Section 1900.1640  Surveillance Requirements


a)         All equipment that is used to monitor or record must remain solely accessible to the surveillance personnel and be exclusively for sports wagering operation surveillance, except when that equipment is being repaired or replaced.


b)         The interior of the surveillance room shall not be visible to the public.


c)         Each surveillance room shall have a minimum of four monitors, with appropriate switching capability to ensure that all surveillance cameras are accessible.


d)         The Board and its agents shall at all times be afforded immediate access to the surveillance room and all records relating to that surveillance.


e)         The master sports wagering licensee shall provide to the Board real time remote access to the surveillance system.


f)         A master sports wagering licensee shall maintain a surveillance log of all surveillance activities in the surveillance room.  The log shall be maintained by surveillance room personnel and shall include the following:


1)         All persons entering and exiting the surveillance room;


2)         Summary, including date, time and duration, of the surveillance; and


3)         Record of any equipment or camera malfunctions.


g)         All recordings shall be retained as provided in the records retention schedule pursuant to Section 1900.330 and shall be listed on a log by surveillance personnel with the date, times, and identification of the person monitoring the recording.  Original recordings will be released to the Board upon demand.


h)         Any recording that records illegal or suspected illegal activity or suspicious wagering activity shall, upon completion of the recording, be transferred to a read-only, non-erasable format approved by the Administrator.  The recording shall be placed in a separate, secure area and notification given to the Administrator or his or her designee.


i)          Unless specifically approved by the Administrator or his or her designee or pursuant to a lawful subpoena, the viewing of any surveillance recording is prohibited other than by:


1)                  Illinois Gaming Board staff;


2)                  Designated surveillance employees of a master sports wagering licensee or management services provider licensee; or


3)                  The General Manager, Chief of Security, or Sports Wagering Manager of a sports wagering operation, or their equivalents.


j)          At various times, all surveillance equipment shall be subject to Board testing of minimum standards of resolution and operation.  Any malfunction of surveillance equipment shall necessitate the immediate replacement or repair.


k)         Any master sports wagering licensee that also holds an organization gaming license or owners license may integrate its surveillance system with the surveillance system required by the Illinois Gambling Act and the associated rule provisions (see Subpart H of 86 Ill. Adm. Code 3000), provided the surveillance system meets the standards of this Subpart P.


l)          Remote access to the surveillance system is permitted by individuals other than Illinois Gaming Board staff if all of the following criteria are satisfied:


1)         Access is limited to individualized unique log in credentials;


2)         All access is logged, including, at minimum, the date and time of each access identity of the user and information identifying the sources of the remote access; and


3)         The master sports wagering licensee establishes approved internal controls designed to prevent unauthorized access to the surveillance system.