Section 1411.140  Apprentice Rule


a)         An applicant for an apprentice jockey license:


1)         shall:


A)        be at least 16 years old or, if under age with the written consent of his/her parents or legal guardian;


B)        not have been previously licensed as a jockey;


C)        be found physically able to ride in competitive horse races by a licensed physician designated by the stewards; and


D)        have served with a racing stable in some licensed capacity for at least one year; or


2)         shall have an apprentice certificate issued by another racing jurisdiction or a valid contract, found acceptable by the Board under the standards established in this subsection (a)(2), with a trainer or owner to serve as an apprentice jockey for at least three and no more than five years.


A)        All owners or trainers with an apprentice jockey under contract shall be subject to investigation as to character, ability, facilities, and financial responsibility; and shall, at the time of entering into the contract, be the legal owner or trainer of at least three horses eligible to race.


B)        Contracts for apprentice jockeys shall require the apprentice to be at least 16 years old or, if under age, to have the written consent of his/her parents or legal guardian, and shall provide for fair remuneration, adequate medical attention and suitable board and lodging for the apprentice.


C)        All apprentice contracts described in this Part shall be filed with the Board within 30 days after execution thereof or upon filing application for license, whichever occurs first.


D)        Any amendments to the contract must be in writing, signed by each of the parties, with copies delivered to each of the parties and to the Board.


E)        Any owner or trainer who fails to file such contract with and obtain approval of the Board may be subject to disciplinary action by the Board.


F)         The Board, in its discretion, may issue an apprentice certificate indicating each winner ridden, in the event an apprentice contract is terminated.


G)        The stewards, in their discretion, may permit an apprentice jockey who has been issued a certificate to contract with a licensed owner or trainer for the remainder of a terminated contract.


b)         An apprentice jockey may claim the following weight allowances in all overnight races except stakes and handicaps:


1)         Ten pound allowance beginning with the first mount and continuing until the apprentice has ridden five winners.


2)         A seven pound allowance until the apprentice has ridden an additional 35 winners.


3)         If an apprentice has ridden a total of 40 winners prior to the end of a period of one year from the date of riding his/her fifth winner, he/she shall have an allowance of five pounds until one year from the date of the fifth winning mount.


4)         If, after one year from the date of the fifth winning mount, the apprentice jockey has not ridden 40 winners, the applicable weight allowances shall continue for one more year from the date of the fifth winning mount, or until the 40th winner, whichever comes first.  In no event shall a weight allowance be claimed for more than two years from the date of the fifth winning mount, unless an extension has been granted pursuant to subsection (e) of this Section.


5)         A contracted apprentice may claim an allowance of three pounds for an additional one year when riding horses owned or training by the original contract employer.


c)         The stewards may extend the weight allowance of an apprentice jockey when, in their discretion, an apprentice jockey is unable to continue riding due to:


1)         Physical disablement or illness,


2)         Military service,


3)         Attendance in an institution of secondary or higher education,


4)         Restriction on racing, or


5)         Other valid reasons.


d)         An apprentice jockey may qualify for an extension if he/she has been unable to ride for a period of not less than seven consecutive days during the period in which the apprentice was entitled to an apprentice weight allowance. Under exceptional circumstances, total days lost collectively will be given consideration.


e)         The stewards may grant an extension to an eligible apprentice only after the apprentice has produced, on the approved form, documentation verifying time lost was a result of a qualifying event as defined in subsection (c) of this Section.


f)         An apprentice may petition one of the racing jurisdictions in which he/she is licensed and riding for an extension of time for claiming apprentice weight allowances, and the apprentice shall be bound by the decision of the jurisdiction so petitioned.


(Source:  Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 5076, effective March 1, 1998)