these rules be declared invalid for any reason, all other portions of the rules shall still apply.


h)         The owner of the facility or his designated agent shall be responsible for compliance with these rules and other recognized good practices and applicable regulations in order to maintain fire safe conditions. The omission of such recognized good practices or applicable regulations from these rules shall not be considered reason for noncompliance.


i)          The specific requirements of these rules may be modified by the State Fire Marshal to allow alternative arrangements that will secure as nearly equivalent safety from fire as practical; but in no case shall the modification afford less safety from fire than compliance with the corresponding provisions contained in these rules.