Section 440.40  Application for a Certificate of Qualification


a)         The application for a certificate of qualification must be made on the form prescribed by the Attorney General.  The soliciting organization must file a complete application together with the appropriate attachments as required by this Part.  The use of substitute forms or computer printouts may be used if they contain the same information as required herein.


b)         The completed application filed with the Attorney General shall contain the following information:


1)         The name and address of the business of the advertisement solicitor.


2)         The name and address of the Illinois registered agent, if the advertisement solicitor's business is a corporation.


3)         If the advertisement solicitor's business is not located in Illinois, then the principal Illinois address, if any, where records are kept.


4)         If the business is not a corporation, but is a partnership or individual, then a listing of name, address, title, birthdate, driver's license number and state of issuance, of all individuals or partners.


5)         If the business is a corporation, then information concerning all officers, directors, executive personnel and owners of ten percent or more of the capital stock shall be listed, which includes name, address, title, percent of stock owned, birthdates, driver's license numbers and state of issue of each such person.


6)         Provide information as to when and where the advertisement solicitor's firm was first organized to do business.


7)         If either an Illinois corporation or a non-resident corporation, when it was organized to do business in Illinois and the Illinois Secretary of State's file number.


8)         The nature of any business, other than advertisement soliciting conducted by the applicant and the states in which such business was conducted.


9)         The names and addresses of any, law enforcement, police or firefighters' organizations with which the applicant has written publishing contracts to act as an advertisement solicitor in Illinois.  Provide the name of the law enforcement, police or firefighters' organization, address and date of contract.


10)         A list of the names, and mailing addresses of each employee or agent of the applicant or independent contractor associated with the applicant, who will also be engaged in soliciting law enforcement, police officers' or firefighters' advertisements in Illinois.


c)         The application must also include the following attachments:


1)         A copy of the Articles if Incorporation or Certificate of Authority of the Applicant and advertising solicitor as issued by the Illinois Secretary of State, or if unincorporated, a copy of establishing instrument (charter, constitution, by-laws or filing with the county under the assumed name statutes)


2)         A copy of the written publishing agreement between the advertisement solicitor and the bona fide and legitimate law enforcement, police or firefighters' organization or association.


3)         A copy of the Articles of Incorporation or other establishing instrument (charter, constitution, by-laws, or filing with the county under the assumed name acts) of each law enforcement, police or firefighters' organization being represented by the applicant.


4)         A copy of the Federal Internal Revenue Service determination letter indicating tax exempt status for the law enforcement, police officer's or firefighters' association or organization being represented by the advertisement solicitor.


d)         All information and requested attachments must be submitted to the Attorney General in order for the solicitor to qualify for the issuance of a Certificate of Qualification.


e)         The solicitor shall notify the Attorney General of any changes in information within ten (10) days of the change.