Section 1900.1650 Required Surveillance Equipment


A master sports wagering licensee shall install and maintain a closed circuit television system in accord with the specifications herein and shall provide access to the system or its signal by the Board upon request. The closed circuit television must meet or exceed the following specifications:


a) Solid state, color cameras, ⅔, , ⅓ or format, with minimum 400 plus line resolution, installed in fixed positions with matrix control and/or with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, secreted from public and non-surveillance personnel view to effectively and clandestinely monitor in detail, from various vantage points, the following:


1) All sports wagering transactions occurring at counters, windows, or kiosks;


2) The count processes conducted in any count rooms;


3) All portions of the designated gaming areas and any portions of the facility immediately adjoining the designated gaming area;


4) The area immediately surrounding any kiosk or redemption machine;


5) The movement of cash or cash equivalents within the designated gaming area or between the designated gaming area and any kiosk or redemption machine;


6) The entrance and exits to any designated gaming area; and


7) Other areas as the Administrator designates.


b) All closed circuit cameras equipped with lenses of sufficient magnification to allow the operator to clearly distinguish the value of cash used in any transaction.


c) Video monitors that meet or exceed the resolution requirement for video cameras with solid state circuitry, and time and date insertion capabilities for recording what is being viewed by any camera in the system. Each video monitor screen must measure diagonally at least 12 inches.


d) Video printers capable of adjustment and possessing the capability to generate instantaneously, upon command, a clear, color copy of the image depicted on the recording.


e) Date and time generators based on a synchronized, central or master clock, and visible on any monitor and when recorded.


f) Wiring to prevent tampering. The system must be supplemented with a back-up gas/diesel generator power source that is automatically engaged in case of a power outage and capable of returning to full power within seven to ten seconds.


g) An additional uninterrupted power supply system so that time and date generators remain active and accurate, and switching gear memory and video surveillance is continuous.


h) Video switchers capable of both manual and automatic sequential switching for the appropriate cameras.


i) Licensees shall utilize digitally recorded channels and must provide the IGB with the necessary software to review digitally recorded information.


j) All digital channels record at a minimum of 10 per second, or 30 frames per second when recording transactions. The systems must allow the secure and audited export of video files at the resolution originally recorded, including the capability of providing watermarked recordings or non-editable formatting to insure the integrity of the recorded images.


k) All digital recording systems shall be on a secure network independent and separated from any sports wagering systems or related information technology.


l) Audio capability in areas where transactions involving cashiers occur.


m) Adequate lighting in all areas where camera coverage is required. The lighting shall be of sufficient intensity to produce clear recording and still picture production, and correct color correction. The video must demonstrate a clear picture in existing light under normal operating conditions.