Section 550.20  Definitions


"Act" − means Section 605-705(a) of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois [20 ILCS 605/605-705(a)] that establishes a grant program to be referred to as the Local Tourism and Convention Bureau Program.


"Applicant" − means a not-for-profit organization or unit of local government that meets the eligibility requirements.


"Application" − means the completed standardized "Grant Application Form", plus the program specific addendum.


"Bureau" − means a certified local tourism and convention bureau.


"Certification/Re-certification" − means the written request submitted by an applicant requesting to be a certified local tourism and convention bureau and requesting grant funds authorized by the Act.


"Chief Executive Officer" − means a full-time (at least 35 hours per week), paid professional of a bureau authorized and qualified to manage and implement a bureau's marketing plan and fulfill all requirements under an LTCB grant whose sole function shall be to promote tourism development within the bureau's designated service area.


"Commodities" − means supplies and materials, including premiums, office products, equipment and printing. 


"Department" − means the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.


"Department Logo" − means a form of recognition as stipulated and supplied by the Department to identify a promotional project/product as being produced in whole or in part through grant funds from the Department.


"Director" − means the Director of the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.


"Feasibility Study" − means a study to determine if a tourism promotional project will result in an increase in overnight stays and visitor travel and if the promotional project is capable of being successfully completed.


"Fiscal Year" − means each period of July 1 through June 30, the fiscal year of the State of Illinois.


"Fiscal Year Marketing Plan" − means the planned program of tourism promotional activities for the fiscal year, including goals, objectives, strategies, anticipated results, and performance measures.


"Grant Agreement" − means the executed agreement between the grantee and the Department defining their respective rights and obligations with regard to the awarding of grant funds.


"Grantee" − means a bureau receiving LTCB Program funds from the Department for purposes of promoting tourism in a designated geographic area of the State.


"Illinois Bureau of Tourism" or "IBOT" − means the division of the Department that has statutory authority to establish, develop, and implement a grant program for local tourism and convention bureaus.


"In-Kind Contributions" − means donated services, donated space, donated equipment, services of volunteers, services in lieu of cash or any non-monetary item.


"Market Research" − means to research potential economic impact on the grantee's service area, including but not limited to researching recruitment of present and future target markets, such as leisure and business travelers and visitor distribution.


"Matching Funds" − means that portion of the Project Budget Plan that is required to be provided by the grantee.


"Municipality" − means "municipality" as defined in Section 1-1-2(1) of the Illinois Municipal Code [65 ILCS 5/1-1-2(1)].


"Pass-Through Funds" − means funds received by a bureau from a local entity within its designated geographic service area that are designated for payment of any expenses incurred without proportionate value, either programmatically or financially, being added by the bureau. 


"Population Served" − means the population of the bureau's designated service area according to the latest certified census figures.


"Premium Items" − means tourism promotional items purchased with grant funds and distributed or disseminated at no cost for tourism promotional purposes, including but not limited to tee-shirts, pins, hats, travel packages, and award plaques.


"Program" − means the Local Tourism and Convention Bureau (LTCB) Program.


"Project Budget Plan" − means an itemized budget category breakdown of planned grant and match expenditures associated with the activities described in the Fiscal Year Marketing Plan.


"Promotional Projects" − means Department approved tourism promotional activities that are designed to encourage tourism as described in the Fiscal Year Marketing Plan.


"Service Area" − means a designated geographic area for which the bureau is certified to provide tourism promotional services.


"Services" − means the furnishing of labor by a vendor not involving the delivery of a tangible product other than accompanying reports, designs, logos, or similar artistic services.


"Sponsorship" − means a financial contribution made by a bureau to another entity for the purpose of attracting or retaining an event that will generate tourism in the designated service area.


"Tourism" − means travel by either State residents or out-of-state visitors traveling away from home overnight in paid accommodations or on day trips to places 50 miles or more from the visitor's home.


"Travel/Trade Show" − means an exhibit/marketplace of travel-related products and/or services.


"Unit of Local Government" − means a county, municipality, or township having authority to enact laws and ordinances, administer laws and ordinances, and raise taxes or spend public funds.


(Source:  Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 3359, effective January 15, 2014)